Since there were many public officials who were tagged due to their involvement with illegal substance use and distribution, the entertainment industry is now the next target by the Duterte administration. Karen Bordador is now the latest personality that is causing a hot seat of conversation by various mass media outlets. You can always see her face being posted on various social media websites. But many are wondering about this personality who has been the center of discussion by media outlets. These include television, print media, radio, and online social media.

Karen Bordador was tagged due to her involvement with the possession of prohibited substance. She was caught with several illegal substances that prompted authorities to put her into jail. Not only Karen, police also detained Karen's boyfriend, Emilio Lim, who was tagged with the alleged use, possession, and probably distribution of illegal substances. The couple's arrest made headlines across the country due to Duterte's intense campaign against prohibited use of illegal substances.
Monster Radio RX 93.1 DJ Karen Bordador
Under R.A. 9165 under the comprehensive dangerous drug act of the Philippines, this is a law that prohibits the use, possession, and distribution of illegal substances. Any person who will be caught with the use, possession, manufacturing, and distribution of these illegal substances can be subjected to detention with a corresponding fine.

So who is Karen Bordador? She is a radio personality known as DJ Karen under RX 93.1 Monster Radio. As a DJ, she is usually a public icon to the public while serving as a radio personality, moderating songs to cater the musical needs of the public. As a famous radio DJ, she is patronized by several followers of Monster Radio. However, Karen's charm and reputation can be tarnished by a single snap for being involved in illegal substances.

Karen Bordador is also the founder of Sister Secrets, the largest female social media forum. This is a site where people in the Philippines are able to shop, share, and experience bonding moments with other girls who wants to maximize the use of online transactions. Karen also has a personal blog named as Miss Brigthside where it features all about her.

Karen is also a model, being featured in several local fashion magazines locally. She appeared in several print media displayed in the public such as billboards. Brands who featured her will now start to think twice if they will either still continue featuring her or not.

Miss Bordador is technically regarded as an actress. She was one of the guest cast from a local television sit-com "LUV-U" in 2012. Karen also appeared in "Anino't Panaginip: The hidden chapters of immortal" in 2010.

Karen's public image can automatically fall apart due to her involvement with the illegal use and distribution of substances. Bordador can be fired from her current job as a DJ due to her strained personal image to the public.

Earlier, Karen, along with her boyfriend, Emilio Lim was arrested because someone from previously arrested felon tagged Emilio of his involvement with illegal substance use and distribution. Police authorities began to initiate a surveillance to Emilio for some time and decided to raid his condo unit.

As based on Karen's defense, she claims that she was not doing anything wrong. She was just visiting her boyfriend during the time police raided Emilio's condo unit.

Authorities counter-arguments her claim, stating that they directly found several prohibited items such as party substances, cannabis, and cannabis oil.

Other mainstream local and national DJ expressed their support for Karen and urges the authorities to dismiss the case and set Karen free.

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