The 65th Miss Universe candidates all arrived in Manila, Philippines and are currently housed by the Conrad Hotel in Pasay City, Metro Manila. During the first days of the competition, the delegates are scheduled to do fashion shows and tours all over the Philippines. This is to show the world how diverse the Philippines is. Selected delegates were able to visit some pristine beaches in the Philippines such as the beautiful island of Boracay. The ladies are overwhelmed with the natural wonders of the Philippines that melted their hearts.

Along with Miss Universe delegates, national directors of each pageant are also present. They are here to support their respective representatives from their own countries. Aside from national directors, Miss Universe Organization selected some of their staff from Chi, Yamamay, and media department to further grace the event as well as helping the contestants to look consistently good and presentable to the audiences and pageant fanatics. In the coming days, Miss Universe contestants will further visit other island nations across the Philippines. Delegates, pageant organizers, coordinating local government units, staff, and tourists will see more of the Philippines beyond expectations.
Miss Universe Asian and Oceania candidates analysis
The 65th edition of Miss Universe allows every delegate to have their own schedule. This is different from previous versions because all ladies are selected to attend several areas across the country to witness different cultures. Some ladies are also lucky to visit some of the most important pristine beaches in the world located across the tropical islands of the Philippines.

Let us talk about the Asian delegates in the 65th edition of Miss Universe. Since the current edition is currently hosted by the Philippines, Asia and Oceanian candidates are favored to dominate. The reigning Miss Universe who won last January 20, 2015, is Pia Wurtzbach. She is expected to crown her successor on January 30, 2017. Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina has been carefully and rigorously trained prior to the competition hoping to accomplish a back-to-back win for the country. The question is, can Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maria Mika Maxine Medina make a back-to-back win for her country as the next Miss Universe?

In the plight of Asia and Oceania beauties vying for a back-to-back victory, delegates from other continents seem not to make that happen. Latin American countries are known for their beauty pageant popularity where delegates must have to undergo a comprehensive beauty pageant training activity. Latina delegates are the most competitive group of candidates to challenge the Asian delegates because each country in Latin America requires their delegate to undergo beauty pageant training activities. These include pasarela training, hair and make-up training, communications training, and question & answer training for several months.

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Photo Presentation of Miss Universe candidates from Asia and Oceania

List of Miss Universe delegates from Asia and Oceania
  • AUSTRALIA: Caris Tiivel
  • CHINA: Li Zhen Ying
  • INDIA: Roshmitha Harimurthy
  • INDONESIA: Kezia Warouw
  • ISRAEL: Yam Caspers Anshel
  • JAPAN: Sari Nakazawa
  • KAZAKHSTAN: Darina Kulsitova
  • KOREA: Jenny Kim
  • MALAYSIA: Kiran Jassal
  • MYANMAR: Htet Htet Htun
  • NEW ZEALAND: Tania Dawson
  • PHILIPPINES: Maxine Medina
  • SINGAPORE: Cheryl Chou
  • SRI LANKA: Jayathi De Silva
  • THAILAND: Chalita Suansane
  • TURKEY: Tansu Cakir
  • VIETNAM: Le Hang

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Ignored delegates
Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and New Zealand
Placements will be top 15 if some of these girls will be lucky. These are the ladies who are often ignored by pageant fanatics, experts, and fashion experts simply because their sash factor is not that popular enough to make it to the top. Sri Lanka is the first victim due to her weak sash factor, she is one of the few Asian delegates experienced a lax preparation prior to the pageant that can be observed by the way she walks and projects in front of the camera. 2nd victim is Myanmar, which has just started sending their delegates in the second decade of the 21st century and is still considered new to international pageantry. The 3rd victim is New Zealand, which is a bubbly and cheerful delegate; however, she is one of the smallest in this edition that might drown her with other delegates who are mostly standing 5 inches taller than her. And the fourth victim is Kazakhstan. Darina is underrated because she is wearing a weak sash, lacks preparations, and might be swallowed by the presence of other delegates

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Dark Horses
China, Turkey, Singapore, and Israel
These are the ladies who are yet to unleash their nuclear weapon during the pageant proper to reveal their most formidable weapons, beating the favorite and highest predicted delegates. China's Li Zhen is a high fashion model in China, appeared in fashion magazines as well as can slay every photo shoot and runways due to her experience in the fashion industry. Israel has serene facial features that could silently sweep the semifinalist round due to her charming aura. Singapore is sending a competitive delegate this year with a modelesque bone structure and posture that could surprise all pageant fans around the world. Turkey is also sending a delegate with a high-fashion aura and a unique androgynous charm that makes her standout in Miss Universe.

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Ladies that needs more power
Korea, Japan, India, Vietnam
Alright, these ladies can place as high as top 5. however, they need to exert more effort in order to maintain their high competitiveness level consistently. India is yet to show her competitive pageant force. but then she should not let us wait any much longer because there are other delegates who are now unleashing their main pageant weapons and aura. The next is Vietnam. She needs more confidence to remain consistently on the top. Le Hang is already stylish, effervescent, and alluring, but should expose herself further with other ladies to become more noticed. Korea is a funny, bubbly, and alluring lady with a great personality. However, Jenny should also concentrate on her fashionable perspective to equalize her competitive level throughout the competition. Japan's Sari Nakazawa has been under the radar by pageant fanatics and enthusiasts. She also possess a great personality with a charming aura, however, pageant fanatics needs more of her as she is slowly overrun by heavy favorite delegates.

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Supreme ladies
Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia
These are the delegates that can reach as far as top 3 and might duplicate Pia's win as her successor. Australia is undeniably competitive due to her current modeling stint in various fashion spreads and agencies. She is a complete package with a dangerously silent approach to win her country's third crown. Indonesia has been consistently active in social media, but ever since she arrived in Manila, her presence decreased. Regardless of her presence, Kezia is a well-prepared delegate, well-trained, and amazingly tall delegate that you should not ignore. Malaysia's Kiran Jassal is also gaining momentum as the pageant continues. Kiran has a sweet aura, trained by her team of national beauty pageant mentors, and styles herself rigorously to look like a high fashion model. Philippine's Maxine Medina never disappoints her supporters for showing confidence, consistency, and elegance in every angle. She is always active in social media, carrying a strong sash, and having a massive fan base. Thailand is also an Asian delegate that should not be ignored. She is prepared, heavily equipped, with an amazing personality, and a wide fan base that makes her a complete package. You should watch out for this beautiful delegate who can slay the coronation night.

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Which Asia and Oceania delegate is your favorite?

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