Miss Grand International 2016 beauty pageant made headlines when the final question was about choosing between Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. The question was "who will you choose to find against war, Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton". Among the top 5 ladies, there are two who publicly chosen Donald Trump, in which one of them is Nicole Cordoves from the Philippines. Her answer generated boos from the crowd, which further made Nicole to humbly continue with the answer even if she was confronted with a wild reaction from the audiences in the venue.

The answer of Nicole Cordoves was, she has chosen Donald Trump because it is a good thing to do in order to use his influence to empower the world to help stop the war. Prior to her answer, Nicole asked the audience if they would let her speak after implying the first sentence. To explain it further, she wanted to reverse the influence that Trump has been doing to the world in particular to his business as a tool to stop the war. Nicole definitely expected that the crowd will definitely boo her as she thought that Donald Trump has more influence than Hilary Clinton.
Nicole Cordoves chose Donald Trump over Hilary Clinton to win against conflicts and atrocities
After answering the question, Nicole Cordoves was then announced as the first runner-up for Miss Grand International 2016. The winner of the pageant is Indonesia as Miss Grand International 2016. If Indonesia fails to fulfill her duties as the recent winner, Nicole Cordoves will take over to replace the current winner.

Nicole Cordoves indicated that she intentionally chose Donald Trump because it is a part of her strategy as a contestant to analyze what is the best thing to do in order to be on top. However, she indicated that she had no plans of changing her answer because it is one of the most memorable moments that she made in her entire life. As a contestant, you expect sensitive issues during the question and answer portion that you can generate attention to various mass media such as television networks. Landing as first runner-up during the conclusion of Miss Grand International 2016 is a big achievement. Nicole is very happy and satisfied to her latest achievement for the Philippines and for herself.

Miss Grand International 2016 winner from Indonesia chose Hilary Clinton because she wants to see herself and Hilary Clinton together for fighting against war and conflict. The second and third runners-up, Misses Thailand and Puerto Rico also chose Hilary Clinton because they see her as the epitome of leadership to win against conflicts around the world. She is a female leader who can make a difference in our society to combat against the coercive actions of terrorism and criminal offenders in our society at the present day.

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Watch why Nicole Cordoves chose Donald Trump

About Donald Trump

Donald Trump is now the 45th President of the United States of America. Donald is represented the Republican Political Party, which is one of two major political parties in the United States that represents conservativism. Donald recently won as the Republican representative or nominee and hopes that he could bring back the presidency for the Republican Party. Now that he is the president, he is expected to return back the glory of the Republican Political Party back to the White House where he will be officially staying for four years. He hopes to be the future leader as well as the most influential in the world.

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Prior to running for President of the United States of America, Donald Trump is a famous player in the world of business. Trump is known as a billionaire businessman for operating multiple conglomerates around the United States. He is known for establishing Trump Towers around the world, which are super tall skyscrapers that are open for real estate businesses. His business operations are currently managed by his family as he is concentrating on running for the presidency against Hilary Clinton.

Donald Trump attracted media attention after he made several sensitive comments in front of his audiences every political campaign. One include banning all Muslims to enter the United States. Trump also gained numerous criticisms from the Latino community due to his harsh comments with regards to illegal immigrants.

Hilary Clinton

Madame Hilary Clinton is also running for presidency in order to become the future leader of the most powerful nation in the world. She hopes that she will be the first woman president of the United States of America. Hilary is representing the Democratic Political Party, which is one of the largest political parties in the United States. As the Democratic Party nominee for the presidency, she is promoting the ideologies of democracy. This means that she is advocating the principles of equality with regards to race, ethnicity, gender preference, socioeconomic status, and nationality in any case.

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Basing from her political record, Hilary Clinton was a former first lady of the United States while her Husband Bill Clinton was the President on January 20, 1993, to January 20, 2001. She became as New York State Senator between 2001 to 2009. After serving 8 years as the Senator of the New York State, she was appointed as the Secretary of State under the administration of Barack Obama, the incumbent president of the United States.

Hilary Clinton is a champion for human rights issues. This includes strengthening the advocacy towards racial issues, sexuality preferences, and preventing Islamophobia in the United States. If she wins as the United States President, she is the first woman in history of her country to occupy the highest position in the world.

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