In a beauty pageant, the question and answer portion is the heaviest part for every candidate to have the highest chance of winning. Question and Answer portion is the last part of every beauty pageant. This is the category wherein contestants will be expressing their thoughts and skills for belting their knowledge for a certain issue being asked. A question and answer category can be a direct question, a video, or a photo that relates to current events, political issues, or any sociological topics that require every candidate to win the pageant.

This is the case of Rhea Escalera Dilangalen's answer that made her as the eventual winner of the pageant. She highlighted her stance with regards to the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's war on illegal substance use and trade. As a summary, she is in support for Duterte's crackdown against the war on the illegal substance. This is because Rhea believes that the crackdown aims to eradicate criminalities that haunts the safety and security of the country. The use, manufacturing, and the trading of illegal substances are responsible for empowering the negative elements of the society where it hampers the growth and development of prosperity across the country.
Rhea Escalera Dilangalen is Miss University of Mindanao Tagum City (UMTC) 2016
Rhea Escalera Dilangalen's winning answer made waves to social media. She became an online sensation after answering a perfect answer as a response to the question regarding Duterte's war on illegal substances. She believes that the crackdown will have a beneficial impact on the society. The advocacy will improve peace and prosperity across the nation as the root cause of evil can be gradually contained by the authorities.

Dilangalen's answer captivated the hearts of the judges, which became touched by her answer, giving a very high score that made her win. The audiences became erratic as they all cheered and cried for joy after hearing the candidate's answer. Rhea's answer also managed to capture the hearts of President Duterte's supporters as they started to post her answer on various social media websites. Spectators who watched Miss University of Mindanao Tagum City beauty pageant were able to record the event and starting to post the video to their personal social media accounts. Photos were also snapped by the audiences who watched the local beauty pageant and began uploading it online.

Rhea's own merit by maximizing her wit and beauty made herself as an internet sensation. She may not notice at first, but her latest accomplishment can transform her as the most popular not only to her school campus but in the entire Tagum City. The college department that she represented is now very proud of her because an accountancy student made a big hit that generated a tsunami wave online. Anyone caught by Rhea's tsunami answer from the Miss UMTC 2016 winning answer will be truly inspired.

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During the question and answer portion, Rhea was asked what is your stand on the war against drugs?
As a summary of her answer "Growing up as an individual, it is a sad fact to see a country filled with hypocrisy, poverty, inequality, and criminality. But, the changes manifested in the past few months by the Duterte administration provides a clear hope for the nation. As a youth, the war against illegal substance is very beneficial for the reason that a nation cannot secure the society with the dominance of negative elements of the law." This means that she supports the crackdown against the use, manufacturing, and distribution of illegal substances.

Rhea made a statement wherein every accomplishment starts with a firm decision to try. Never hesitate to try again if you fail because a triumph can be achieved through patience, spiritual guidance, and through humility. You cannot achieve anything if you do not work hard on it. Basically, it is an inspirational statement that would like to render words of wisdom for those who want to take a risk as a way to achieve a successful decision in life.

Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is currently pursuing his crackdown on illegal substance trade. It is a crackdown that aims to degrade all activities and influence of syndicates and other types of negative elements of the society. After a successful crackdown, the Philippines can further boost its good governance, economic acceleration, and a booming tourism industry.

The incumbent administration learned about Rhea's answer that made her proud. This is because the officials believe that this woman will have a promising future ahead of her. The main reason is that she knows how to respect the current administration. Expect that this woman will become a successful accountant or even a lawyer someday.

As for the background, Rhea Dilangalen is currently an accounting student at the University of Mindanao Tagum City. Congratulations, Rhea!!!

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