2016 Olympic Gold medalist Ryan Lochte is now the most ridiculed man in Brazil after having been involved in a scuffle with a gas station employees in Rio De Janeiro. His statement was responsible for making him the most hated American person in Brazil even though he won so many medals in Rio Olympics. Even if he is now back in the United States, he is still the most talked about person in Brazil due to his comments as well as actions in Brazil.

Earlier, Ryan Lochte was with other American Olympic swimmers who went out to relax in a nearby pub in Rio De Janeiro. Teammates Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz, and Jimmy Feigen went out to spent the rest of the night enjoying Rio's night escapade. However, they were involved in a Gas Station incident that could have changed their professional career. The incident happened on the morning of August 14, 2016, the day that the American Olympic swimmers will never forget for the rest of their lives.
Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte on the right, who was involved in a gas station incident  in Rio De Janeiro on the left
The four claimed that they were robbed by an unidentified group of men dressed in police suits while they were inside the taxi on the way back to their quarters. Lochte made a statement with the Today Show in an interview that they were a victim of Rio's harsh criminal activities. After the interview, the media published articles wherein Lochte was the latest victim of Rio's dangerous criminal offenders.

However, there was a breakthrough with the incident involving the four American swimmers when a staff from a gasoline station, together with the security guards reported an incident to the police. This was regarding a broken property owned by the gas station. It was reported that the swimmers made an irresponsible act by vandalizing the bathroom of the gas station, damaging soap holder, breaking windows, and damaged a "Please Do Not Enter" sign.

Rio De Janeiro Police Department started investigating the scene. Photos and a close-circuit camera footage were observed during the investigation. The police have identified the suspects responsible for damaging several properties of the gas station and who made an altercation with the security personnel of the gas station. Eventually, police discovered that the real identities of the foreigners were in fact, the American swimmers. The police then started to coordinate with the administration officials of the Olympic committee to further investigate the incident.

The United States Olympic Committee were astounded by the revelation made by the Rio De Janeiro Police Department. They were totally disappointed with the reckless acts of their four swimmers who were involved in a scuffle with the Brazillian citizens in a gas station.

The officials of the United States Olympic Committee officials is now investigating the incident. If any of the involved members of the Olympic team was indeed found to violate any rules, corresponding punishments will be applied immediately. The act was clearly unacceptable and the rule breakers deserve to be apprehended.

The latest announcement made international headlines. The incident made a negative impression regarding other American Olympic athletes, creating stereotypes and negative perceptions by other foreign athletes in Rio De Janeiro.

Brazilians protested Lochte's irresponsible actions, claiming that he was one of the irresponsible athletes who made a publicity regarding a false information against Brazilians. Due to the American swimmer's actions, they are now receiving backlash against some irate Brazilians who were hurt by their acts during the gas station incident.

Recently, Ryan Lochte made a public apology, admitting that he made irresponsible actions during the gas station incident. He would like to extend his apologies to all parties involved, especially to the people of Brazil.

While Ryan Lochte was lucky to leave brazil early, Jimmy Feigen was the unluckiest of them all. He was detained by the Brazilian police and confiscated his passport. He eventually agreed to pay $10,800 fine as a charity donation to retrieve his passport back.

American Olypic swimmers tagged in the gas station incident might lose their brand endorsements due to several violations from their olympic and endorsement contracts.

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