Senator Leila De Lima is probably the most hated woman in the Philippines today. This is because she is the main advocate for human rights, fighting for victims of unjust executions by the government authorities. She mainly questioned about the recent platforms of the Duterte administration due to the conflict of interests with the vision of the Commission of Human Rights. She is one of the bravest senators in the history of Philippine politics because she never stops fighting for her right to defend those who needs justice.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has just been elected as the president of the Republic of the Philippines on May 9, 2016. Duterte officially sworn-in office on July 30, 2016, and succeeded outgoing president Benigno Aquino III who served as the former leader of the country since 2010. Rodrigo Duterte is the 16th president of the Philippines. He is the historic first Mindanaoan and a Bisaya who won the presidency for the first time in his country. Duterte was the Mayor of the City of Davao before being elected as the new president of the Philippines. His daughter, Sarah Duterte-Carpio is now the incumbent Mayor of Davao City.
President Rodrigo Duterte on the left and Senator Leila Delima on the right
Duterte's ideology has been questioned by Leila Delima ever since he was still the Mayor of Davao City. Delima was the Secretary of the Department of Justice under the Aquino administration for six years. She questions Duterte's way of disciplining Davao City due to numerous incidences of summary executions to criminal offenders across the city during his term.

Both sides between Leila Delima and President Rodrigo Duterte trade barbs against each other. Their tirades escalated into a personal level that both sides attempted to sneak in with their confidential information without their permission. While Delima continues to accuse Duterte on his unjustified extra-judicial executions, she then escalated her allegations to international communities. International human rights groups became curious how the president is dealing with his style of disciplining the entire Philippines. These international rights groups are mostly concerned about the involvement of innocent individuals who have been executed by a mistaken identity of government authorities.

But then what if Leila Delima will change her mind and the will decide to reconcile with President Rodrigo Duterte? Although this is a rare possibility but people thought that it would be better if there will be a unity formation that takes place inside the Philippine politics. Overall, the Philippines is operating as one nation. President Duterte will be surprised if Delima eventually starts to reconcile with him because he never thought that there is a little possibility that this scenario could happen. But what if Delima and Duterte eventually shake hands together and ends their differences with each other?

6 Interesting facts if Senator Delima and President Rodrigo Duterte reconciles

1. Political unity: The Philippines can experience a political unity among its constituents. There will no longer heated arguments by both camps that you always see in public. When there is a political unity, the country will build a better political progress because politicians start working together as a way to promote political cooperation. You will start seeing Delima and Duterte together while working to strengthen the political image of the Philippines so that it will create a promising future for the next generation.

2. Better apprehension in criminal offenders: With no longer Delima's watchful eye and her support to Duterte is now officially sealed, Duterte will no longer have any more problems continuing his pursuit to apprehend all criminal offenders. His style and action towards offenders will be more intensified as there will no longer be criticizing him that always magnetize international communities. The Philippines is always committed that can generate a more efficient disciplinary style under the Duterte administration, which is one of the best issues that can be accomplished to improve security and safety.

3. Delima signs more new laws: As a senator, Delima is elected to create, revise, and remove existing laws to better carve the history of Philippine politics. As a senator, Leila Delima will be more focused as she will be applying her knowledge and skill as a former lawyer to draft new laws that would help shape the Philippine government aside from concentrating on Duterte's management to the society. This means that she could pass more laws, indicating her efficiency as the newly elected Senator of the Philippine Republic.

4. International communities will eventually stop pressuring Duterte: Delima's concern regarding the aggressive extrajudicial killings across the country sparked an international outcry from different western countries around the world. Her previous irony will no longer attract international media attention because she will start cooperating Duterte's administration on law management and promulgation of discipline across the Philippines. Western countries start to respect the wishes of the Philippines, which could further generate positive remarks to the president of the Philippines.

5. Pending criminal charges will be acquitted: Delima will soon expect that all allegations against her will completely disappear after she will be reconciling with President Rodrigo Duterte. She will no longer fear of being apprehended by the authorities when she decides to drop all of her allegations with the current Philippine government. Issues such as her involvement with her ex-driver will also be dropped, which will allow her former bodyguards left in peace. Secretary of Justice Vitaliano Aguirre will concentrate on a more urgent criminal and ethical issues that concern the interest of the Philippine society.

6. Netizens between the two camps start to make peace: Both senator Leila Delima and President Rodrigo Duterte have their own separate mountains of supporters. Each side are also ranting against each other to defend their respective leaders. If Delima and Duterte start to make peace, the intensity of tirades against each other on social media starts to ease. Trolling and online bashing subside online, which is a good reason for the netizens not to worry about the risk of getting involved to cyberbullying when their respected leaders are insulted.

What do you think? Will both sides should reconcile as soon as possible?

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