Paul Quilet is an outspoken critic against the supporters of the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's supporters. Quilet seems to can't get enough of Duterte's supporters, making him as one of the most prominent critics. Being furious against the supporters of the current president of the Philippines, he decided to create a campaign to fight against the loyalists of the president. Paul Christian Quilet eventually targeted Mocha Uson, which is a blogger, social media activists, and a local celebrity in the Philippines. 

The only problem is, Paul may have underestimated the power of President Rodrigo Duterte's supporters. This is because his Facebook account has just been taken down, Paul might have been stressed by this latest development as an outcome in his initiative to call for a petition against Mocha Uson's Facebook account. Instead of expecting that Mocha Uson's page on Facebook will be taken down by Facebook, his social media profile was unexpectedly taken down due to unknown reasons. So how come a petitioner became the one who had his personal social media account suddenly taken down that is now considered as non-recoverable? 
Paul Quilet on the left while Mocha Uson and President Rodrigo Duterte on the lower right
Paul Quilet earlier petitioned to the public to sign a waiver that will legally allow Facebook to take down Mocha Uson's Facebook page. Mocha Uson's Facebook page already has more than a million followers. As Mocha is actively posting new insights and latest issues regarding the political affairs of the Philippines, the page is likely to attract more followers. 

Speaking of Mocha Uson, she is locally known as a female celebrity. She is also known as Margaux Uson, which is currently a dancer, model, and a singer best known as the current lead vocalist of Mocha Girls female group. Mocha Uson is also a blogger, publishing articles about her lifestyle, professional entertainment affairs, and political interests. The public is aware that Mocha Uson is an avid political supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte. She was already a prominent local celebrity endorser of Rodrigo Duterte's presidential campaign since he decided to run for a president in the country.

As a well-known local celebrity in the Philippines, Mocha Uson is often being featured in various current events and latest events, especially when the topic is all about the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. This means that Paul's initiative took a very brave, but a very challenging campaign for going against a very strong supporter to Duterte. Netizens were disappointed about his decision to file for a campaign that achieved at least more than 30,000 signature as part of his campaign to take down Mocha Uson's blog. Paul Christian Quilet's main purpose for taking down Mocha Uson's Facebook page is to take down one of the most prominent supporters of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.


Watch the sequence from Paul's petition until FB take down

5 Reasons why Paul Quilet's Facebook profile was taken down

1. Mocha Uson is already an established local celebrity: Local celebrity has their own base of supporters apart from being part of Duterte's sea of followers. If you are going against a local celebrity, you are taking a risk for involving yourself into another wave of supporters from that person alone. Mocha accomplished numerous entertainment projects and programs, making herself as one of the most recognized political celebrities in the Philippines today. What Paul made against Mocha generated more attention towards Mocha Uson that helped her promote her popularity. 

2. Millions of supporters: There are 16 million individuals who voted for President Duterte during the May 9, 2016, polls. This is a significant number that will never anyone to let their leader be tarnished by anyone who is trying to break their image. By having this vast number of supporters, expect that Paul could further receive more than social media take-downs as there are individuals with an aggressive personality disorder to keep on pursuing revenge to anyone who will be initiating a tyrant move against the president of the Philippines. 

3. Paul Quilet's name was visible as a petitioner to Change.Org: If you are a petitioner, you should ensure that all information are legit and correct before you are going to file for a certain request. The only downside is that your name is already visible to the public that curious supporters of Rodrigo Duterte will investigate the person who was responsible for initiating a petition against one of their fellow supporters. Since Paul's name has been discovered, supporters of Duterte started exposing his personal social media account and started doing the same against his profile until such time that it alerted Facebook to take it down. 

4. Mocha Uson is not the only prominent supporter of Duterte: If you are going against 16 million supporters, you will never blame that there are several dozens of celebrities who are a part of that supporters. Aside from celebrities, there are also prominent political figures that can be enraged if their leader has been the subject of a social media take-downs. There is a buddy system wherein your fellow brothers and sisters from the same support group will show compassion, empathy, and can defend you from any attacker, critic, or negatrons to prevent them from succeeding their plans. 

5. Internet action does not require any legal process: If you want something, you can easily get it online. This is indeed a fact when Paul Quilet filed a petition that hopes to gain tens of thousands of signatures to take down Mocha Uson's blog. However, there are also millions of supporters who reported his Facebook profile without any legal process because Facebook has the only jurisdiction to decide if those reports are legit. This means that you can easily accomplish anything online for as long as you know all the technical procedures without being required to fall in line, pay for processing fees, waiting for processing time, and to hire for a lawyer. 

Do you think Paul Quilet's Facebook profile take down was appropriate?

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