Friendship is a privilege that a person experiences in their whole lives because it is rare for someone who can have a friend who has been supportive and act as a defender to your decisions and activities. This is a practice wherein there is someone who is always there to guide you as a way to improve your lifestyle. Whenever a friend is there, they are always supportive in any decisions that you make in order to help you have a good decision in life. You are lucky enough to enjoy the company with your real friends because they always cheer you up even if they notice that you are experiencing something that affects your daily routine.

As a good friend, social media is one of the platforms you can use to celebrate your friendships to someone special to you. As a friend, celebrating your "friendsday" with your special friend through social media is a sign that you value your relationship as friends. On Facebook, this is a new platform that allows any user to strengthen their relationship with their friends by means of having another mode of connection online. Through the help of the internet, you will be able to directly send a message to your friend or use a special application to create a unique and artistic message. Once that your friend will receive that artistic message, they will feel blessed to have you as one of their real friends.
Celebrating Friendship day on Facebook 
A friend is a person where another individual knows and are currently having a mutual bond with each other. This is composed of two or more individual or even a group of individual who establish one main friendship goals. A friend will last forever for as long as there will be no conflict of interests between the two individuals.

For every individual or group, friendship faces challenges. Each individual has their own character where one develops doubts about it. The most concerning part can be concerning when the trust is broken, the chain of friendship breaks down, creating a conflicting interest with the other individual. As a result, friendship can gradually end and never to be reunited again. Trust is broken when that particular individual is responsible for causing an irreversible damage against their friend. This may be in a form of financial issues where a person is using their friend's finances to satisfy their self-gain. But the most concerning part is that if your friend becomes violent towards you, safety will be at risk of being exploited.

If two persons admit their own mistakes against each other, their friendship can be reunited in the future. If they agree to forget the past and move on, then friendship will be regenerated. If a person wants to patch things up, they can spend their time together by buying a ticket and watching the coronation night of Miss Universe. If one day is not enough, you can spend more time with your friend on another day. If you both agree to reconcile, this means that you are ready to forget all undesirable things in the past. However, you must also understand that the level of trust will no longer be the same after reconciling.

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5 Reasons why you should greet your friend by posting "Friendsday video"

1. Friends provide everlasting support: This is the most heartwarming experience when having a real friend. If you meet a real friend who will always there to support you no matter what you do in your life as well as to every decision that you make. Being a supporting friend boosts your confidence level so that you will make the full out of your decisions. Whenever you participate in a competition, a friend is always there to support you by watching you compete. A friend can always boost your self-esteem so that you can always accomplish every task or goals in life.

2. A friend is always concerned about your security: Sometimes, you will be shocked if your friend strongly opposes some of your decisions in life, which may be unexpected on your part. Even if they oppose your decision over a certain activity or a scenario, this means that they want to protect you from harm. A friend always protects you from any risk or dangers that they feel that it is inevitable when you make a particular decision in life. As a result, most of you might not pursue a particular decision because your friend had already warned you regarding the negative consequences that you might suffer in the future.

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3. Prevents you from getting depressed: In every individual, depression is something that should not be ignored because it basically affects your psychological integrity. A friend has been your leaning -wall whenever you want to talk about your problems. When you express your problems to your friend, they are always there to listen and starts to comfort you whenever you are experiencing something disturbing. Expressing your concerns lowers your anxiety level, preventing yourself from suffering to depression, which could risk your emotional and mental health when left unsolved or untreated immediately.

4. Your friend will let you learn more things: If you have a real friend, you will learn numerous things in life that you can adapt your normal routine. Having a friend that is inquisitive will let you explore more avenue regarding life, practices, belief, activities, and cultures that you never experienced before. If you have this kind of friend, be thankful because having a friend who knows more than you do will further open your mind and soul to the world. Learning increases your ability to understand new things and let you become an open-minded person in the future.

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5. Experience new things: When you have a friend, they always recommend new things that are not familiar to you. Experiencing new things broadens your horizon to try new flavors of your life that you will remember. Fulfilling your memories by experiencing new things entices you to become more adventurous in your life. One example is traveling to unfamiliar places in your country or to other countries. Traveling around the world is rare, but an extraordinary experience that you will never forget because you may always want to experience one of the best things that could happen in your lifetime that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

*Greeting your friend in Facebook is a special thing that your friend will truly appreciate. They will realize that you are acknowledging their presence, contributions, and support for whatever belief and practices that you choose in life. The essence of reciprocating their deeds is a special thing that they will value, realizing that you always treasure what they have done to you. Being selfless is a quality that a friend must have in order to make their friends happy and never drag them down. This is an experience that one must have to do it often so that friendship becomes a long-term relationship.

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