During the "Ber" months, people usually celebrate because they know that Christmas season is already coming. It is where holiday season officially starts. But for some, it is also a time where beauty pageant kicks off, revealing a set of international beauty pageants that will crown the most beautiful woman in the world, Earth, Universe, internationally, supranationally, grand internationally, intercontinentally, and tourism queens. Pageant enthusiast's dream of covering their favorite delegates and international beauty pageant events will surely have another reason to watch out for.

The rise of international male beauty pageants are also storming the world of pageantry. Aside from promising female beauty queens, the opposite sex is also aiming to equally dominate local and international pageants. With hot masculine body and with a magnetic charm, male pageantry is surely the spice of beauty pageants. Deserving male contestants will also show their animalistic appeal, confidence, personality, and the ability to become assertive and eloquent when answering questions to every local and international male pageants around the world.
International beauty pageants 
There are 8 most anticipated international beauty pageants that are now being monitored by pageant enthusiasts around the world. They are Miss Globe, Miss Asia-Pacific, Miss Supranational, Mister Supranational, Miss World, Miss International Queen, Miss Tourism Queen International, and Miss Universe. There are other minor international pageants, but they are not heavily anticipated as compared to these 7 pageants.

On October 16, 2016, Miss Intercontinental 2016 crowned its new winner. Heilymar Ramirez bagged her country's 3rd Miss Intercontinental crown, which is Puerto Rico. The venue of the pageant was held in the capital city of Colombio, Sri Lanka. Miss Ramirez was crowned by Miss Intercontinental 2015 Valentina Rasulova from Russia. A controversy sparked when the fourth runner-up, Karina Amal Nemer Erched was dethroned by her national director. Karina is now replaced by Carolina Carvajal from Colombia.

Miss Grand International 2016 crowned Ariska Putri Pertiwi from Indonesia, which is the first from her country to win the title. She was crowned by Claire Parker, which assumed the title after Anea Garcia of the Dominican Republic was forced to resign. The conclusion of the pageant was held at Westgate Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States on October 25, 2016. The pageant generated media attention when the final question asked the ladies on who will they choose if Donald Trump of Hilary Clinton. Both the United States and the Philippines have chosen Donald Trump while Puerto Rico, Thailand, and Indonesia chose Hilary Clinton.

Catherine Espin from Ecuador won Miss Earth 2016, clinching the second crown for her country. The coronation night of Miss Earth 2016 was held at SM MOA Arena in Bay City, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines. The win of Catherin Espin was overshadowed by a series of controversies made by former Miss Earth Philippines 2016 Imelda Schweighart. Miss Earth Organization eventually received a resignation letter from Imelda Schweighart, prompting Miss Earth Philippines Water 2016 Loren Artajos to continue the reign as Miss Earth Philippines 2016.

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8 upcoming international beauty pageants to watch out

1. Miss Globe 2016:
Miss Globe 2016

This is an international pageant that has not been able to capture the radar of several pageant enthusiasts, until 2015. Also known as Miss Globe International, it is the oldest known international beauty pageant that started in 1925. The 90th edition of Miss Globe will be held at the Tirana, Albania on November 25, 2016. Ann Loraine Colis from the Philippines who is also the reigning Miss Globe 2015 will crown her successor during the coronation night. Will the Philippines gain a back-to-back title for the crown?

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2. Miss Asia-Pacific International 2016:
Miss Asia-Pacific International

The rebirth of Miss Asia-Pacific after several years of unpopularity will now gain back its momentum. Formerly known as Miss Asia, Miss Asia-Pacific International is the oldest international beauty pageant in Asia, which started in 1968. Have the rebirth of this particular international beauty pageant is regarded as the right timing, since there are numerous new international beauty contests that are now sprouting like a mushroom around the world. There are over 68 entrants that will be participating the coronation night that is set to take place on November 29, 2016 in Manila, Philippines.

3. Miss Supranational 2016: 
Miss Supranational
Another European-based international beauty pageant is expected to be under the watchful eyes of pageant fanatics on December 2, 2016. There are at least 100 expected contestants who will grace the pageant to succeed Miss Supranational 2015 Stephania Stegman from Paraguay. However, there are only 75 delegates confirmed their participation in the pageant. The venue of the coronation night of Miss Supranational 2016 will be at the Krynica-Zdroj in Warsaw, Poland.

4. Mister Supranational 2016: 
Mister Supranational
The male version of Mister Supranational will also take place in Krynica-Zdorj in Poland. This pageant is also handled by the same organization that initially produced Miss Supranational beauty pageant. The male pageant is set to take place on December 3, 2016, a day after the coronation of Miss Supranational 2016. This is the first edition of Mister Supranational, which is the new rival pageant of Mister World, Mister International, Manhunt International, and other international male pageants.

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5. Miss World 2016: 
Miss World 
The world's largest female beauty pageant as based on the number of entrants who will be gracing the event on December 18, 2016. The 66th edition of Miss World is set to take place at Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland, the United States of America. Mireia Lalaguna of Spain, which is the reigning Miss World 2015 will be crowning her successor during the coronation night of Miss World.

6. Miss Tourism International 2016: 
Miss Tourism International
In Malaysia, an international beauty pageant is set to take place on New Year's Eve. The next winner will be graced by several fireworks display during the New Year's Eve, which is the pageant's coronation night. The reigning Miss Tourism International 2015 Faddiya Isabel Halabi from Venezuela is expected to crown her successor during the coronation night in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

7. Miss Universe 2016: 
Miss Universe
Known as the most anticipated international beauty pageant in the universe. Miss Universe is set to take place in the tropical paradise of the Philippines on January 30, 2016. Reigning Miss Universe who won in 2015 Pia Wurtzbach is expected to crown her successor in her home country. Through the participation of the Tourism Department of the Philippines, the 65th edition of Miss Universe hopes to accommodate more than 100 delegates from all over the world to quest for the most beautiful woman in the universe.

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8. Miss Tourism Queen International 2016: 
Miss Tourism Queen
The largest international transgender beauty pageant held in Thailand. The coronation night of the pageant is set to take place in Pattaya, Thailand. The pageant is supposed to be held this November. But the sudden death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej prompted the pageant organizers to move the pageant on March 10, 2017. As a Thai-based transgender beauty pageant, the passing of their longest serving monarch is very significant to their social and political lives.

Which among these beauty pageants are your favorites?

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