In Manila, Philippines, the newly crowned Miss Universe is now the center of discussion by all mass media outlets around the world. The winner is now expected to continue the goals and responsibilities that her predecessor accomplished from her whole reign as the former Miss Universe. She will now carry the image of the Miss Universe Organization in cooperation with IMG/WME. The winner is expected to reign for one year until she will also crown her successor for the next edition of Miss Universe either later this year or next year. However, this was not the case of Mariam Habach who represented her country, Venezuela.

Having the right attitude and the right persona, the newly crowned Miss Universe is very happy to bring home the crown back to her nation, France. Iris Mittenaere was crowned by outgoing Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach who was also proud to crown her successor in her home country. But if there are instances wherein she fails to fulfill her duties and responsibilities, the first runner-up will take over. Miss Universe Organization and IMG are looking for a new role model to inspire the younger generation during her reign. A role model who shows a diva attitude could fail to fulfill her duties where she could be at risk for losing her title. A similar incident happened in 1974 wherein the newly crowned Miss Universe was dethroned for showing a diva attitude.
Miss Universe Venezuela Mariam Habach
The latest edition of Miss Universe was held in Manila, Philippines at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, which is a complex industrial area along Pasay City's coastal area. The newly crowned Miss Universe officially began her reign on January 30, 2016, after she was crowned by Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach. The winner will now go to New York City to start her reign and live for one year until she will crown her next successor.

But there is one nation who shocked the world of beauty pageantry. When 12 ladies were already called, which were Kenya, Indonesia, Canada, Philippines, Colombia, Mexico, France, USA, Peru, Panama, Brazil, and Haiti. Only one spot remains and the crowd was rooting for either Venezuela or Thailand. Since the 13th spot goes to the winner of the fan vote, spectators were quick to know that Thailand is the lucky girl. When Steve Harvey announced Thailand as the 13th girl to move forward, Fans from Venezuela became in despair as their candidate failed to advance to the top 13 semifinalists round. The last woman from Venezuela who wasn't able to reach the semifinalist spot was Marelisa Gibson in 2010.

The 65th Miss Universe is one of the most unique editions of the pageant. All participants, organizers, and the staff are privileged to travel around the archipelago. Participants visited several tourist hotspots across the country, taking a glimpse how diverse the Philippines is. The delegates were able to experience the culture, serene environment, and the hospitality of Filipino people during their stay in the Philippines. Although some ladies weren't able to reach the semifinals, they still want to remain in the Philippines for a few days before returning back to their respective country. Venezuela will never forget the 65th edition of Miss Universe.

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Mariam Habach's video presentation

5 Reasons why Mariam Habach failed to land in the semifinals

1. The Diva Factor: Prior to the final's night, there were numerous issues surrounding the real character of Mariam Habach. These are the gown switching allegation when they participated the "terno" fashion show in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. Mariam was also allegedly blamed for stepping other candidate's dress without saying sorry. She was even seen rolling her eyes to several candidates. And the most concerning issue was about a post of Julio Rodriguez Matute who highlighted about her character in Venezuela.

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2. Confidence level: Mariam Habach is from Venezuela, the land of beauty queens who consistently win or place in any international beauty pageants around the world. But the question is, was she using her confidence too much because she is carrying a super strong sash factor. We all know that Venezuela is still Venezuela no matter what. However, Venezuelans expected the worst thing that could happen to their delegate who should have been the last card in this pageant season to brighten up Venezuela's political and economic challenges.

3. IMG is looking for a brand ambassadress: IMG and MUO are looking for a lady with a strong advocacy even before winning Miss Universe. If a winner will be chosen, this woman will continue the duties and responsibilities of Pia Wurtzbach until the next winner will be crowned. If IMG and MUO discover that some frontrunners who are showing inappropriate behavior will be definitely disregarded. Some MUO staff have witnessed first hand on how Mariam behaves prior to the coronation day against the staff, dancers, fans, and other delegates.

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4. Mariam's gown maybe actually a failure: If you are going to analyze, Mariam Habach was wearing a gown with an extra detachable placed below her waist. Her dramatic entrance as she graced her gown through the runway by detaching her gown and revealed her silhouette dress on stage. As she was walking while holding the dress, it seems that she was having a difficulty walking on stage, which limits her ability to project and highlight her posture in order to impress the judges. As a result, the judges might not be so impressed with her performance during the gown competition.

5. Preliminary interview factor: One factor that could help a delegate reach the semifinals spot is the preliminary interview. The criteria for the preliminary interview might have changed and it was thought that the percentage is higher than the gown and the swimsuit competition. If you analyze the new concept of Miss Universe Organization and IMG, they are looking for a candidate that has a strong advocacy. In this case, the judges were not satisfied by the way Mariam answered the questions and they find her answers not connected from the advocacies that they are looking for. If you observe delegates who penetrated the semifinals, some were carrying a weak sash such as Haiti and Kenya, but they are very articulate and intelligent.

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*Venezuela will now start analyzing what went wrong with the fate of their delegates in major international beauty pageant. Mariam's first runner-up, Jessica Duarte also failed to reach the semi-finals. But expect Venezuela beauty pageant camps to rise and give vengeance by sending more competitive delegates in the next pageant season later this year.

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