Lucky PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) housemate Rita Gabiola cries when other PBB housemates make fun of her undergarments as she was doing chores inside the house of Big Brother. Rita shows that she is not comfortable when her personal items are taken by others, especially without permission. Some of her garments were placed in a clothing rack along the corridor towards the comfort room that is also placed near the kitchen, where Gabiola is while washing the dishes.

Rita Gabiola was washing the dishes after they had a routine meal with other housemates inside the house. This was when she noticed that some of her housemates become attracted to the clothes that were hanged in the clothing rack. While washing, she noticed that one of the garments were totally pulled off by her housemates. Most teens went through the clothing rack and made fun of the garment. Upon realizing who was the owner of that item, Gabiola was shocked that it was her undergarment.
Rita Gabiola cries when she sees other housemates makes fun with her clothes
Miss Gabiola showed her fragile emotions as she has had past issues with her personal items being touched by friends outside the house. She expressed her sensitivity with regards to having her personal items that should not have any officious affairs by anyone. This is regardless if she or he is a friend, but her personal items should always be off-limits to strangers whom she doesn't know.

After seeing other housemates makes fun of her clothing, she immediately approached the group and directly snatched her belongings and then hide it to a safer place. Housemates were shocked about Rita's reaction and they all got startled when she made a very disturbing facial expression. This was obvious that they never thought it was the property of Rita. Other housemates thought that the undergarment was one of their housemate's undergarment.

As Rita went back to finish her chores, her facial expression showed her fragile side of her. One of the housemates approached her while she was washing the dishes and asked if she is alright, which is obviously not. She started venting her feelings regarding the incident where she expresses her concern for not being comfortable when other people manage to touch, take, or do anything with her belongings without her permission. While expressing her feelings, she started getting emotional about the situation.
The expression of shock: housemates never thought that the undergarment was the property of Rita

Other housemates approached her while finishing her chores and started to offer their apology to Rita. While she is still upset, she explains that it is hurtful when someone plays with your personal items without your permission. So Rita made a little lecturing to other involved housemates as she cries and just finishing her chores.

The girls thought that the garment that they were playing with was the property of another housemate, which turned out that it was Rita's. Out of shock, the housemates never expected that the undergarment was hers.

After a few moment from that incident. Rita calmed herself to ease away her recent emotional outburst with other housemates. She then initated reconciliation with other housemates and rekindled their friendships together.

Rita Gabiola is an internet sensation when she was discovered by a photographer who went to attend a fiestival in Lucban, a town in Quezon Province, Philippines. Christopher "Topher" Quinto Burgos, a Lucena-based photographer who got Rita Gabiola into an internet sensation.

Rita was previously known as "Badjao" girl, which was a group of sea dwellers who frequently goes on land in order to beg for food. Rita was previously seen on the streets while carrying her siblings as they beg for food in order to sustain their basic needs.

Gabiola's exotic aura with unique facial features made herself a sensation to a variety of online beauty and fashion experts.

This little girl hopes to maximize her sensational impact to the world so that she can be the first successful Badjao to become a role model in order to help her family elevate their socio-economic status.

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