When Stephanie de Zorzi came to the Philippines, she became an instant sensation because the fans love her, generating an instant large number of followers. With her long red hair and queenly look, Stephanie easily got numerous supporters in the Philippines not only in her home country including the Latin community in Western Hemisphere. Since she was appointed to be the official representative of Venezuela, pageant supporters start scrutinizing all about Stephanie, making her as one of the girl to beat in Miss Earth 2016 beauty pageant competition.

During the coronation night of Miss Earth 2016, Stephanie De Zorzi was declared as Miss Earth Water 2016. This is the equivalent of second runner-up to other pageants such as Miss Universe and Miss International beauty pageant competition. Although Stephanie finished in third place during the conclusion of the pageant on October 29, 2016, she is still happy with the results because overall, she made her country proud for being one of the top 4 ladies. This will be the most memorable international competition that she will remember for the rest of her life. The question is, will she stay here in the Philippines to pursue another step to expand her career?
Miss Earth water 2016 Stephanie De Zorzi
Stephanie De Zorzi is a beauty queen in Venezuela. She participated in Nuestra Venezuela (Miss Venezuela) national pageant in 2013 and ended up as Nuestra Belleza Venezuela Tierra (Miss Venezuela Earth 2013). Migbels Castanos won Nuestra Belleza Venezuela Universo 2014 who represented Venezuela in Miss Universe 2014 ending as one of top 10 finalists.

On November 2013, which was just months after she was crowned as Miss Venezuela Earth, Stephanie De Zorzi was eventually dethroned. Stephanie was observed by Miss Venezuela Organization to have gained weight after she came back from Mexico. As an official pageant contestant representing Venezuela to international pageants, they should be perfect as they want to consistently dominate international beauty pageant competitions around the world. Stephani was then replaced by Maira Alexandra Rodriguez who won as Miss Earth Water 2014. Jamie Herrel of the Philippines won as Miss Earth 2014.

Stephanie De Zorzi was then appointed in 2016 after there were no official representative of the country since Miss Venezuela gave away the franchise of Miss Venezuela organization. Miss Earth 2013 Alyz Henrich took over as the official franchise holder of Miss Earth Venezuela and then sending Stephanie De Zorzi to compete for Miss Earth 2016. Alyz was also seen training her delegate Stephanie with her impressive catwalk skills before the coronation night of Miss Earth 2016 that was held in September 29, 2016 in SM MOA Arena, Bay City, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

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Controversies surrounding Miss Earth Philippines 2016

5 beautiful reasons why Stephanie De Zorzi can stay in the Philippines

1. She can pursue a career in modeling: The Philippines has a booming entertainment industry. Models from Brazil, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, China, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Spain, Canada, and France are considering Philippines as the new haven for modeling career. There are thousands of companies who are willing to book models to represent their brands in several advertising campaigns. Numerous fashion brands and print ads campaign are sprouting all over the Philippines that attracts local and foreign brands to further intensify their products and services to the Philippine market.

2. Can sign a contract with the local entertainment industry in the Philippines: Locan entertainment industry in the Philippines is also a successful venture for international beauty queens. Stephanie De Zorzi is a perfect example of a fresh beauty queen who can pursue a new career in the Philippines. She is already well-known in the Philippines as a beauty queen from Venezuela. She can even break a barrier for taking new venture as a local celebrity in the country as a way for her to continue her passion for creating a name for herself as a role model beauty queen.

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3. Venezuela is in economic and political chaos: This is a sad truth about Venezuela although they are populated with physically attractive residents all over the country. Venezuela is now experiencing a very high inflation rate brought about by the increasing number of investors who are leaving the country, which leaves Venezuela suffer from economic collapse. Media news networks covering the situation in Venezuela show residents who are fleeing to Colombia in search for basic needs such as food supply, clothing, and shelter accessories.

4. Stephanie De Zorzi seems to be in a freelance mode: Since Stephanie was worked in Mexico for several months or perhaps, years, she may seem to be in a freelance mode before being appointed as Miss Earth Venezuela 2016. Even if she has a remaining responsibility back in Venezuela to search for her successor, Stephanie can still try an alternative career path as a local celebrity in the Philippines. Apart from being signed as part of the new Miss Venezuela Earth Organization under the management of Alyz Henrich, Stephanie can pursue anoter opportunity if Alyz will permit her to do so.

5. Integrate Venezuelan culture to the Philippines: Stephanie will have the opportunity to share her culture and tradition as a Venezuelan to the Philippines. Similar to Miss Earth 2006 Pricilla Mereles from Brazil, Stephanie can share her Venezuelan lifestyle to the Philippines to show how Venezuelans live their life. The way Spanish language is being used in Venezuela will be shared by Stephanie, which is an important European language that was integrated in the Philippines, enticing the young generation to learn how to speak and understand Spanish language.

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Why Stephanie may not stay in the Philippines?
  • Stephanie De Zorzi is still under contract with the new Miss Earth Venezuela Organization under the management of Alyz Hendrich. If the contract indicates that a representative is not allowed to accept other contracts, Stephanie may soon leave the country to fulfill her roles and responsibilities as Miss Earth Venezuela until crowning her next successor. 
  • Stephanie is already a local celebrity in Venezuela. She is already known by the entertainment industry in Venezuela. After crowning her successor, Stephanie might continue her career path as a local celebrity in Venezuela. 
  • High salary offers from other countries will encourage Stephanie to change her mind. She might be offered higher wage salaries from other Latin American countries that are way higher than offers in the Philippine entertainment industry.

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