Just months after winning Nuestra Belleza Latina 2016, Clarissa Molina appears to have gained weight. Her latest appearance sparked controversies because as a beauty queen, a role model should always maintain their shape and physique because they have already gained inspiration by using their beauty and appearance to let others follow their healthy lifestyle. In the case of Clarissa Molina, she apparently doing something that could risk her reputation from "fab" to "fat".

As a beauty queen, gaining weight is considered a big issue because it can cause you your crown. In the case of Clarissa, she is at risk of losing her crown due to her latest appearance for looking bulkier as compared when she joined Nuestra Belleza. Molina can also generate several disappointments from several brands that she currently promotes because she looks different since the day that she was crowned as Nuestra Belleza Latina. The worst possible scenario is that the first runner-up of Nuestra Belleza will take over and replacing Clarissa.
Clarissa Molina from the Dominican Republic
Look closer, Clarissa's appearance is clearly different from what we saw from her during the past international beauty pageant competitions. Her neck area gained some volume, making her look different. Her legs also obviously gained more bulk as compared during the coronation night of Nuestra Belleza as well as when she participated in Miss Universe 2015.

Due to her latest appearance, Clarissa has been gaining several memes from her photos posted online. While wearing the crown in a blue blouse and white-colored jeans. Her latest photo reveals that she looks different from what we see on her during the coronation night of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2016. She was also compared when she joined Miss Universe 2016. Her chin visibly shows that there is some slight changes because there are baby fats formed around it.

Many are wondering how she got to appear bulkier. She might be probably eating out of control, making her look different since the past national and international pageants that she joined. Her fans are concerned that she might look more different due to her uncontrollable diet regimen that could further make her look more different. As an international pageant titleholder, Clarissa Molina is urged to consider her current physique in order to prevent any consequences that could affect her pageant career in the future.

Several photos of Clarissa Molina are now posted on various social media websites. Her recent photos are drawing various criticisms by pageant fanatics, fashion guru, and critics in the pageant industry. As a beauty queen who appears to gain more weight, she is probably under investigation by the officials of the pageant she joined to determine if there is a need for an emergent solution for her current body physique.

Clarissa Molina won Miss Dominican Republic Universe in 2015 and gained the license to participate in Miss Universe 2016. She successfully entered the semifinalist round. Pia Wurtzbach from the Philippines won Miss Universe 2015 that was held in the United States.

Clarissa joined Nuestra Belleza Latina, which is a reality show international beauty pageant organized by the pageant group of Osmel Suiza. She was declared as the winner, representing her country Dominican Republic on May 22, 2016. It is a back-to-back win for her country, the Dominican Republic.

Molina previously joined Nuestra Belleza Latina in 2015 and was placed as the 3rd runner-up. Francisca Lachapel of Dominican Republic won as the winner in 2015.

Molina was born in Santiago de los Caballeros Dominican Republic on September 23, 1991. At the age of 11, she moved to the United States where she continued her education and later on sought for a greener pasture.

The organizers of Nuestra Belleza Latina have yet to respond regarding the weight issues of Clarissa Molina. She is also yet to respond with the growing criticisms regarding her latest appearance that made her look different as compared during the coronation night.

In 1996, Alicia Machado from Venezuela who won Miss Universe was also criticized for suddenly gaining weight months after winning the pageant. She was heavily lambasted by the media due to her poor diet management that made her look bulky.

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