If female beauty pageants are popular around the world. Each country organizes their both local and national beauty pageants to showcase the talent, beauty, and the skill of every candidate to grace their pageantry skills. But today, male beauty pageants are also emerging around the world. International male pageants are now popping out. allowing male contestants to represent their cause, community, and their advocacies. Male pageantry provides inspirational cause for male contestants around the world to have the chance to inspire the young generations, especially for the gentlemen.

During the coronation night, Serbia was announced as the rightful winner of  the 2nd edition of Mister Universal Ambassador 2016. The pageant was held in Bali, Indonesia on September 30, 2016. Aleksa Gavrilovic made history as the first Serbian to win Mister Universal Ambassador 2016, making headlines in Serbia. He bested 50 other candidates who came from other parts of the world to showcase their handsomeness, sexy body, and their intelligence that wowed the judges. Aleksa was oozing with confidence as he graced the stage with pride and answered the questions perfectly, opting him to deserve the title.
Aleksa Garvilovic, Mister Universal Ambassador 2016 from Serbia from Facebook's Universal Ambassador page
Mister Universal Ambassador is a new international male pageant that provides another opportunity for male pageant aspirants to be given the chance to become a role model to international communities. The main advocacy of this pageant is to "embrace unity beyond diversity", which seeks to promote an intercultural concept to unite different cultures around the world.

All candidates were able to present their swimwear and formal suits during the coronation night before trimming them to top 15. And when they were further screened to only just 10 semi-finalist spot, all candidates were asked by the host why will they win Mister Universal Ambassador 2016. Most candidates replied that they wanted to become an inspiration to the society as the reigning winner of the pageant. As the winner, they want to set their achievement and use their position as the new Mister Universal Ambassador to inspire the younger generation while they will continue the advocacy of the pageant.

The first edition of Mister Universal Ambassador 2015 was held in Surabaya, Indonesia on the 11th of November in 2015. The last year's winner is Christian Daniel from Puerto Rico. Christian also made history as the pioneer of Mister Universal Ambassador as the first ever winner of the male pageant competition in Indonesia. Both first and second edition of Mister Universal Ambassador pageants was held in Indonesia.

During the top 5 round, the contestants were asked with another one question, which is what made your country proud nowadays. The finalists were able to showcase their country's culture, people, and several important opinions that reflected their nationalities.

All semi-finalists were humbled by their inclusion out of the 50 delegates who participated the pageant. This is an honor for them and for their country to penetrate the semi-finalist spot for Mister Universal Ambassador in Indonesia.

One of the most interesting scenarios was that other candidates volunteered to be the translators for other candidates, making the pageant very resourceful and thoughtful.

Aleksa Gavrilovic is expected to stay in Indonesia to start fulfilling his duties and responsibilities as the new Mister Universal Ambassador 2015. He will be participating in various humanitarian and formal events in Indonesia and abroad during his reign.

In any case that Aleksa Gavrilovic fails to fulfill his duties and responsibilities, the first runner-up, which is Mister Vietnam, Truong Ngoc Tinh will take over.

Mister Universal Ambassador top 15 are the following:
  • Algeria - Mazi Mohammed
  • Azerbaijan - Joseph Jafarli
  • Indonesia - Eka Wijaya
  • Puerto Rico - Eric Manuel Gonzalez
  • Sweden - Alexander D Rosso
Top 10 are the following:
  • Australia - Rede Carney
  • Spain - Christian Perez Llorente
  • Malaysia - Jason Ganesan
  • Macau - Tan Chuan Qi
  • Brazil - Marcello Pilotti
  • 4th runner-up: Philippines - Andrea Biondo
  • 3rd runner-up: Dominican Republic - Alejandro Martinez
  • 2nd runner-up or Mister Globe International: Peru: Jesus Becerra Cerna
  • 1st runner-up or Mister Asian International: Vietnam - Truong Ngoc Tinh
  • Mister Ambassador 2016: Serbia - Aleksa Gavrilovic
Special awards
  • Hunk of the Universe 2016: Colombia - Jose Oswaldo Ramos
  • Upfront Discovery of the Year 2016: Malaysia - Jason Ganesan
  • Best in Catwalk: Korea - Park Su Min
  • Most Promising Model 2016: Kyrgyztan - Nursultan Aitaliev 
  • Mister Southeast Asia 2016: Philippines - Andrea Biondo
  • Best in Talent Finalists: Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Romania
Host: Mister Tourism International Philippines 2015 William Pagayon

Congratulations to the winners!!!!

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