After Miss Universe Organization requested their ambassadress, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach to officially confirm that the Philippines is the official host of 65th Miss Universe beauty pageant, the Philippine government made a sign of relief. The Philippine Tourism Secretary Wanda Theo expressed her relieving reaction to the media when asked about the confirmation of Miss Universe Organization. Finally, the leftist groups trying to contradict the hosting of the Philippines is finally over as they failed to overturn the decision of Miss Universe beauty pageant.

However, the most concerning part of the announcement is the time of the pageant. Miss Universe will start as early as 5 in the morning. This is because it will comprehend with the time zone of western hemisphere so countries in these part of the world can watch the pageant. Canada, the United States, Latin American countries, and the Caribbean nations can all watch the pageant. However, Countries in Europe and Africa might watch the pageant late at night. Pageant fanatics are urged to adjust with the time and the schedule of Miss Universe coronation night on January 30, 2017, which is very unusual for the host country to grace the event in an unexpected time.
Miss Universe 2016 will start at 5 in the morning on January 30, 2017 (Manila Time)
After the announcement, there were mixed reactions regarding the time of Miss Universe coronation night. As early as 5 in the morning, the production team who will be setting up the stage will also adjust with the time of the pageant that will be held early in the morning. Audiences are expected to come to the venue as early as 4 in the morning.

The unusual time of the pageant made pageant fanatics wonder how will they adjust with the venue of Miss Universe. Even if the main reason is to adjust the number of viewers in the western hemisphere, pageant fanatics and critics did not expect that this pageant is a challenging event for them to watch their favorite contestants. The western hemisphere can watch the pageant between 5 in the afternoon and 10 in the evening. Regardless the time, pageant fanatics are still interested attending at the official venue of the pageant to watch their favorite delegates who will banner their respective countries during the coronation night.

Pageant critics are just wondering why the time is very early, prompting all pageant fanatics to wake up between 3 and 4 in the morning. Netizens online expressed their disappointments, citing that their biological clock will be distorted just because they will be adjusting with the coronation event of Miss Universe beauty pageant in Manila, Philippines. On the other hand, there are positive reactions with regards to the unexpected time for crowning the new Miss Universe by outgoing queen Pia Wurtzbach on January 30 in 2017. So are you ready to watch the coronation event of Miss Universe in Manila?

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6 things to do when you are going to watch the 65th edition of Miss Universe at 5AM

1. Sleep early: As early as 8 in the evening, it is time for you to sleep and adjust with the time where the pageant will be held. This is a one-time opportunity so you should not miss out the pageant, which could drastically make a memorable day in your life after watching the pageant. If you still consider about your 8-hour sleep regimen, sleeping as early as 8 in the evening and waking up at 4 in the morning completes the cycle. However, the time for preparation and travel time to the venue of the pageant is constricted, so you better move very fast.

2. File for a leave during the coronation night: As early as now, you should ask your employee to have a leave on January 29 and 30, 2017. This is for you to have time to rest on the day before the pageant and will prepare enough to prevent getting stressed during the coronation event of Miss Universe. As of now, there are several pageant fanatics who already filed for a leave to their employers so that they will attend the most important event in the universe. Foreign pageant fanatics are also urged to file for their leave of absence on the last week of January to attend Miss Universe.

3. Sacrifice your time: If you are a super fan of Miss Universe beauty pageant, sacrificing your time is just an option for you to grace the event. Since hosting Miss Universe in your area is a rare opportunity, this is the time for you to make the best out of it by lending your time just to experience personally the best moment in your life. Not every decade that Miss Universe Organization chooses your area to host the pageant, so why not be a part of the event as the audience who is always anticipating the pageant every year.

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4. Book your ticket as eary as now: For pageant fanatics who are away from the Philippines, you should know that booking a ticket on January is regarded difficult. January is under a peak season where there are full of activities happening in the Philippines. You should book your ticket that will target on the last week of January of 2017. Since it is just months away from the coronation night, booking early will prevent you from any hassles and pressures because you will no longer encounter long lines and having the difficulty of booking a flight when the date is already near.

5. Eat foods that can make you sleep: As early as dinner, you should already eat foods that can make you sleep. Why? because you need to sleep early to wake up between 2 to at least 3 in the morning for you to have time to prepare and travel to the venue. Foods containing these nutrients are green leafy vegetables, milk, soy sauce, cherry juice, almond, walnut, cereals, peanuts, and pretzels. When you eat these foods, you can sleep calmly 1 hour after taking your dinner.

6. Don't sleep at all until the coronation event: If you are a party-goer and you have to attend another event the night before the coronation of Miss Universe, you should rather not to sleep. It is expected that you will drink alcoholic beverage that induces deep sleep after a party. If you really do not want to miss the most anticipated event in the universe on January 30 next year, better wait for 5 am at the venue of the pageant. Since the duration of the pageant is just two hours, you will have a plentiful sleep after attending the event.

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