Until now, there are several mysterious facts concerning the death of Mayor Rolando Espinosa who perished when authorities attempted to serve an arrest warrant inside the prison facility. Former Mayor's death shocked the whole Philippines after discovering that the politician tagged in a drug-related case has been silenced by unidentified persons of interests who raided his cell inside the jail. Aside from the former mayor of Albuera in Leyte who perished, another inmate was also found lifeless inside the jail facility, triggering an outcry from the families left behind.

The Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) is responsible for providing a thorough investigation to any case linked to any crime committed by a person. However, the CIDG personnel was the last people in contact with former Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa inside his cell. As based on their defense, the CIDG indicated that Rolando Espinosa allegedly attempted to grab the pistol on one of their personnel who was serving an arrest warrant. Another prison inmate also attempted to initiate a riot attempt against the CIDG personnel, prompting them to fire several shots towards Mayor Rolando Espinosa and another companion inside the prison facility. Former Mayor's death sparked a national outcry and a big blow to the Philippine National Police.
Roland Espinosa on upper right's suspects is still a mystery
Rolando Espinosa Sr. was a politician in the Philippines being elected at Albuera town in Leyte. He was tagged by the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte due to his involvement in a narco-politics sandal. Mayor Rolando Espinosa surrendered to Philippine National Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa. When he was released, he was then detained at Leyte sub-provincial jail where he was killed by an unidentified CIDG personnel.

Philippine National Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa promised to conduct an investigation on the case of former Mayor Rolando Espinosa. As the head of the PNP, he will do whatever it takes to apprehend all persons of interest involved with the death of former Mayor. Dela Rosa is disappointed that the CIDG personnel who offered a search warrant were allegedly responsible ion the death of the former narco-politician in Albuera, Leyte. Senator Lacson also wants to initiate the investigation by establishing a senate inquiry regarding the case of Mayor Espinosa along with other senators in Manila.

Kerwin Espinosa or Rolando Espinosa Jr., who is also involved with the narco-politics is the son of the former Mayor who was slain inside his cell. Upon hearing the news regarding the death of his father, Kerwin made an emotional breakdown. Kerwin's emotional breakdown breached the visitation hour limit because he was deeply devastated for losing his father. Kerwin Espinosa was arrested in Abu Dhabi after several months of being a fugitive when an arrest warrant was ordered against him. He is expected to arrive back to the Philippines and will begin to serve his charges. He might be used as a state witness due to the rare case of his father's questionable death.

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5 Mysterious people who might be the suspect for the death of Mayor Rolando Espinosa

1. Superintendent Marvin Marcos: Western Visayas head of the Criminal Investigations and Detection Group is being suspected being involved with the alleged murdering of former Mayor Rolando Espinosa. Superintendent Marcos was now relieved from office due to the national scandal brought about by his personnel, triggering another negative perception to the public. CIDG personnel were directly involved in the killing of the former Mayor, tagging them as the primary suspect in the case. Marcos might be facing administrative raps due to this issue, which is also a big blow to his professional career.

2.  Senator Leila De Lima: The lady senator was also included with the list of personalities who were involved in a narco-politics matrix by President Rodrigo Duterte. A leaked affidavit sworn by former Mayor Rolando Espinosa included the name of Leila Delima from the list of personalities involved with the distribution of illegal narcotics. Delima was also seen photographed with Kerwin Espinosa, sparking speculations that she might have something to do with the case of former Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. She is also the nemesis of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

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3. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte: This is not a surprise because there are a growing number of opposition groups who are now becoming critics of the current president. Why is President Rodrigo Duterte a possible culprit? This is because as based on his length of service in Davao City, criminals are allegedly executed by vigilantes to stop the spread of negative elements. Another is politicking issues, wherein this will be used against Duterte if there will be an impeachment attempt filed against him, filed by his critics while serving as the head of state of the Philippines.

4. Vice-Mayor Rosa Meneses: When Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. was the mayor of Albuera in Leyte, Rosa Meneses is the Vice-Mayor. Now that Espinosa is already murdered, Rosa Meneses ascended into power and sworn as the new Mayor of Albuera in Leyte. Her position as a vice-mayor will be filled by the number 1 ranked councilman who garnered the most number of votes during the last May poll election. Rosa Meneses is also allegedly involved in the murder of former mayor Roland Espinosa inside his jail at 4 in the morning.

5. Leyte Vice Governor Carlo Loreto: As based on the released personalities announced by President Duterte, Carlo Loreto's name is included on the Affidavit list that former Mayor mentioned. However, he denied allegations that he is a narco-politician. The death of former mayor Rolando Espinosa could have been linked with vice-governor Loreto who might want to prevent the public to investigate his connection with several syndicates and groups who are operating in Eastern Visayas region.

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There were speculating questions surrounding the death of former Mayor Rolando Espinosa. But one thing is clear, this was due to any prevention of new names who will be apprehended by the authorities. Narco-politicians who were named feared for their career and their security, prompting their fellow narco-politician buddies to be silenced forever.

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