Transformation takes a long way before achieving a new realm of developing your dream into an inspiration. This is what Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina who is one of the expected delegates to show to the world that every person deserves the chance to show that preparation matters before participating a certain event. As a candidate, it is important that consistency is always an important measurement of success so that dreams can be attainable while using patience and virtue at all times.

By looking at her latest photo shoots, it is indeed that Maxine transformed into a beautiful swan that impressed pageant fanatics in the Philippines. Maria Mika Maxine Medina gained the licensed to represent the Philippines in the upcoming Miss Universe beauty pageant that will be held on January 30, 2017. She is expected to fully reckon her beauty, knowledge, and pageant skills when the competition starts in January of next year. In this pace, Maxine has been trying her best to listen to her mentors regarding all necessary advice and important steps to consistently place the country on the international stage.
Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina
Wow! look at those long legs. Maxine Medina is excited to participate in the big event that the Philippines will host next year. As the official representative of the country for the 65th edition of Miss Universe, she is expected to let local and international pageant enthusiasts to learn more about the Philippines. This is because she is not only representing the pageant as a candidate. Maxine is also representing the country that aims to bolster tourism to international spectators who will be visiting the country next year.

Aside from being excited, Maxine Medina is also getting nervous because days are already counting and it is now trimmed to just less than four months before her big event. She is now expecting the pressure for being the successor of reigning Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach. Maxine is hoping for a historical back-to-back for the country after Venezuela did it in 2009 when Stefania Fernandez successfully defended the title in the Bahamas during the coronation night.

Maxine is currently trained by some of the finest beauty pageant camps in the country, the Aces and Queens. She is undergoing a comprehensive beauty pageant training regimen until the day that she will be competing for an international title that will be held in the country next year. This regimen can further develop her knowledge, skills, and confidence to represent the country well for the upcoming beauty pageant. Both Maxine and the beauty camp are working together so that she can further transform her skills in the field of beauty pageantry.

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As based on her photograph, Maxine appears thinner than her previous photos when she won Miss Universe Philippines last April. Her recent photos show that her legs became one of her main assets, which can enhance her modelesque appearance whenever she displays herself in front of the spectators on stage.

As a commercial model in the Philippines, she will integrate her modeling skills in every angle of her pause to capture a creative shot in every picture. Her newly transformed body is one of the major assets that she can proudly present herself as an advocate of beauty to the universe.
Maxine Medina with Miss Intercontinental-Philippines 2016 Nicole Cordoves
Although there are still a few more months for her to further transform her overall package, her newly transformed image signals the public that she is very serious about her mission. This is to show to the universe that the Philippines is not an ordinary competitor in this competition because the results of hard work and patience are starting to bear fruit through her recent photographs.

Through her new transformational look, it's no wonder that the beauty camps in the Philippines are highly efficient and accurate for sculpting delegates before sending them to the international stage.

There is still more time for Maxine to review her skills and knowledge as Miss Universe is fast approaching. Before the competition starts, she expected to gun more surprises through the help of beauty pageant camps, supporters, and followers.

Maxine Medina in short hair
Another interesting thing about Maxine is her versatility. She can transform into a chameleon by still looking gorgeous by showing off her short hair look. She can definitely go on-stage with that short hair, which could practically surprise spectators.

One thing is clear. Maxine is an experienced model and knows how to project herself in front of the audience. With the right confidence, she can always do the right thing to allow her image, poise, and persona to bring out a positive aura that compliments her chances tostand outt during Miss Universe beauty pageant competition in January.

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