Congratulations to Ariska Putri Pertiwi of Indonesia, which is now the new winner of Miss Grand International 2016. As the historic winner, her country is so much proud of her as she is the first delegate from that country to win Miss Grand International. She is crowned by the outgoing Miss Grand International 2016 Clair Parker from Australia. Last year's winner was the actual First Runner-up of last year's edition of Miss Grand International. The new winner is expected to travel around the world and serving as the new ambassadress of Miss Grand International 2016 until 2017.

Miss Grand International 2016 is the 4th edition in the history of the pageant. It was held in Westgate International Theatre, Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada State in the United States of America. The finals night of Miss Grand International  was concluded on October 25, 2016. The official presenter of the pageant was Brian J. White and the Broadcasting companies who covered the event internationally were Channel 7 and Direct Television networks. Facebook social media as well as the YouTube live-streamed the event through Miss Grand International official page and channels that were accessed by online viewers from around the world.
Miss Grand International 2016 is Ariska Putri Pertiwi from Indonesia
The fourth edition of Miss Grand International 2016 made a historic remark when it decided to be held the pageant internationally. Venturing the pageant in the United States was the perfect strategy of the pageant to gain an international exposure for the organizers and staff to expand the event overseas.

A total of 75 entrants participated Miss Grand International 2016 coming from all over the world. There is a total of 8 countries that debuted to participate, which are Aruba, The Bahamas, Iraq, Jamaica, Lithuania, Rwanda, Turkey, and Uruguay. The pageant is officiated by Nawat Itsaragrisil, which is the current president of Miss Grand International Organization. This is the first time that Las Vegas, Nevada hosted a new international beauty pageant participated by delegates from different cultures, background, and geographical locations all over the world.

Just one day ago, the preliminary of Miss Grand International 2016 was held at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. Ladies were required to compete both in the swimsuit, long gown, and interview. The scores from these three categories will be significant for the candidates to enter the top 20 semifinalist round that was announced during the finals night. The preliminary round is regarded as the classification round, which is a screening process to determine the top 20 competitive ladies to enter the semifinals, which have greater chances for succeeding Clair Parker, Miss Grand International 2016.

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Watch how Ariska Pertiwi won as Miss Grand International

The reigning winner of Miss Grand International 2016 will be the face of Miss Grand International Organization. She will be endorsing several sponsors and brands from all over the world as well as starting to fulfill her duties and responsibilities as the new queen. If in any case that the winner fails to fulfill her duties, the reigning first runner-up will take over or to assume the position as Miss Grand International 2016.

The top 5 question and answer question was the main highlight of the pageant. This is because the question goes "If given the chance to choose between the two to stop the war, will it be Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton". Puerto Rico, Thailand, and Indonesia chose Hilary Clinton to stop the war around the world by representing the power of women as a new inspiration to pounce against atrocities. On the other hand, the United States and the Philippines chose Donald Trump because they believe that using Trump's influence could bring hope to stop the war.

Ariska Puteri's winning answer was about choosing Hilary Clinton. She believes that Hilary Clinton and her could make a big impact to fight against war. With Hilary as the future commander-in-chief of the United States if she wins and Ariska as the ambassadress, they could significantly make a big difference to stop the war. Ariska will show Hilary how to use her stance as the new Miss Grand International to help solve atrocities around the world

It seems that Indonesia is slowly getting the right combination to win a crown for international beauty pageants. The country's beauty pageant empire is now headed by former Miss Universe 2013 semifinalist Whulandary Herman who initially organized along with past titleholders to craft pageantry skills for the next generation of Indonesian delegates to an international stage for beauty pageant competitions.

Top 20 Quarterfinalists: Ladies in this round battled for the swimsuit competition

  • Jamaica
  • Bahamas
  • Thailand
  • Ukraine
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Portugal
  • Venezuela
  • United States
  • Malaysia
  • Cuba
  • Peru
  • Australia
  • Vietnam
  • Puerto Rico
  • Indonesia
  • Tahiti
  • Wales
  • Philippines
  • Macau
Best in National Costume: Indonesia
Best in Swimsuit: Bahamas
Miss Popularity: Korea
Best Social Media: Jamaica
Best in Evening Gown: England

Top 10 Semi-finalists: Ladies battle for gown competition and voiced their advocacies against the war, which is the main advocacy of Miss Grand International

United States
Puerto Rico

Miss Grand International 2016: Indonesia
First Runner-up: Philippines
Second Runner-up: Thailand
Third Runner-up: Puerto Rico
Fourth Runner-up: United States

Congratulations to the winners and awardees

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