Maxine Medina is now in the limelight after reaching the top 6 round in the 65th edition of Miss Universe. Pageant critics are now highlighting Maxine's answer during the top 6 question and answer portion of the pageant. Maxine made history in the Philippine pageantry when an interpreter was hired to help boost her confidence as well as to answer the question in a more precise manner. However, Maxine opted to answer in English because she is more comfortable expressing herself in English than to use the interpreter during the coronation event of the 65th Miss Universe that was held in SM MOA Arena in Bay City, Pasay City, Metro Manila.

Despite from Maxine's answer during the top 6 question and answer portion, Filipino fans are still happy that Maxine reached this far. This is because Maxine managed to represent the country so well in the 65th Miss Universe pageant through consistency, humility, and hard work, which she did for several months after she was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2016 in Araneta Coliseum last April. Other countries are not that lucky enough to have a candidate in Miss Universe who goes that far. Out of 86 candidates who participated the event, Maxine is one of the top 6 strongest contestants after the coronation night of Miss Universe.
Maxine Medina reached top 6 during the 65th edition of Miss Universe
Maria Mika Maxine Medina is a Filipina beauty queen and a commercial model that is currently based in the Philippines. She recently represented the Philippines in the 65th Miss Universe beauty pageant. She is also an interior designer after taking a Bachelor's degree in Interior designing at the De La Salle's College of Saint Benilde's Philippine Institute of Interior Designing.

During the question and answer portion, Maxine Medina was called first by Steve Harvey, which is the official host of the 65th Miss Universe. Steve Harvey asked Pia "What is the most significant change that you observe for the past 10 years". Maxine answered "In the last 10 years for being here in this world is that I already saw all kinds of people bringing in one main event like this one, Miss Universe. And it is something big to us that we are one, as one nation that we are all together as one, Thank You and Maraming Salamat Po". After the question and answer round, Maxine failed to advance to the top 3 spot. Colombia, France, and Haiti made it to the top 3. France is the 65th Miss Universe while the First and Second runners-up are Haiti and Colombia.

After the coronation night, Maxine Medina is very glad to this time that she made it this far, clinching one of the top 6 spots. Maxine is happy that she helped the country to continue its placement streak for being the 7th woman since Venus Raj placed in 2010. She is very happy for the support that she received from her fans in the Philippines and abroad. Maxine did all her best to represent her country very well in an international competition. After the pageant, Maxine Medina wants to take a rest from an exhausting 9-month training. As an exhausted delegate who represented her country well, Maxine wants to travel and spend time with her family. This is the perfect time for her to relax for a few days before resuming her remaining responsibilities at work.

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Here's the transformation of Maxine Medina for 9 Months before reaching top 6

Moving On

Maxine Medina wants to tell all individuals who are not contented with her performance to simply move on with the scenario. The event already crowned a new winner and awarding the runner-ups of the competition. This means that the show has already been done and there's nothing we can do about it because "a past is already a past". Moving on is the best thing that we can do and be always thankful for all the blessings that she provided to the country and not only for herself. The experience of representing the country successfully as one of the top 6 is already a big accomplishment out of 86 contestants from around the world.

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Maxine Medina is aware that she still expects criticisms from pageant critics with regards to her latest performance in Miss Universe. She understands that there are still critics out there who are not contented with what they see or hear and simply bash other individuals for failing to meet their standards. So we cannot really just please everybody, but at least she did her part as Miss Universe Philippines. Even if she gets back from a short-term vacation, she expects that there are still out there who will continue to express negative feedbacks against her despite from her recent accomplishment.

The Perfectionist Issue

Every individual, company, or organization is always pursuing perfection. In every activity, belief, and practice should always apply perfection in every sense of the word. In this case, there should be committing less mistakes so that it could prevent any scandalous complications that might harm the image of a person, society, or the brand itself. For Maxine, it is understandable that she is representing the whole country in the largest international beauty pageant in the world. Since she is representing her country, the pursuit of perfection became a pressure for her to apply in order to satisfy the expectations of critics.

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Maxine is just a human being because she will only do the things that is only based on the capacity of her mind, body, and soul The issue of being a perfectionist comes with a great responsibility. Being a perfectionist person will forget the real identity or the image as a way to satisfy other's needs and wants. When a failure has been committed, the person who should have been expecting for more could suffer dangerous consequences. This involves severe anxiety and depression for every perfectionist who cannot accept defeat or mistakes.

The Crab Mentality issue

Let's face it, one major disappointment that can be observed from your compatriots is the issue on crab mentality. Whenever a person is now succeeding in life, there are envious individuals who will try everything in order to let other's down. Maxine Medina experiences an immense bashing by other pageant fanatics and enthusiasts. This is mainly due to her communication skills as based on her previous interviews by the media. Critics went berzerk online to express their disappointment towards Maxine's English speaking skills due to the concerns of using the correct grammatical form when speaking to the public.

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Crab mentality is a serious sociological concern because it shows how a certain individual disrespects others. This is mainly because they fail to provide satisfaction to their expected result or scenario. Crab mentality becomes worse when it will become a habitual action for a person who always envy other's success. The only thing that you can do to prevent yourself from being victimized from these kinds of individuals is to gradually isolate yourself away from them until your relationship will fade forever. Ignoring negative feedbacks and manipulative behavior is helpful to prevent problems that might harm you physically and emotionally.

Are you proud of her achievement?

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