Along with the prominent members of the Liberal Political Party, Filipino-American Philanthropist Loida Nicholas-Lewis is now calling for the Philippine President to resign from office immediately. She cites that the present administration has been generating worldwide concern to the aftermath of extrajudicial executions. Lewis is extremely concerned that there will be more lives at stake while the current Duterte administration continues to surface their campaign to drive away users and distributors of illegal narcotics all over the country.

However, Lewis denies that she was responsible for plotting against Rodrigo Duterte from his office, which is contrasting rumors that she is one of the persons of interests who is now planning for establishing a new group to ouster the president. There is nothing in her vocabulary that she wanted the president to be ousted forcefully from his presidential table. This is because Loida Nicholas-Lewis believes in the process of Democracy. The Philippines is under a republic political system where it allows its constitutional procedures to be followed using a transparent and fair approach.
Loida Nicholas-Lewis
Loida Nicholas-Lewis is just one of several Filipino-American personalities who are expressing their concerns regarding the advocacy of the current Filipino administration with response to public safety and management. More and more interest groups participate in order to express their concern about the latest extrajudicial incidents happening in their home country. Some of these areas are in Belfast, New York, Sydney, London, Paris, and among others.

President Rodrigo Duterte promised during the Philippine National election campaign that he vows to clean the country's crime rates. The main focus is to drive away who are using, distributing, and trafficking illegal narcotics anywhere in the country. The president estimated that there are at least three million individuals who are involved in the use and regulation of illegal narcotics. Now that he is elected as the President of the Republic of the Philippines, his advocacy regarding the war on illegal narcotics are now rampant across the country.

Aside from Loida Nicholas-Lewis, international human rights groups are also calling for the stop with the brutal advocacy of the Philippine government with regards to their public safety management. This is a concern with the international laws, which might risk the safety of the Philippine residents. However, President Duterte assures that after this campaign, the Philippines will transform as one of the most peaceful countries in the world wherein any individual will not have to worry about walking along the street in the middle of the night. This is because the majority of negative elements of the law are bombarded by the possession and under the influence of prohibited narcotics.

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5 Facts about Loida NicholasLewis

1. Loida Nicholas-Lewis is a multi-millionaire: Loida Nicholas has a net worth of over $600 million after taking over TLC Beatrice, LLC. She is the current Chief Executive Officer and the chairwoman of TLC Beatrice in China and TLC Beatrice Foods that is currently based in the Philipines. This would clearly mean that she is a well-known Asian-American business woman that has companies that operate globally. Loida is also one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the field of business industries across the Big Apple.

2. She is a Filipino-American: Loida is a Filipino-American who is currently staying in New York City who operates her own Multinational Firm for several years. Loida's situation is one of the most inspiring success stories for Filipino-Americans who moved to the United States to seek for a greener pasture. Aside from being a businesswoman, she is an active community leader for the Filipino community in New York. Loida is also operating several charity institutions linked with her Multinational Companies in New York.

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3. Associates with the Liberal Political Party: Before surfacing the public as one of the resource persons campaigning against Rodrigo Duterte, Loida has been an avid supporter of Liberal Party. She believes in democracy, which is the reason why she opted to lay her support for the Liberal Political Party in the Philippines. She was also rumored to be one of the resource persons who funded the Liberal Party's political campaign materials to boost spending on their advertisements in every local or national election in the Philippines.

4. Loida is a graduate of the University of the Philippines: Loida Nicholas-Lewis is a product of Saint Theresa's College, which is a private operating Christian college in Manila and graduated with Latin honors (Cum Laude). She was then admitted as a student of the University of the Philippines in Diliman at the College of Law and participated in several student council group affairs as well as extra-curricular activities during her college life in the University of the Philippines . She then earned a law degree and then graduated from the University in 1960.

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5. Loida is a licensed practicing lawyer: Aside from being a current business woman, she is also a lawyer. Loida Nicholas-Lewis was admitted to the Integrated Bar of the Philippines in 1968. Loida is the first Asian-American to become a licensed American lawyer after passing the American Bar in 1974. She previously served as a lawyer under the Manhattan Legal Services firm as well as under the Immigration and Naturalization Services. This is where she manages her company well because she has a deep background with regards to legal-related services in the United States for several years.

Before working as an entrepreneur in the United States, Loida Nicholas-Lewis was born and raised in the City of Sorsogon in Bicol region. After passing the bar exam in 1968, Loida was introduced to Reginal Lewis in New York City. The two became a couple in 1969 and had two daughters, Christina and Leslie. After her husband died, Loida took over as the Chief executive and the chairwoman of a Multinational Food Business company that is currently headquartered in New York City.

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