The newly crowned Miss Universe is now attending her scheduled multiple interviews to start working as an ambassadress for the Miss Universe Organization. Since winning the pageant, she was praised by her country for staging her beauty as one of the most beautiful in the universe. She hopes that she will be a good example to future aspiring beauty queens who will be taking similar steps that will follow her path in the future. As she was praised by her supporters and other pageant fanatics are actively supporting her, there were also rumors who are also responsible for creating misconceptions about her.

Rumors are popping out, questioning her sexuality, in which there are serious speculations that she might be the first Miss Universe woman who happens to be a lesbian as based on the circulating photos of her with another woman. The issue is based on the photos of her and a female friend together uploaded in various social media platforms. Photos of Iris and her alleged girlfriend named Camille Cerf has been circulating through social media websites. Both Iris and Camille's friendship has been the center of rumors, which is now making her more popular over the internet. Pageant fanatics became curious about her real sexuality due to this rumors made by random individuals with a wide spectrum of imagination.
65th Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere's boyfriend is Matthieu Declerq, who is a professional dentist
Iris Mittenaere is the second woman from France who won the most prestigious pageant in the universe on its 65th edition. The last woman from France who won Miss Universe is Christiane Martel in 1953 after six decades. Alicia Ayles has been regarded as another French contender to make a possible back-to-back win for her country for the next edition of Miss Universe.

Iris was not the only person who is rumored to be a lesbian. Miss Universe 2013 First Runner-up Patricia Rodriguez was also rumored to be either a lesbian or a bisexual female. Similar to the case of Iris, the rumors circulated online, making pageant fanatics curious about the real score about her sexuality. There were numerous articles being published online, talking about Patricia's sexual orientation. There have been claims that Patricia allegedly admitted that she is indeed a lesbian that fabled her pageant fans and supporters. Pictures of Patricia and her alleged girlfriend also surfaced throughout social media websites, sparking more curiosity online.

Miss Universe Organization did not comment regarding these rumors against this particular issue concerning Iris Mittenaere's sexual orientation. Even with the previous contestants and winners of the past edition of Miss Universe, pageant handlers remain mum regarding the issue and prefer to continue their usual routine by promoting Miss Universe. This is done by attending several pageant-related events, humanitarian efforts, and other supportive measures to maintain a high morale and integrity of Miss Universe image to the society. Other contestants did not manage to ride in with the rumors affecting other Miss Universe contestants from various editions.

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Watch the photographic evidence why Iris Mittenaere is not a lesbian

5 Reasonable Facts why Iris Mittenaere is not a lesbian

1. Iris Mittenaere is just only friends with Camille Cerf: The woman in the photos taken together with Iris is her predecessor, Miss France 2014. She represented France during the 63rd edition of Miss Universe in Miami, Florida. Camille served as Iris' mentor when she competed Miss France 2016 and then representing France in Miss Universe. This means that their closeness is just a sisterhood friendship and nothing else. Camille is one of the supportive predecessors of Iris, which made her confidence level elevate, making her as the second woman to win Miss Universe in its second edition.

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2. Just rumors: The 65th Miss Universe shrugged off rumors regarding her real sexual orientation that is still circulating in social media until today. As a rumor, there are social media users who just have a very creative imagination and conclude speculations to be true, which is far from the reality. This means that they just ignore all the rumors involving her with Miss Universe 2014 France Camille Cerf because she believes that this will not affect her professional and personal lifestyle. Off course, it is expected that she will be asked by several curious media presenters and representatives to clarify her opinion regarding the circulating rumors online and in various media.

3. Camille Cerf has a boyfriend: France is not only proud of Camille Cerf for penetrating the top 15 semifinalists during the 63rd edition of Miss Universe. She also has her own boyfriend, which makes her other half happy about her intimate life. His name is Maxime Bera. This means that Camille will never ever have in any way she will be cheating her boyfriend with Iris because it would ruin her current relationship and also might cause controversies along with Iris. Camille is happily committed with her current boyfriend and has no plans of ending her romantic relationship, especially that February 14 is already near.

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4. Iris Mittenaere has a boyfriend: Aside from Camille Cerf, Iris is happily committed with her boyfriend for several years before being crowned as Miss France. And yes, he is a very gorgeous and romantic male. His name is Matthieu Declerq who was with Iris during the course of the 65th Miss Universe beauty pageant in the Philippines. Matthieu is a licensed professional dentist, which is also a professional mentor of Iris. Iris is lucky to have a boyfriend in the same profession because both of them are in the field of dentistry. Soon, Iris and Matthieu will work together not only as associates but as future households.

5. Iris is a straight woman: For all you know, Iris is a straight woman, the pictures of her with Camille shows their strong friendship and nothing else. Iris knows her sexuality well because she is committed with Matthieu for a long time. This is also similar to the case of Camille and Maxime who is a straight woman committed with Maxime Bera who is a straight man. Both Iris and Camille have no plans of demolishing their committed romantic relationships with their boyfriends because both of them are happy with what they have now.

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