Facebook is the largest known social media networking in the world. It is so large that there's more than 1 billion population around the world who are using this social media website. This means that almost 15% of the world population is using Facebook social media as their main mode of communication with other members around the world. This means that there is a very high trust rating of people from around the world as based on the number of registered users on Facebook that they use is as one of their routines on an everyday basis.

There are new features that Facebook employees create regularly, which is to further improve user experience as they use the social media platform. One of these is "Facebook Memories" or "Memories on Facebook". When you open your Facebook profile, you will notice that the first in-line talks about "Facebook Memories". You might be wondering why this new feature always pops up in social media. However, the feature does not cause any uncomfortable environment on your part because it does not affect other applications or features in your personal account. People might find it beneficial, but there are other social media users who find it unnecessary because they do not seem to care about their past activities on Facebook after they see the notification right after opening their personal account.
Facebook Memories
Facebook memories is a feature in this particular social media that mainly arouses the memory of the social media user. This is applicable only for users who already signed up with the social media for at least one year to start noticing this particular social media application. Facebook memories are just one of the greatest features of Facebook, which enables users to become more inclined with the social media dependencies to connect with other users.

Memories on Facebook is one of the latest features that the social media has to offer to the users. It simply draws numerous positive user experience so that registered users will have a new reason to ensure that their time and effort on connecting with other individuals becomes more interactive. Users will discover their past activity on that particular exact date last year. It is just an exciting way to realize what you have already gone through from the past year. After a few weeks, there will be a new feature made by Facebook that will further entice you to enjoy using this particular social media application. Future features could even enhance your photos, videos, and everything that you have already uploaded on your personal social media website. Just like when it compliments your favorite revolutionary selfie stick that can make your photos even better.

Do you want to discover more about Facebook Memories feature on this social media networking website? Just log-out and then log-in again. You will notice that this social media will feature "Your memories on Facebook" that appears on the first section in your newsfeed. You will notice that Facebook will show your past activities from the exact day of last year, which makes you feel excited and happy. As a social media administrator, this feeling is an important feedback because you are able to determine that you are maintaining an optimistic user experience with the registered users of your own social media.

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5 Beneficial effects of Facebook Memories

1. Improves user experience: Social media website wants to ensure that every user will experience an optimistic experience whenever they use their social media network. Whenever they are logged in to their personal account, they are always ensured that they enjoy every second of their time while having fun online. Each feature and application from that particular social media website want to ensure that the user experience will gain a high-quality ambiance until the user will log out from their personal account on a regular basis.

2. Reminiscing past online activities: Facebook memories always want all users to remember their past activity while they use their personal social media profile. Reminiscing your past activities will let you know what you did on that exact day from last year that will make you feel more excited about using that particular social media. This is a platform that will allow you to review that particular activity to know what happened during that time when you posted a certain photo, video, or added a new friend on that particular day.

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3. Enhancing user's memory: For every individual, there is a physiological and psychological benefits from this feature whenever the social media enhances reminiscence right after logging in. With regards to psychological effects, your memory is one of the most important factors why our emotional integrity is important. It drives an emotional factor whenever there is something we remember from the past. For physiological impact, Facebook memories enhance brain activity that stimulates impulses from our nervous system that generates an aggressive activity of our nerves and our brain's activity.

4. Wants you to make peace with other users: Sometimes, there are unfortunate circumstances that you may want to resolve it immediately. Facebook memories are one of the most efficient tools for every user to remember past activities you had with that particular social media user whom you made a past undesirable argument. Whenever Facebook memories instantly want to let you remember the good old memories you had from the past, this will be the perfect time to initiate reconciliation with that particular person in the future. If you made a mistake by posting undesirable comments, this will be the time for you to forget your pride and start reconciling through apologies.

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5. Helps you to look back from your past achievements: Every successful person needs their past achievements to know the pattern of success that they passed through. If you want to be a successful person, looking back at your first successful activities will let you remind that these were the days when you were struggling with the challenges being faced. And now that you have already reached your goal, remembering the past will allow you to acknowledge all misfortunes and the efforts that made you successful in the present.

Facebook Memories helps every user to improve their social media activity while using this website on a regular basis. If users are delighted to have this feature, there will be more features that Facebook administrators will try to surface in the future. Facebook will never stop creating unique ideas to further improve every user experience for every registered member in their website. As soon as technology progresses, social media application also follows, allowing every social media activities in every website to promote communication and engaging user experience for every existing and new user online. But when using social media, you should always keep your privacy on to prevent any dangerous activities when using online applications and websites.

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