Many are wondering if all international grand slam beauty pageants allow their beauty queen title holders to wear a crown that is composed of real gems. Some may not think that the crowns are just made of synthetic materials because the main goal is to let the candidates win a certain beauty pageant who wants to become a new ambassadress of their organization. Grand slam beauty pageants are serious business enterprise because they operate as an international organization that is advocating an important cause to ensure that they inspire the younger generation.

International beauty pageant organizations take all international beauty pageants seriously. They take part in promoting numerous advocacies, hoping that they could bring a significant contribution to a certain population needing assistance and support. Most advocates of international beauty pageants are utilizing their humanitarian efforts to a community affected by atrocities of either manmade or natural catastrophe. In this case, the complexity of humanitarian advocacies is seriously considered by these 10 international grand slam beauty pageant organizations that consistently establishing a role model example to international communities around the world.
10 International Crowns
Currently, we have 10 grand slam international beauty pageants around the world. Miss Universe and Miss World are the two of the longest-serving international beauty pageants. Miss International and Miss Intercontinental started their campaign after two decades in 1960's and 1970's. This is followed by Miss Earth at the beginning of 2000 after it ended its Miss Asia-Pacific beauty pageant. In the second decade of 2000, Miss Supranational and Miss Grand International took the stage by a storm completing a total of 10 international grand slam pageants.

Before, there were three major pageants that dominated the world for at least three decades. They are Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss International respectively. National beauty pageant camps from all over the world crown their winners for the three international beauty pageant title competitions. the other two runner-ups will serve as reserves if there will be unexpected scenarios that will happen in the future. This is, for example, if one of the three winners fail to fulfill their duties and responsibilities, the runner-ups will replace them and prepare for representing their respective countries to international beauty pageants.

In 2001, the Big three Grand Slam international beauty pageants became Big Four with the inclusion of Miss Earth. The Big Four pageant reigned for at least one decade until there are another three new pageants that are now heating up the international beauty pageantry. These 10 new international Grand Slam beauty pageants are not just your ordinary beauty competition. Organizers who established these 10 beauty pageants are very serious about their vision and mission. No wonder that the winners expect to receive a wide variety of prizes, which include luxury items including the expensive crown, properties, contracts, and prize money.

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Real Worth of 10 Luxurious Beauty Pageant Crowns

1. Miss Intercontinental crown: This is the simplest crown among the 10 international grand slam beauty pageant. However, the crown is composed of crystals, diamonds, and pure silver, representing simplicity and elegance. The most important signature of the crown is the pearl. The true worth of the crown is $360,000 in US currency. This means that the crown is not just an ordinary luxury item that is worn by its titleholder. Mexico won Miss Intercontinental 2017 in Egypt, having a close battle with the Philippines that landed as the first runner-up.

2. Miss Supranational crown: Another beauty pageant organization from Europe is now successful for campaigning its grand slam beauty pageant cause to the world. This time, the crown is made up of silver, numerous white crystals, blue gems or sapphire, and diamonds, which makes it unique to every winner of the pageant annually. The approximate worth of the crown is $300,000 in US currency. The crown is relatively expensive. This is why the organization will only let their queens wear the crown only during the coronation night. The replica will be worn by the reigning queens while visiting other countries to promote their advocacies.

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3. Miss Grand International: This new grand slam international beauty pageant is advocating an anti-war campaign to the world. But for the crown, it is composed of pure gold, making it the most distinctive feature all around the crown. The gemstones are embedded in a heart-shaped jade gemstone. The approximate cost of the crown is $300,000, which is also as expensive as other international grand slam beauty pageants. The crown's front feature shows the actual logo of the Miss Grand International Organization.

4. Miss Earth crown:  An initial report that the crown is a whopping $950,000; however, it was then reported that the real value is $25,000 and $20,000 each for the elemental crowns with 14K gold and Argentum Sterling Silver except for the worth of rare Earth gems or metals. The crown is designed by Ramona Haar. But with the undeclared value of rare Earth metals that are more expensive than diamond, the crown many still consider that the crown could cost more than $950,000. This is because there are more gems that you can see from the crown than any other international grand slam crowns. Some of these gems are diamonds, gold, silver, sapphire, ruby, and crystal gems.

5. Miss International crown: The crown of this international beauty pageant is the third most expensive among the big 10 Grand slam pageants. Only the crowns of Miss Earth and Miss International are more expensive. The total worth of the crown is $550,000. The crown is composed of pure pearls, gold, silver, and diamond gems. Pearly white gems are the main symbol of Miss International crown. The pearly white design is different from other crowns which are mostly composed of diamonds and crystals.

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6. Miss World crown: One of the longest-serving international beauty pageant in the world. The crown of Miss World is $750,000, which is the second most expensive crown among the 10 grand slam beauty pageants, only the crown of Miss Earth is more expensive. It is composed of several blue gems, gold, and silver jewels, representing elegance and luxury for every woman who will wear the crown. Reigning Miss World winner is Stephanie Del Valle from Puerto Rico who won last year and will crown her successor this November of 2017.

7. Miss Universe crown: The most famous and dominating beauty pageant in the world. This grand slam beauty pageant could shock you because the worth of it is $250,000 in US currency, which you will thought was the most expensive of them all. The crown is called as the Mikimoto crown, created by a Mikimoto jewel maker. The crown is composed of several tall crystals representing the Pearl of the orient seas in the West Pacific region, embedded with diamonds and sapphire crystals. Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel Peters is the first candidate of this decade to wear the Mikimoto crown after 10 years since Riyo Mori wore it in 2007.

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8. Miss Globe crown: Miss Globe is another emerging international crown that is now attracting numerous participants from around the world. There is an average of at least 60 candidates from different parts of the planet. The crown is estimated to have a luxurious worth of $150,000 in USD. The most distinctive feature of the crown is the white crystals that are sculpted within the whole tiara. This crown will only be worn by the newly crowned queen during the coronation night. The organizers will let the winner wear a replica whenever she will travel to other parts of the world to promote her advocacies.

9. Miss International Queen: This is a beauty pageant that is specifically intended for transgender contestants who wants to showcase their beauty. This LGBT-based beauty pageant will let their new queens wear a tiara worth $15,000 as an estimate. The crown is decorated with real small diamonds with a white gold metal that holds the precious gems. The most unique feature of this crown is the green gemstones that are placed on each upper angles of the crown. The reigning queen will also be given other luxurious accessories as part of her prize as the new International Queen for the whole year.

10. Reina Hispano Americana Crown: This is one of the emerging international crowns, introducing the crown to the world. This pageant is based in Bolivia and aims to expand its influence outside Latin American communities. The most appealing feature of the crown is the Red Cross, which is made of red-colored crystals. The crown is worth $22,000, which is worn by the newly crowned queen. A replica of the crown is relatively smaller, which is worth $10,000 that is usually worn by the reigning queen when traveling to other parts of the world.

QUESTION: Expect that next year, there will be more luxurious crowns that will be designed by new international pageant organizations. Which crown design has the most luxurious design among the 10?

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