President Rodrigo Duterte can no longer control his temper as he made a press conference on August 17, 2016. While he was made a briefing to the media, he then started to reveal the real identity of the female politician who was reported by the intelligence agency that was linked to an alleged trade with illegal substances. Out of anger, Duterte never hesitated to announce that the person of interest is indeed Leila De Lima, which is now under arrest and will now face her trial under the Muntinlupa Trial Court. She has been escorted by the members of the Philippine National Police because she is regarded as high profile inmate that will start serving her sentence behind bars.

Why was Leila De Lima tagged with the illegal trade and distribution of illegal substances? This is because of her former bodyguard as well as her driver. However, President Rodrigo Duterte did not reveal the full identity of the person who is now the former driver of De Lima. Duterte also indicated that they will be using this former driver as a witness to confirm Duterte's allegations against the Philippine lawmaker De Lima. Right now, the former driver is under the custody of the Philippine government in an undisclosed location in the capital. De Lima indicates that she has a very clear conscience and will not run away from any legal cases filed agianst her.
Leila De Lima on the left and her ex-driver and bodyguard Ronnie Dayan
So the question is, who is Ronnie Dayan? Ronnie was the former driver of Leila De Lima. As De Lima is the former Department of Justice Secretary, she often travels on land to set appointments as well as to partially accomplish her tasks as a public servant. Mr. Dayan is also the bodyguard of Leila De Lima, which is one of the privileges that a secretary should have in order to protect her safety while working as the head of the justice department under the Aquino's administration. Dayan was just appointed to protect De Lima when she was chosen as the head of the justice department.

Just a few hours after Duterte's announcement, Ronnie Dayan is one of the most popular names being searched online. Netizens, as well as some members of the press, started to conduct an investigation regarding the real identity of the person through online and other reliable sources. At first, there were wrong identifications that were published on various social media websites, irking clarifications to the real identity of the ex-bodyguard of Leila De Lima. There were several photos of ex-bodyguard of De Lima that was finally surfaced online. During the press conference after Ronnie has been arrested, he confessed that he had a 7-year affair with Senator Leila De Lima.

President Duterte revealed that Ronnie Dayan was involved in an anomalous conduct while he was the driver of Leila De Lima. It was the time when Leila De Lima was serving as the Secretary of Justice as appointed by former president Benigno Aquino III. This was according to several reports made by intelligence officers that were conducting a further investigation with regards to the crackdown against the use, distribution, and manufacturing of illegal substances. Due to publicity, Dayan prefers to remain in public until he will be urged to surface as mandated by the law, which can be done during hearings where the members of the media collide just to see him.

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Watch the photo presentation of Ronnie Dayan's involvement with Leila De Lima

As part of Duterte's crackdown on illegal possession and trade of prohibited substances, he was shocked to know that one person of interest is linked to Leila De Lima. And this is her former driver and bodyguard. The announcement revealed that the ex-driver of lawmaker's involvement was about his involvement as the bagman in the Bilibid prison in Muntinlupa. The thing that makes Duterte irritated the most is that he is linked to a newly appointed Senator of the Philippines, which could derail the professional career of Leila De Lima.

After the announcement, De Lima also made a public statement in response to Duterte's alleged claims against her as well as her former driver. Obviously, she denied most allegations that Duterte announced from the previous day. However, there are a few things that Duterte said was true. And that is all about her professional relationship with her Ronnie Dayan. This is true that he was her former driver as well as one of her bodyguards as appointed by the previous administration.

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alleged real estate properties linked to Ronnie Dayan and Leila De Lima in Urbiztondo, Pangasinan
The announcement claimed that the former driver was given several properties, courtesy of Leila De Lima when he was her former driver. These include several transportation vehicles. But the most intriguing is about the allegations that there are several real estate properties being given to Dayan as a gift by De Lima. These properties are located in Urbiztondo, Pangasinan.

After admitting that Ronnie Dayan had a 7-year affair with his boss, his family has no plans of suing De Lima. Dayan's family denied the allegations because Ronnie is already happily married and blessed with kids with his wife.

Philippine Senator Leila De Lima strongly denies allegations made by Duterte that Ronnie Dayan and her former driver have had a romantic relationship. She claims that the allegations were a clear example of a profile assassination or a sabotage.

Ronnie Dayan is yet to make a statement regarding all allegations of his involvement in Bilibid's illegal substance trade. He will also yet to make a comment regarding his true relationship with Leila De Lima to clarify all alleged claims between the two.

De Lima is urging the public to respect the privacy of Ronnie Dayan as his safety is now at risk after the announcement. There are numerous threats that are now aiming to take his life including his family after the announcement.

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