For every person, becoming an instant internet sensation is always unexpected because you are not aware that something about you is now being watched online. Whenever you became an online sensation, people started talking about you. We see famous personalities and random strangers who became famous because there is something about them that people like. Life after being an online sensation for some time is something that a person must have to treasure. However, for the opposite way around where online media was used to degrade the person's life, it is a different story that will haunt the life of the person forever.

Meet Claire Marielle Miralo, who is now the center of attention in various social media websites. Claire was tagged in a media that is named as "rapbeh". The media has three alleged media streams that are now currently circulating online. The contents of the media file are regarded disturbing because it contains inappropriate materials for the users to take a glimpse of it. The media file was allegedly uploaded by the person or the friend of the person who recorded it and it became an instant sensation in a very negative way. Until now, this issue is still circulating, which further risk the life of Claire as well as her companions due to the impacts made by the media file that is rapidly spreading like a wildfire online.
Claire Marielle Miralo is now suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder
Psychological depression is one of the most common consequences that a person experiences whenever they just suffered an intense situation that broke their emotional well-being. These experiences are significantly disturbing because it could potentially harm their psychological capacity. For Claire, she is surely suffering from an emotional breakdown, not just by crying, but the intense anxiety that the media has brought to her life.

For Claire, she is very concerned that her reputation will be tarnished brought about by the "rapbeh" issue that is now circulating online. This is because there are people who became obsessed with the media file that it kept being uploaded online. Even though this situation is against the will of Claire, the issue still keeps on being shared by third parties who just want to satisfy their curiosity by seeking the media file. This means that Claire became the victim of online bullying because tens of thousands of individuals are now preying on the media file that has been uploaded by the person to a newsfeed that contains hundreds of thousands of followers. For curious netizens who became interested investigating the issue, they are still searching for the media to view, share, and then increase the agony for Claire.

Claire Marielle Miralo is asking the public to stop the spread of the media file by not viewing it, share, or download the file in their respective electronic gadgets. The family and relatives of Claire are also calling the public to stop the spread of this media file because it is significantly causing her to feel more depressed. The camp of Claire is now seeking for a legal solution to end the rapbeh online issue that has been causing unfavorable consequences. For as long as the media file still exists online, the depression is a potential threat to Claire's cognitive and psychological integrity.

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7 Depressing effects that Claire Marielle Miralo is suffering right now

1. Depression: Obviously, Claire is now suffering from unfavorable emotional impacts brought about by the impact of the media file being spread by strangers online. Claire is now very scared that her friends, other family members, and relatives will start to banish her or to despise her after she was tagged in rapbeh issue. Her confidence level will start to further deplete because she is now starting to experience depressive episodes from the incident. For Claire, this is by far, the most distressing issue that could cause her psychological and mental integrity to be depleted while the file is still circulating online.

2. False suicide news: The family, relatives, and friends of Claire became furious after Claire was tagged online when she allegedly committed suicide. Claire may have deactivated some of her social media accounts temporarily but, she never intended to take her own life after the incident. The false news is also circulating online, further aggravating the issue against her. Families and relatives of Claire immediately claimed that the circulating news is false and they are now trying to keep Claire away from any social media exposure to avoid an even more distressing news.

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3. She can be fired from an institution she is affiliated: If she happens to be either a student or a working personnel, the media file could be another depressing issue that she could be fired or dismissed. As a person who is currently depending on your bread or butter or building a better foundation for your future, it is the wrong time for you to be suddenly dispatched from the institution that you depend on. Claire is afraid that she will have a new distressing record that the institution will be documenting to their files and then blacklisting her to other institutions.

4. Death threats: We cannot blame that the media file is emotionally aggravating because it can cause anger towards netizens. There are people who are always emotionally sensitive enough to cause their reaction to become outrageous. These people that normally acts intensively are usually some of the most dangerous because they can use their violent personality behavior in a way that it satisfies their anxiety. Emotionally furious netizens who are angered by the actions of Claire from the file usually creates a troll profile on social media and starts to warn threats against her.

5. Social isolation: The purpose of social media is to socialize. However, if you are tagged in a disturbing media file where people no longer respects you, social isolation is the best thing that comes into your mind. The traumatic experience is so distressful for Claire for her to feel hopeless and isolated. So she decided to deactivate her social media profiles online to get away from the depressing consequences that the media file has had caused her. Social isolation is also a recipe to aggravate her depression that could cause her personality to be distorted.

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6. Cyberbullying: After the media file was uploaded online and started trending, people searched the identity of the person that is visibly seen on the media. They discovered that she is Claire Marielle Miralo. After discovering about her, trolls suddenly popped out and started trending her online. Outraged netizens started messaging her, provoking bullying online. This is another depressing issue that Claire is suffering right now because even if she deactivated her profile, the media is already there and the damages still persist.

7. Friends and some relatives will hate her: Issues like the rabpeh case is very disappointing for a relative who discovered that one of their family tree members was tagged in a controversial issue. Claire expects that she will lose her friendships after the issue. Some of her relatives will also try to distance from her that signifies discrimination and segregation due to the issue against Claire. This is a depressing consequence that Claire must have to accept it and will try to move on.

What can Claire do to solve the problem?

1. Legal action: The family and relatives of Claire are now taking a legal action for individuals or groups responsible for spreading the media file. This includes the person who created the media file and uploaded it online. This also applied to those individuals who shared the media to other users online. With the help of NBI to coordinate with the anti-cyber crime division, the case of Claire will have light to solve the issue.

2. Psychological intervention: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is the obvious consequence that she is now experiencing or suffering right now. The best way is to immediately seek a professional who can provide her with counseling therapies to relieve her intense emotional anxiety. Claire may have already been suffering from depression due to the overwhelming impact made by the media file that has been intentionally uploaded online.

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3. Securing safety: Claire Marielle Miralo better to resign from work or to take a break at school in order to temporarily get out from her usual environment that is now being haunted by the controversial media file. After the media exposed tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of individuals, there are few individuals who are aggressive enough to use their emotional anxiety to threaten Claire. The families, relatives, and friends should seriously consider this threat to prevent further harm to Claire in the future.

4. Emotional support: The only core people that Claire needs are her family, relatives, and close friends in times of a depressing scenario. They are the only people who can provide comfort to her while she is grieving from the impacts brought about by the rapbeh issue. People who are close to her can provide emotional support that allows her to express her frustrations, thereby decreasing her anxiety.

5. Always monitor her: Claire is now considerably depressed because she is the icon of a media sensation after the file is now permanently uploaded to online. She is potentially at risk for harming herself because she is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Monitor where she goes because she might be searching for a better place for her to perform self-harm. Remove all sharp objects to prevent her from hurting herself such as scissors, knives, pointed objects, ropes, or anything that could pose a threat to her.

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