A Fast food chain in Manila is now in hot water when they served a delicious mushroom soup that contains an AA sized battery. At first, the customer along with her companion chose to try the service of this fast-food chain as their stomach is asking them to fill it with freshly baked or cooked food. These customers ordered a meal, which includes the mushroom soup as the side dish of the main course. After ordering, it is usually the mushroom soup is the first to be served as it allows consumers to prepare their stomach for the ingestion of the main course.

When the mushroom was served, these perks were happy that their order was already about to be served to their table. While this lady was served with the mushroom soup, her salivary glands start to produce as she is now going to mix the soup. Upon mixing the soup, the lady customer noticed something unusual with the soup. So she decided what's inside that soup that caused her curiosity to investigate it. The customer was shocked to find out that there is an AA battery inside the soup. She did not realize that AA battery is one of the key ingredients of the mushroom soup.
Delicious mushroom recipe that contains an AA battery on the left and an message of apology on the right

The Fast Food Chain is known for its serving of pizzas that can be either order or consumed on a dine-in or take-out basis. They also serve pasta in different versions that are served in red sauce, white sauce, or oil-based sauce to the consumers. Salads are also served for those who are practicing a vegetarian lifestyle.

The customer's name is Alyssa Marie Zaragoza Leabres, who alerted the service crew of the fast food chain and alerted them about the battery, which was then spooned out by the customer from the cup of the soup. The alerted service crew member was also shocked to find out about the incident and immediately took the mushroom soup that contains the AA sized battery. The service crew then immediately replaced the mushroom soup with another mushroom soup to the consumer.

After the mushroom has been already replaced, the customer was disappointed how the service crew was able to assist them with their concerns. The reason behind was the crew weren't able to call the attention of the manager when the incident happened. As well as the services brought about by the crew were very slow. Alyssa indicated that the time lapse for every service takes too much time before they attend to their needs or concerns. The narration of the Alyssa can be found on her Facebook profile.

Statement of Alyssa Marie Zaragoza Leabres
Alyssa warns all consumers to be always careful when they intend to eat in a commercial fast food or restaurant. Either high-end or cheap restaurants consumers should always check the food being prepared and served to them before they consume is. She wants others to prevent similar incidents that might happen in the future, in which she experienced eating a fast food chain with highly trained service crew who failed to provide a quality service to her.

Alyssa wants others aware of food safety because this is a crucial thing to consider whenever they are going to dine at a public area. Even if there are high-end restaurants who are serving foods that are made up of high quality, they are not always safe from committing grave errors. One example is about the experience of Alyssa who may have been at risk when she consumed the mushroom soup containing the AA size battery, which is a highly radioactive material.
Apology letter from the area manager of the fast food

The area manager of the fast food chain was also informed about the incident and she was able to find Alyssa though facebook. Alyssa also posted on the comment section of her post about the battery incident, the manager made an apology to her, stating that the incident was embarrassing on the behalf of the fast food chain. As a manager, she was deeply sorry and regret the incident that might have caused an injury towards Alyssa.

The manager ordered an investigation on the matter, citing that the persons responsible for the misconduct will be punished. Since the issue was brought out in public, there will be a heavier consequence on that particular service crew because it generated a public scandal to the issue.

Food Safety

It is important to everyone that food preparation is crucial because it is the way a person handles their food without risking the health and the safety for those who will consume it. The incident might have been blamed for the poor management of the service crew with regards to their way of preparing the food. When the food was served, the battery might have fallen directly to a hot jar or container where the soup is contained. Upon scooping the mushroom soup, the crew might have reached the battery and then filled the cup with it.

If the batter fell on the large metal pot where the soup is contained and then will just be scooped for consumers, the whole pot might have been contaminated. This means that Alyssa might not the only one who was exposed to the radiation but other consumers as well. As the saying goes, "A simple mistake can cause a massive damage to a certain person or institution".

Food inspection is important because it aims to prevent any issues of contamination, infection, or injury. In the kitchen, the things that should be only present in that area are food, food utensils, and cooking equipments and nothing else.

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