The family of the second suspect for the slain of Nick Russel Oniot who was just walking along the street in Taguig was seen lifeless inside the prison facility. The suspect was seen by his fellow inmates unresponsive in the morning of October 24, 2016. Other inmates reported the condition of their fellow detainee to the police officer on duty during the time of the incident. They rushed the body of 29-year-old Reynaldo Clave to the nearby hospital. However, the patient was declared dead on arrival after responding health care officials tried to perform resuscitation in an attempt to regain his vital signs and consciousness.

Reynaldo Clave was the second suspect to the death of Nick Russel Oniot, a former student of Adamson University taking up Bachelor of Science in Architecture. Nick Russel failed to call for help as bystanders ignored his plea until he fell down to his knees due to multiple injuries by the suspect who robbed him. A closed-circuit camera recorded the event that led to the arrest of the two suspects responsible for the murder of Nick Russel Oniot. Police authorities were able to apprehend the suspects after a series of tips from witnesses accompanied by the footage of the CCTV who caught the whole incident along Martinez Street of Taguig.
The victim, Nick Russel Oniot on the left, Marvin Bernardo and Reynaldo Clave are the suspects on the right
Nick Russel Oniot's families is now grieving for the death of their loved ones. Families recall Nick's dreams about becoming a future architect, which should have been the future of Oniot family for helping his parents achieve a better socio-economic lifestyle in the future. But after the incident, the dreams and hopes of Nick along with his family will never materialize as he already perished from the brutal robbery and murder of a random repeat offender who are searching for their next prey.

The Oniot family and friends grieved the tragic demise of Nick Russel. His fate was an unexpected event because they never thought that a diligent and an obedient person such as Nick joined our creator at an early age. Things will never be the same again for the Oniot family, citing that one of the most loved members of their family will never be with them after his burial ceremony. The university where Nick attended was also shocked by the unexpected incident that tragically ended the life of their future architect.

The family of Nick Russel Oniot is thankful for solving the case of Nick Russel. Even though the suspects were already apprehended, Oniot family member's lives will never be the same again. They will soon miss Nick since the day that he joined our creature after having been neglected by onlookers who were at the scene where the crime has been committed. The spokesperson of Taguig City Police station is also trying to investigate the plate number of the van who never stopped when Nick was asking for help, which could face neglect that has led to the end of his life during the incident. The location of the incident was at Martinez Street, Central Signal, Taguig City at 10:30 in the evening.

Was it a case of a foul play?

Reynaldo Clave's family is now in disbelief and claims that the death of Ricardo was a product of a foul play. The mother of Ricardo is now clamoring for justice for her son's unjustified death while being detained in the Taguig City Police Station. Senior Inspector Ruther Saquilayan who is the chief investigating officer that Ricardo's main cause of death was suffocation. Saquilayan also mentioned that there is an ongoing investigation regarding the case of Ricardo, but denies allegations of foul play by other personnel at Taguig City Police Station.

Reynaldo's companion, Marvin Bernardo was the main suspect in the death of Nick Russel Oniot. Marvin stabbed the architecture student at least 18 times while trying to grab the victim's bag and other accessories. When Marvin was detained, he allegedly attempted to grab the gun from the officer on duty inside the police precinct. He was then immediately shot that have led to his death. Marvin has had previous criminal records such as murder and robbery, making him one of the most notorious repeat offenders in Taguig City.

Police Officers under investigation

Taguig City Police Station is now under fire for the death of two suspects, which should have been facing another criminal rap for the death of Nick Russel Oniot. Although Senior Inspector Ruther Saquilayan denies allegations, they are still looking forward to reopen the case to determine the real cause of the suspect's death. The family of Oniot may have been relieved by the demise of the two suspects, the family is also concerned regarding the fate of the two suspects even if they have taken away the life of their family member.

The mother of Reynaldo indicated that there are visible marks that were seen in his neck area, which is a clear indication that he was strangulated. Even if the senior inspector denies allegations, he will apprehend the police personnel who was on duty during the time incident and could face administrative charges. The mother and the family members are already taking legal steps to fight for Reynaldo's unfortunate demise inside the police station.

Saquilayan indicated that the cell where the two suspects were being held is only good for 50 inmates. But due to an increasing number of criminal offenders, the number of arrested individuals are high enough to increase the number of inmates per cell to at least 200 individuals, which is 400% higher. Being a criminal offender is a tough life, you will prepare yourself to be in a hellish environment inside the incarceration facility while awaiting the verdict of your trial.

In addition, the case of Reynaldo Clave is not the first time that happened in Taguig City Police Station. Inmates detained in the Police Station also suffered similar incidents from the past. There are previous inmates who died from suffocation because the space is too small and the breathable air inside the prison is unbearable.

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