Another former Filipina celebrity and an ex-sexy starlet Sabrina M was arrested by the members of Quezon City Police District On September 25, 2016. She was arrested at 11:45 in the evening during a routine anti-drug operation as initiated by President Rodrigo Duterte and Philippine National Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa. Prior to her arrest, police has been already informed of her connection with the illegal use and possession of illegal drugs and made her under the anti-narcotics watchlist for several weeks.

Sabrina's real name was revealed as Karen Pallasigue. She was arrested by the Police along with two other companions during the anti-narcotics drug bust. Karen was then arrested at Palasugui Street in Pasong Tamo, a district in Quezon City, Philippines. Karen Pallasigue is now facing several other charges due to her involvement with the illegal possession and use of illegal narcotics that is now considered a significant threat to life. This is a sad fate for former entertainment personalities who are involved with the possession of illegal narcotics because they can destroy their own reputation for being known as a temple of self-destruction
Karen Pallasigue or also known as Sabrina M 
Quezon City Police District filed a case against the suspects for violation of Republic Act 9165, which is known as the Dangerous Illegal Narcotics Act. Any person found guilty of violating this law is automatically imprisoned and then will pay a fine, depending on the degree of the illegal substance possession that has been recovered by the police.

Karen's companions are identified as Edwin Locsin Coloma and Erwin Suba San Martin. Authorities were able to recover illegal narcotics during the buy-bust operations such as methamphetamine. Illegal narcotics paraphernalia were also recovered by the authorities during the search and arrest order from the Quezon City Police District. Sabrina's arrest is just the start wherein the Police authorities in the Philippines are now penetrating the entertainment industry where there are numerous users and pushers of illegal narcotics.

President Rodrigo Duterte is now urging the government to further intensify his campaign against all users, pushers, and manufacturers of illegal substances across the country. After a successful campaign against dealers along the streets, the president is now shifting his concentration towards the entertainment industry, which also has a high concentration of illegal narcotics use and distribution by syndicates across the country. Sabrina M is just one of the celebrities who has been nabbed to prove that the country is serious about its anti-narcotics drive.
Previous photos of Sabrina M in 2008 on the left and sometime in the 90's on the right
Karen Pallasigue or locally known as Sabrina M was a sexy starlet in the Philippine entertainment industry. She started several sexy films in the 1990's decade. Some of her hit films were Totoy Mola and Karanasan: The Claudia Zobel Story.

Prior to Karen's arrest, the sister of Maritoni Fernandez was fatally shot by an unknown assailant for being involved in an illegal narcotics trade. Aurora Moynihan was found lifeless and a sign was placed, telling the public that celebrity users and pushers will be the next target by the vigilante group responsible for her fate.

Celebrity DJ Karen Bordador along with Emilio Lim was also arrested in connection with the use and distribution of illegal substances at their place in Pasig City. They were under the radar of the Police authorities where they found illegal substances along with the paraphernalia.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and PNP Chief Ronaldo Dela Rosa are expected to release the new list of personalities involved with the use and distribution of narcotics. The names are expected to be announced by the President anytime this week. The new list now includes entertainment personalities aside from the names of public officials involved in the illegal narcotics trade.

Although the current Philippine administration has been criticized by international authorities, the Philippines is determined to sweep criminal activities across the country during Duterte's term. The president wants the Philippines as one of the safest countries in the world for decreasing criminal activities brought about by the drug problem.

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