Philippine Senator Leila De Lima is urging every Filipino people to start opening their innocent minds and see the reality that the world is now experiencing. She is clearly referring to the extra-judicial killings that have been blanketing the safety and prosperity of the Philippines amidst the threat of violence made by President Rodrigo Duterte's war on illegal substance use. De Lima is now encouraging all concerned individuals to stimulate the other side of their conscience to help analyze the recent shortcomings of the Philippine justice system.

This was because the country has been suffering from violence in the midst of human right abuse in relation with the indiscriminate execution of alleged suspect of illegal substance trade. As for this reason, our level of knowledge and conscience is not only based on the platforms of rights that were applied by the law. This is also applicable for those who were currently managing the society, which is pertaining to the higher officials of the government.
Leila De Lima is urging the people of the Philippines to open their eyes

De Lima indicated that the foundation of principles of ethics is now being tested not only against for the criminal perpetrators. This is also challenging those who are the current governing officials of the country because they were believed to be perpetrating harm and violence against the rights of the civilians. She is clearly pointing out towards Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and PNP Chief Dela Rosa.

As part of the statement, people who will be coinciding with the deceit and the loss of merit will still consider themselves as blinds against injustices. This is due to the loss of dignity and disrespecting the value of morality that should have been applied to every individual. Deceptions are always present to continue distorting the belief of the public regarding the influence of leaders who has been responsible for causing false ideologies with regards to their platforms. This means that people of the Philippines have now been immersed in the deep blue waters of wrong influence and conceptions.

De Lima warned the people of the Philippines that our past heroes did not fight for our rights and justices due to the distortion of reality. But they fought because they believe that our rights should be respected by the law and not to be abused by the authorities who wants to govern their community according to their personal views. People should help themselves by opening your minds and start to analyze the right way to start looking for the light that would lead you in the right way.

This is clear that we should contribute to the society by starting to fulfill our need to become more aware in the essence of justice and equity. If people could realize the consequences of injustices, they will start acting by means of taking a stand against inequalities that are now hampering criminal justice systems.

Senator De Lima understands that the president has been doing his part to try cleansing the government, she is still puzzled why there are rampant vigilante groups responsible for executing suspected felons.

Each week, there are hundreds of individuals who were randomly killed by either the police force or vigilante groups across the Philippines. This is due to the campaign against the crackdown on illegal substance trade and use by suspected criminal individuals.

Senator Leila De Lima was the appointed Commissioner of Human Rights during the administration of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. This was the reason she was very verbal regarding the issue of human rights against the victims of public officials who were abusing their powers while taking advantage to the rights of others.

After President was informed about the statement of Leila De Lima, he immediately announced her resignation due to her alleged links to illegal substance matrix.

However, De Lima declined to agree with Duterte, stating that she aims to continue fighting for the rights of men, and willing to extend her advocacies against inequality and inequity.

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