There are several political pressures that are now piling up towards the Philippine Vice-president Leni Robredo. She is now in the headlines after quitting her post as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council of the Philippines (HUDCC). Leni Robredo regretfully inform the president, the government, and to the Filipino people that she will no longer take part in any affairs connected with the activities of HUDCC. This is a sad news for the Philippine government as well as to the community.

Leni Robredo was asked by the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to fill a cabinet post after the election. During a press conference, Rodrigo Duterte called Leni Robredo in front of the media to appoint her as one of his cabinet members. This is to fill the chairmanship of HUDCC government agency. Leni started another responsibility for monitoring, analyzing, processing, and deciding all affairs that will be materialized by the HUDCC agency. But until on December 4, 2016, Leni Robredo suddenly resigned as the chairman of HUDCC agency. She will no longer be a part of the cabinet of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.
Philippine Vice-President Leni Robredo
HUDCC is a government agency of the Philippines. The agency is responsible for building new homes as part of its initiative to increase the number of Filipinos households who can have a permanent residency. The agency is also responsible for the repair of damaged homes brought about by either natural or manmade calamities.

Leni Robredo is the incumbent Vice-President of the Republic of the Philippines. Her full name is Maria Leonor Santo Tomas Robredo and popularly known as Leni. Madame Robredo was elected on May 9, 2016, with over 14, 418, 817 votes. She just made a narrow victory over Bong Bong Marcos by just a slim votes gap of 263, 473. Leni Robredo is the first woman from the Bicol region to win the Vice-Presidential race. When President Duterte is away from the country, Leni Robredo will temporarily act as the head of state until the president returns back.

Maria Leonor is the former wife of Jessie Robredo, who was the Secretary of the Department of Interior Local Government. Jessie Robredo encountered a fatal accident when the plane crash-landed off the coast of Masbate Island. The former secretary of Interior Local Government and Leni Robredo has three children, Janine Patricia, Jilian Therese, and Jessica Marie. Leni Robredo is expected to step down on June 30, 2022, to pave way for the next vice-president. It is not clear if Leni will continue to run for other positions after serving as the second head of state of the Philippines in the year 2022 after her term.

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Text message on the left, ordering Leni Robredo to stop attending Cabinet meeting and her resignation letter on the right
5 Facts why Vice-President Leni Robredo quits as HUDCC chairwoman

1. She received a text message, ordering her to stop attending cabinet meetings: On the night of December 4, 2016, Leni Robredo received a text message from Secretary Jun Evasco, ordering her to stop attending Cabinet meetings. After receiving the text message, Leni Robredo immediately sent a resignation to the Office of the President, stating that barring her from future cabinet meetings will make it impossible for her to fulfill her responsibility as the chairwoman of HUDCC. The Office of the President then accepted Leni Resignation's offer.

2. Growing pressure from the Duterte administration: It is clear that being a part of the Liberal Party Political list is a challenge for the vice-president Leni Robredo ran under the Liberal Political Party that was dominated by the previous administration headed by Mar Roxas. Rodrigo Duterte administration is currently dominated by the PDP-Laban (Partido Demokratido Pilipino- Lakas Laban) Political Party. These are the new arch-rival political parties in the Philippines as it is currently ran by the past administration and the current administration.

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3. To further secure her vice-presidential post: Months after the election, Bong Bong is still hoping for a news to grant his request for a recount for the vice-presidential polls. Leni Robredo wants to ensure that her vice-presidential post will not be overtaken by a third party. This is because she already received several reports that there are outsiders who are planning to oust her as the vice-president of the Philippines. It is not sure if the rumors or reports received by her staff is credible enough to threaten her professional career.

4. Vice-President is a heavy responsibility: Being elected as the vice president of a nation is a challenging job. You are the second head of state, which is the next-in-line to apply power over your territorial jurisdiction. It will be a more challenging task if a vice-president is given another post that will share time and effort for Leni Robredo to divide her responsibilities. This will be the time for her to maximize her duties and powers as the vice-president, which can make her more efficient and reliable public official for the Philippines.

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5. Citing political differences: Leni Robredo is a silent critic of President Rodrigo Duterte. There are plentiful issues that she objects with some of Duterte's political platforms. This is in particular with the issue in human rights. Leni cites that the rise of extra-judicial executions by the police department and vigilant groups are causing fear and havoc across the country. Leni also objected the Supreme Court's decision to bury former President Ferdinand Marcos. Leni Robredo joined the protest rally against the burial of Marcos.

Prior to becoming as the Philippine Vice-President, Leni Robredo was a regional trial court judge in Bicol region. In 2013, Leni ran for congress for the 3rd district of Camarines Sur and became a representative of the district between 2013 and 2016. During her congressional years, Leni was appointed as the head of Liberal Party in the Bicol region. Here alliance with the Liberal Party was the reason why supporters of Rodrigo Duterte often criticize her. Supporters lamented against her political views that are mostly in contrast with Rodrigo Duterte's ideology.

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