The 65th Miss Universe is currently campaign across the country day by day. All delegates are being scheduled to visit selected areas across the country to showcase their beauty, inspirational figure while promoting the annual beauty pageant. The delegates have just visited Manila, Boracay, Vigan, Cebu, and Baguio City. Each delegate was and will still be given the chance to ride the plane, yacht, bus, and other modes of transportation to visit several areas across the archipelago. Aside from the delegates, the administrators, national directors, and the ambassadress of Miss Universe delegates are given the chance to visit several hot spots in the Philippines that are regarded as one of the favorite tourist spots.

Let us move on with the delegates from Latin America. These are the delegates from Central and South American region of the world. This is by far the most competitive delegates in every beauty pageant around the world. Either handpicked or won the license to represent their country, representatives are always required to undergo rigorous beauty pageant training for several months. Other delegates will train each delegate for more than one year before participating in international beauty pageant competitions. This is the reason why countries from other continents send their delegates to Venezuela or Colombia to train their delegates for major international competitions.
65th Miss Universe Latin America contestants
Latin America is a region in the Western Hemisphere that was formerly colonized by the Europeans. The countries were latinized due to their cultural, demographic, political, economic, social, and religious influences. European colonizers dominated all countries in Latin America, starting from Mexico down to Chile and Argentina. Countries in this region speak at least three main languages, which are Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

The most successful country in Latin America in terms of international beauty pageant competitions is no other than Venezuela. Thanks to the beauty pageant empire built by Osmel Suiza, who established his beauty pageant camp as early as 1970's. Osmel's beauty pageant empire was responsible for producing at least 7 Miss Universe crowns, 7 Miss International, 6 Miss World, and 2 Miss Earth crowns. Catching up are Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Brazil who are now becoming more competitive in this edition of Miss Universe. But most of these countries always ends up in runner-up rankings in almost all international beauty pageants for males, females, and transgenders.

Each international beauty pageant, a group of contestants often penetrate the semifinals round all the way through the runners-up rankings. But most of them are proclaimed as winners in several beauty pageant competitions around the world. You will be surprised if there are no Latin contestants who fail to win in any international pageant competition in a year. All Latina contestants in major beauty pageants are expected to prepare well in every beauty pageants. Latin America annually held their regional beauty pageants such as Belleza Latina, Reina Internacional del Cafe, Reina HispanoAmerica, and other Latin-based international beauty pageants in Latin American region.

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Photo Presentation Latin American candidates for Miss Universe

Latin American Candidates for Miss Universe
  • ARGENTINA: Estefania Bernal
  • BELIZE: Rebecca Rath
  • BOLIVIA: Antonella Moscatelli
  • BRAZIL: Raissa Santana
  • CHILE: Catalina Paz Caceres
  • COLOMBIA: Andrea Tovar
  • COSTA RICA: Carolina Duran
  • ECUADOR: Connie Jimenez
  • GUATEMALA: Virginia Argueta
  • GUYANA: Soyini Fraser
  • HONDURAS: Sirey Moran
  • MEXICO: Kristal Silva
  • NICARAGUA: Marina Jacoby
  • PANAMA: Keity Drennan
  • PARAGUAY: Andrea Melgarejo
  • PERU: Valeria Piazza
  • PUERTO RICO: Brenda Jimenez
  • URUGUAY: Magdalena Cohendent
  • VENEZUELA: Mariam Habach
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Underrated contestants 
Guyana, Paraguay, Belize, and Uruguay
These are the ladies who are often not under the radar of pageant fanatics. Usually, these are the ladies who are always ignored because pageant fanatics and critics often highlight other contestants that have the highest chances of winning the crown. Belize, Guyana, and Bolivia are carrying weak sashes, making her presence swallowed by other strong candidates. Uruguay has a different bone structure, making her unique among other candidates; however, her presence and participation are still shadowed by other dominating candidates in Miss Universe.

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Dark Horse silencers
Argentina, Nicaragua, Chile, Costa Rica, and Ecuador
These are the girls that have the striking potential to penetrate the pageant and surprise pageant fanatics. This will not be a surprise if one of these ladies will penetrate through the top 3 spots during the coronation event. Argentina is a country that is slowly coming back into the pageantry by penetrating to semis by improving their catwalk, enhancing proper communication skills, and increasing more confidence. Nicaragua is a very beautiful woman, which is one of the prettiest among the Latin American delegates, which could use it as a passport through the semifinals. Chile unleashed her true glory when she walked along the runway with a fantastic catwalk and graceful poise, wowing every spectator in front of her. Costa Rica is a prepared candidate, equipped with an energetic aura, high-fashion catwalk skills, and a great personality. Ecuador has a great stage presence, especially when she open her mouth with her curvy hair, emanating a queenly look.

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Stunning ladies that have yet to release their atomic power
Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, Peru, Panama
We understand that the preliminary is the main challenge for the ladies to prove that they deserve to penetrate the semifinalist spots. Guatemala seems to play safe all throughout the competition for not being too showy and just playing her skills in a silent mode, but you can already notice that her vibrant aura could put her in the semi-finalist spot. Honduras was seen from a video being trained by Miss Earth 2013 Alyz Henrich to improve her catwalk skills and having a strong stage presence during the swimsuit presentation in Cebu. Paraguay is a stunning delegate with an alluring body to attract attention, but her confidence should be more energetic than the rest of the delegates. Peru has a promising stage presence, elegant personality, and with a sophisticated vibe that could bring her through the semifinalist. Panama unleashed her sassy but formidable package during the swimsuit presentation in Cebu. She is remarkably confident and possesses a queenly aura that makes her stage presence felt in front of the audience.

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Strongest contenders
Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela
These are undeniably the one to beat in this edition of Miss Universe. Brazil's main weapon is her outstanding personality, which could further improve her popularity along with her perfect catwalk, and strong stage presence. Colombia is the heaviest candidate, knowing how to time her pause, her walk, and to adjust her personality to make sure that she can further explore more about the host nation and to win the hearts of the pageant fanatics. Mexico handled her precision well through her effervescent aura, strong catwalk, and her friendly personality. Puerto Rico seems to be back in this competition by sending a delegate that showed an outstanding swimsuit pasarela vibe in Cebu, making her one of the strongest delegates. And finally, who could not ignore Mariam Habach of Venezuela, she is very cheerful, bubbly, and the most important of all, her over the top pasarela, stage presence, and perfect body structures, winning a minor award in Cebu for having a "Flawless body".

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