Leila De Lima traveled to the United States amidst the ongoing political controversies surrounding her. The Philippine Senator was just approved by the Department of Justice to travel in any foreign land, provided that she will be returning back to the Philippines. After going to the United States, the lady senator will be visiting Germany to receive another international award and then she will be returning back to her home country after her international affairs. Critics are starting to wonder if she will really return back to the Philippines because she is facing numerous pending legal and ethics complaints.

The Philippine senator assured the public that she vows to return to the Philippines right after receiving such awards. She will not turn her back from all legal and ethical issues that are currently being pointed out towards her. Delima was warned by other senators not to hide, now that she is facing more than a dozen of controversies that could affect her political career. While De Lima is currently abroad to receive a pair of international awards, she is also under the subject of a senate inquiry regarding several ethics complaint filed against her by the members of the House of Committee. When she will be back in the Philippines, it will be a more stressful moment for her as she will face a never-ending controversy.
Senator Leila Delima flies to the United States and Germany to receive awards
Leila De Lima is currently the most controversial public servant in the Philippines. She recently won a seat in the senate after garnering more than 14 million votes during the latest Philippine National Elections. But with all the bulk of new ethics and criminal complaints filed against her, she might lose her political career sometime in the future.

Senator Leila De Lima is an advocate for human rights. She was the commissioner of Human Rights Philippines chapter during the administration of Gloria Arroyo. She became prominent for fighting against individuals and groups responsible for promoting extra-judicial executions across the country.
She is deeply concerned that there are several individuals who may be actually innocent but were already victimized by the wrong due process of the law. Alleged suspects involved with the use and distribution of prohibited narcotics were automatically executed by unidentified assailants that are now creating a concern across the country.

Many believe that it was Senator Leila De Lima who generated an international attention due to her outspoken belief and insights against the policies of the current administration of Rodrigo Duterte. Along with senator De Lima, her political ally, the Liberal Party has also been very supportive on her and her beliefs. She is now the target of numerous political controversies, which could endanger her career as the lady senator if allegations are confirmed to be true. It will not be a surprise if she will be facing impeachment charges by some lawmakers and interest groups due to her incessant rants against the Duterte administration.

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5 Reasons why Senator Leila De Lima might not travel back to the Philippines

1. She is facing criminal charges: Senator Leila De Lima was tagged by several public officials to be linked with several high-profile arrested criminal offenders. De Lima is believed to have had received donations directly from a notorious narcotic trafficker from the Eastern Visayas region known as Kerwin Espinosa. This controversy made her as the main person-of-interest to the case of Kerwin Espinosa who is responsible for linking her along with several photographic evidences presented to the public during senate hearing sessions.

2. Affair with Ronie Dayan: When De Lima was appointed as the Secretary of Justice during the Aquino administration, she has been with Ronie Dayan who was her driver as well as her bodyguard. Her affair with Ronie Dayan might be the reason that her license as a lawyer revoked in the future. Under the Philippine constitution as well as under the policies of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, a licensed lawyer should not be involved in any extra-marital affair with any party because the consequence will be a disbarment to his or her license if found to be guilty.

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3. Senator De Lima is the most controversial woman in the Philippines: Even though she is a working national public servant in the Philippines, it is very stressful for her to be facing continuous rounds of ethical and legal complaints. De Lima is aware that she can expect more controversies other than the present legal and ethical complaints against her. This is due to her explosive remarks against the Philippine President who is her nemesis. Her both personal and professional lifestyle is now an open book to the public, which makes it more stressful on her part.

4. Could be imprisoned sometime in the future: It will not be a surprise to everybody if Leila De Lima will be arrested and then imprisoned for several months or years. This will be the most inevitable scenario when she will return back to the Philippines. Even if she opted not to return to her country, intergovernmental agencies and law enforcement organizations will try to coordinate around the world in order to conduct search warrant for her and will help her to be deported back to the Philippines.

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5. Receives numerous threats: Leila De Lima is not surprised to have received multiple threats against her life even before being appointed as a public servant during the Arroyo Administration. This time, threats are more serious as she is aware that her outspoken behavior against Rodrigo Duterte is now going more personal in nature. For this reason, she might not travel back to the Philippines due to these multiple threats to her life. She is being targeted by vigilante groups who wants to silence her due to her outrageous behavior towards the platforms of the current administration of Duterte regarding public safety management.

Leila Delima is a practicing lawyer. But since she is the center of multiple controversies, she is now surrounded by legal experts who will be defending her for any ethical and legal complaints filed by interest groups and individuals. Multiple criminal, ethical, and legal complaints against her could destabilize her position as a Senator. It will not be a surprise for many if she suddenly made an announcement that she will never return back to the Philippines.

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