Senator Leila De Lima is the most trending personalities in the Philippines due to an alleged criminal liabilities filed by the Philippine authorities. This is because she was just arrested and now serving her jail time behind bars. Months before, Delima was faced with multiple controversies revealed by several politicians due to numerous witnesses who surfaced and made testimonies against her. Some officials were also disturbed by a certain video, which contains her and her alleged partner were doing indecent activities that were caught on camera. This is just some of the issues that have been popping all over mass media, which were used as grounds or testimonies during her trial.

On February 23, 2017, Muntinlupa Regional Trial Court Judge Juanita Guerero ordered an arrest warrant against Senator Leila Delima at 4 in the afternoon. The new order made worldwide headlines by both local and foreign media around the world. Leila Delima was given at least an overnight to prepare for herself for the arrest warrant. Delima went home and packed all necessary things for her to bring to her next destination, which is the place where she will be under the custody of the police behind bars. She went back to her office inside the Senate and spend overnight with her children, relatives, and close friends. On February 24, 2017, at 8 in the morning, Delima finally went out from her office and just briefed the media before proceeding to the arresting officers were waiting for her outside the Senate building before proceeding to the Muntinlupa Regional Trial Court.
Senators Leila Delima on the left and Antonio Trillanes IV on upper right while former president Benigno Aquino III is in lower right
Senator Leila Delima is a Filipino politician who just recently won last May 9. 2016 polls. With over 14,144, 070 votes, Delima ranked 12th among more than two dozen senatoriables vying for the national seat during the Philippine national elections. She is the first high profile personality to be detained under the Duterte administration.

Leila Delima is now currently detained under the Philippine National Police Custodial Center. Under a criminal case number 17-165 for violating RA 9165. This is located in Camp Crame, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Aside from Leila Delima, she will be with former senators Jinggoy Estrada and Ramon Bong Revilla Jr. However, Both Estrada and Revilla are located in a separate compound, preventing the former politicians to meet Senator Leila Delima. While inside the detention facility, Delima is not allowed to use any electric appliances such as television, laptop, cellular phones, and other luxury appliances inside her detention unit. The lady senator is now awaiting her trial to face her criminal charges filed by the authorities.

The detained senator was the most notorious critic of Rodrigo Duterte. Even during the Philippine National Elections, Rodrigo Duterte was being criticized by Leila Delima due to his rampant peace and order ruling when he was a Mayor of Davao City. Senator Delima's rants against Rodrigo Duterte further escalated when the president decided to escalate his campaign against illegal narcotics crackdown across the archipelago. As of February of 2017, there are at least more than 7,000 individuals who were already gunned down by police officers as well as unidentified vigilantes in relation to the crackdown of an illegal narcotics trade. For this reason, Senator Delima called Rodrigo Duterte as the ruthless executioner of innocent civilians, violating the human rights privilege of the Philippine society.

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Two other personalities that can be detained in the future

Former President Benigno Aquino III

The former president brought positive hopes when he won a landslide victory during the May 2010 Philippine National Elections. This is due to his anti-corruption drive that made the Philippines that can alleviate all allegations of graft and other illegal practices by the previous administration. His administration was one of the most productive in the Philippines due to his resilience on improving the economic credibility of the country. However, his management on good governance was still in question due to his slow response to unavoidable circumstances such as accidents, disasters, and widespread criminal activities across the country.

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On August of 2010, a tourism tragedy happened within the vicinity of Quirino Grandstand when a retired officer took the passengers inside a tourist bus hostage. The incident killed at least less than a dozen foreign nationals during that day. During that moment, there were already signs that the style of governance concerns the public due to a slow response of the authorities, poor tactical strategy, and disorganized management. This was initially taken for granted due to the existing high trust and compliance rating towards the president.

President's trust rating significantly declined when he failed to manage an immediate and efficient response to several disaster response operations right after the 6.9 magnitude earthquake in Central Visayas, the onslaught of Typhoon Haiyan, the MNLF insurgency attack in Zamboanga City, and the execution of 44 Special Action Forces in Maguindanao. Poor governance, slow recovery phase, and funds that did not materialize were just some of the issues that have been questioned during his administration until the present day. These were the issues that were raised during the National Electoral Campaign period between November of 2016 until the election day on May 9, 2017, which were not addressed properly. President is now facing numerous legal charges, which will be the next person to be arrested after Delima.

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Senator Antonio Trillanes IV

There are some senators might be rejoicing after the feisty senator Leila Delima was arrested and now serving her sentence. However, they are wrong because there is another person who will take place Delima's position as the next most critical to the Duterte administration. This is no other than Senator Antonio Trillanes IV. Aside from senator Delima, Senator Trillanes is also making a significant noise in the Senate. He continues to lambast almost all members of the Duterte administration due to his differences with their political ideologies. He is the alternative critic of Duterte administration if Leila Delima is not around.

Why he will be the next person to be detained? This is due to his involvement in an alleged unexplained wealth because there is an issue with regards to his bank account status. During the electoral campaign, he was allegedly paid by an elite businessman in exchange for his tormenting comments against the Duterte administration. The alleged transaction took place before the May 2016 National Elections as an exchange for him to create the best propaganda against the targeted presidential candidate and now the head of state, which is President Rodrigo Duterte. Since winning the election, President Rodrigo Duterte was never spared by Antonio Trillanes IV. The possible charges that can be filed by the authorities against Antonio Trillanes IV will be either plunder or graft.

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