Watching beauty pageants is one of the most entertaining affairs that you can involve yourself when you are just having a good time. You can have a special time watching the contestants vying to bring home the most coveted crown home. Some spectators watch the pageant alone, which is already enough for them to stimulate their enthusiasm by witnessing their favorite local or national pageant events. One of the best portions of the pageant is when you will hear the answers of delegates who never fails to capture the hearts of spectators due to their unique way of delivering their answer in a creative and confident manner.

One local beauty pageant in the Philippines is now making waves on social media due to the content of the winning candidate's answer. When asked regarding her opinion regarding the recent extra-judicial executions in her community, her answer will melt your heart. Devine Grace Capa answered that she believes that a life is a gift and if that execution aims to save a million lives, then it is better to sacrifice one life. This is to prevent one from losing everyone's lives that could endanger humanity forever. Her answer made her as Miss Dimaluna Tourism 2016. The local pageant was held in Ozamis City in Misamis Occidental.
Miss Dimaluna Tourism 2016 Devine Grace Capa
Devine Grace Capa's winning answer made another viral issue due to her unexpected answer with regards to the issue of extrajudicial executions in the Philippines. Through her answer, she clearly indicates her support with the implementation of this particular rule against the rule breakers to prevent future criminal incidents that impact other innocent lives.

Devine Grace Capa is now an online sensation due to her confidently beautiful answer with conviction and substance. During that night, her wit and support to the Philippine government are just one of her best weapons that made her shine in the competition. She is very happy to answer confidently without hesitation because her answer came from what she believes with regards to her support to the government's efforts to implement peace and order to the entire Philippine islands. As her answer is associated with political-related issues, generating attention from major political supporters online. This is similar to the answer of Rhea Dilangalen's support for Rodrigo Duterte's campaign against traffickers of illegal substances in the country.

With the advent of President Rodrigo Duterte's campaign regarding the neutralization of illegal narcotics across the islands, extrajudicial executions have been rampant since he won the presidency. Every hour, there are multiple reports of summary executions brought about by the campaign against illegal substance traffickers across the country. This is because Rodrigo Duterte believes that the Philippines crime rate is due to the infestation of syndicates and criminal organizations across the country, fueling illegal activities in a large scale.

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WATCH: Devine Grace Capa's winning answer for Miss Dimaluna Tourism 2016

Going back to the previous contestant who also made similar answer, Rhea Escalera Dilangalen who was representing the Accountancy Department of the University of Mindanao in Tagum City. Both ladies are from the island of Mindanao, which is near Davao City where President Duterte currently lives. Rhea Escalera's answer also made the judges mesmerized by her wit and confidence to support the president's current administration's vision and mission to transform the Philippines during his term as the incumbent head of state.

Devine Grace Capa and Rhea Escalera will further intensify the upcoming Miss Universe beauty pageant that will be held in Manila and other parts of the Philippines this January of 2016. The sensational answer of Devine Grace will further fuel interest that boosts media campaign for future pageant-related occasions that will happen in the future. Their breakaway answers will stimulate more support to future pageants, especially the 65th Miss Universe international beauty pageant that will be expecting to crown its new successor on January 30, 2017.

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Earlier, Rodrigo Duterte approved the proposal of Wanda Teo, which is the Secretary of the Department of Tourism to host Miss Universe for the third time in the Philippines. Miss Universe Organization along with the executives of IMG agency and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach went to the Philippines to personally meet with President Rodrigo Duterte. After a series of talks, Wanda Teo gladly announced that the Philippines is the official host country of Miss Universe that will be held on January 30, 2017.

The last time the Philippines hosted Miss Universe was in 1994 when Sushmita Sen from India made a historic win as the first Indian woman to win the title. Sushmita Sen has been requested by pageant fanatics and supporters to revisit the Philippines to grace the latest edition of Miss Universe in January. Along with Sushmita Sen, Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres from Puerto Rico is also expected to return to the Philippines to grace the event and will soon appear in local entertainment television shows in the country after signing a contract to an entertainment showbiz agency.

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Rodrigo Duterte's campaign regarding the issue of extrajudicial executions hopes to lessen criminal activities in the Philippines that will help tourists to feel safe whenever they will tour across the Philippines. This is the perfect time for the Miss Universe hosting that will take place between the second week of January until the coronation night on January 30, 2017. Delegates of Miss Universe along with their national directors, families, relatives, and friends will soon arrive in the Philippines not just to watch Miss Universe but to experience the tropical ambiance of the Philippines.

Since Devine Grace Capa and Rhea Escalera Dilangalen made a sensational answer during the question and answer portion that made them win, this will not be a surprise if Miss Universe delegates will be asked the same question. Miss Universe delegates should start studying about the Philippines' peace and order situation, especially with regards to the recent extrajudicial executions of criminal individuals such as dealers of prohibited substances. Who knows, the next Miss Universe will also make a sensational answer when she will be asked a similar question regarding the worldwide concern of the world regarding the Philippines' peace and order situation.

For aspiring candidates who are in support of the government, they will probably answer the same answer. However, we all have our uniqueness and character. For those who prefer the past government, they will definitely answer differently.

If you happen to be on her feet, will you answer the same like her if either the judge or the host will ask the same question?

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