President Rodrigo Duterte recently told the media regarding the identity of Philippine Senator Leila De Lima's alleged current boyfriend. The identity of De Lima's current beau was confirmed by reliable sources who informed the president after a thorough investigation by some of his staff. This is the latest expose of the president against the most intense critic of his current administration due to his campaign against neutralizing the use, sale, and manufacturing of illegal substances.

Rodrigo Duterte gave a clue that the first name of De Lima's husband is "Warren". The president stated that the new lover of De Lima can be always seen riding a motor that always wear a high-cut footwear. That new beau is De Lima's current bodyguard, which was appointed to her since she won a seat in the Senate, responsible for creating and analyzing new laws that will be signed by the president after it passed the deliberation process. But the president did not mention the real identity of Senator Leila De Lima's new boyfriend.
President Duterte names the current lover of Senator Leila De Lima
As based on reliable sources, the person that the president is referring to is a certain Warren Cristobal. He is now the alleged current boyfriend of Leila De Lima. He was working with Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Hagad. But now, he is with the Philippine Senator Leila De Lima. Madame Leila is yet to comment about the latest expose that is now involving her name.

Obviously, the person linked with the lady senator is another personal security guard that will take charge to her safety anytime and anywhere. This person of interest will now soon an internet sensation as his photos will be hunted by curious netizens and then posted on their social media accounts. Warren will become an instant superstar due to his alleged link with Senator Leila De Lima.

President Rodrigo Duterte is observed to be very irate towards Senator Leila De Lima. This is due to De Lima's contradictions with his vision and strategies to sustain the security of the Philippines through the war on illegal substances. De Lima has been very vocal against Duterte's style of neutralizing individuals and groups involved with the use, selling, and distributing illegal substances responsible for degrading the security of the Philippine communities. Since De Lima never stops her criticisms against president Duterte, it's time for the president to take action against her accusations through media expose.

Previously, De Lima was tagged with the anomalies in the Bilibid prison. She was allegedly the protector of high-profile inmates responsible for manufacturing and distributing prohibited substances inside the prison facility. She was allegedly protecting the lords of syndicates operating inside the prison facility, which has been the main source of criminalities in the Philippines.

Duterte believed that De Lima allegedly benefited financial gains from the sales from illegal substances. She coincided with high-profile inmates to cover up several illegal activities happening inside the Bilibid prison.

However, De Lima denies all allegations made by her critics. She also indicated that she cannot fight a president because she still shows high respect with the head of state.

Recently, the lady senator was also linked to an alleged Ronnie Dayan, who was her former lover. Ronnie was her driver when she was serving as the Secretary of Justice by the Aquino administration.

De Lima was accused of donating several real estate properties to her former driver, which is now under the custody of the authorities. Her former driver was also allegedly accused as the bagman in the Bilibid prison.

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