In the world of beauty pageants, Miss Universe Organization formally announced on January 11, 2017 that Miss Universe international beauty pageant will have no Filipino judges who will rate each candidate. This means that all judges are from foreign origin, who will rate the performances of each delegates during the course of the pageant until the coronation event on January 30 of 2017 in SM MOA Arena in Pasay City, Manila. Both preliminary competition and during the final's night will be judged by foreign personalities who will determine the ultimate delegate to win the most coveted crown in the universe.

Despite from the exclusion of Filipino judges during the course of the competition, one person is expected to watch the event on January 30, 2017. This is no other than the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. It is not clear if he will attend some of the most important events during the competition such as the preliminaries and the coronation event. But one thing is for sure, he will grace the event by helping the security forces to allow the competition to be held without being intimidated by extremist groups as well as by being physically present in one of the most important events. This is to support the success of the pageant as well as to lift the spirit of the delegates who will be glazing the competition.
Miss Universe 2015 judges from left to right: Emmitt Smith, Olivia Culpo, Niecy Nash, and Perez Hilton
The 65th Miss Universe competition will be hosted by the Philippines for the third time. The last time that the country hosted was in 1994 and in 1974. The country has been required to pay at least $6 million as a pre-requisite to host the most important pageant in the universe. This means that hosting the pageant has a lucrative requirement for a country to host it.

Miss Universe Organization in cooperation with IMG/WME are on their second year of organizing Miss Universe beauty pageant. This is the 65th edition of the international beauty pageant, which are composed of more than 80 contestants from around the world accompanied by their national directors. The delegates will have the chance to visit selected places across the Philippine archipelago to witness the tropical paradise of the country. Foreign judges who will be invited to rate each delegate will also have the chance to experience the tropical paradise that the Philippines has to offer during their course of stay. This includes having 10 reasons why you should love to travel to Boracay.

At the start of 2017, the Philippines is now hosting one of the biggest international event of the year, which is the 65th Miss Universe beauty pageant. The hosting of the pageant is credited to the Department of Tourism of the Philippines through the initiatives of Secretary Wanda Teo, Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, and Ilocano politician Chavit Singson. The hosting of the pageant will bolster the tourism campaign of the Philippines to expose several tourist destinations for the tourist to visit while they will attend some of the most important events of Miss Universe beauty pageants. Before or after watching the national costume presentation, preliminary competition, and the coronation event, tourists can proceed to areas frequented by travelers to experience the diverse ecological wonders of the Philippines.

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5 Reasons why there are no Filipino Judges in Miss Universe pageant

1. Maintains optimistic integrity: Miss Universe Organization is currently one of the most respected beauty pageant organizations in the universe. It is vast enough to allow all galaxies around the universe to recognize the pageant to be the supreme beauty pageant that has ever been created and organized in a yearly manner. In terms of supremacy, the pageant aims to maintain its integrity to be the most respected beauty pageant, regardless on the number of delegates who are joining the beauty pageant each year.

2. Prevents any issue of patriotism: Sad but true, patriotism during an international competition is no stranger to scandals when a host country is given a very high score by his or her judge coming from same country. This was an issue from other international competition wherein there are issues of scandals involving patriotism in judging. When you look at one of the provisions of the Miss Universe Organization, there are strict criteria for a judge to be selected for Miss Universe beauty pageant.

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3. Wants to practice a fare judging practice: This is not about using a circle, triangle, rectangle or all other shapes when judging the delegates from around the world. This is because Miss Universe Organization wants to utilize a "fair and square" judging practice during the national costume presentation, question and answer interviews, swimsuit competition, and gown competition. Miss Universe Organization wants to set an example to other international pageant organizations around the world to become the epitome of a beauty pageant competition practicing a fair judging method. This is to prevent any issue biases that can be observed from any result of the outcome after each pageant competition.

4. Filipinos takes pride of hosting the pageant with dignity: Hosting the 65th Miss Universe beauty pageant is not an easy task to do. But one thing is for sure, Filipinos wants to show the world that their country will prove that this edition will prevent any controversial issues, especially in terms of judging or selecting the delegates who will enter the semis until crowning the delegate. During the national costume, interviews, swimsuit, and gown competitions, Filipinos make sure that foreign judges will be responsible for rating the delegates to prove that there will be no cooking show during the course of the pageant.

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5. Prevent any issues of politicking during the pageant: A crucial issue when hosting an international competition in a certain country is about politicking by local officials. There are several politicians who will try to bribe and corrupt the judging of the pageant as a way to satisfy their self-greed. This is one thing that the Miss Universe Organization is preventing to avoid any risk of being tainted with scandalous activities. Unlike other international competitions, there are allegations of manipulations by local politicians to influence the result of the international competition in order to gratify any personal intents.

Miss Universe Organization is by far the most dignified international beauty pageant competition because the organizers are practicing a fair judging system. The organization aims to prevent any allegations of manipulation, failure of organizing the pageant, and securing the pageant's interest to pageant fanatics as well as the participants. Existing rules and regulations that are supported by the administrators and officials always ensures that the organization will maintain its high-quality standard to secure the interest of handlers, delegates, organizers, and pageant fanatics.

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