Over the years, we are always stunned by both local and international beauty pageant events. Being amazed by each candidate who is confidently serenading the stage with their beauty and strong persona enlightens our mood whenever they are standing in front of the stage. Watching beauty pageant contestants makes every audience entertained whenever a candidate displays their great bodies, which are normally chiseled to bring amusement. Each candidate who shows a superb confidence in front of the stage usually have the highest chances of winning the pageant event.

Since 2015, pageant organizers operating in both national and international pageants made a drastic change in the world of beauty pageants. This is in particular with the "Question and Answer" criteria portion of the pageant. The Miss Universe and the Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageants have recently changed their respective pageant's criteria. So starting this season, they will select a set of deserving delegates who will be fulfilling the new requirement to succeed the reigning queens who will be passing their throne. For younger pageant fanatics, this will be a new milestone because they will start witnessing a beauty pageant event that advocates a certain cause that differently represents a pageant that gives a true essence of a certain beauty pageant.

A beauty pageant is an entertainment event wherein there will be a competition that will judge a certain participant based on their physical attributes. This includes beauty and physical attractiveness that exudes the pleasing personality of a contestant. Aside from their physical attributes, a contestant will be undergoing a test wherein they will undergo an intellectual challenge by means of answering a question. The candidate that garnered the highest scores from the weighted average from different criteria will eventually win the pageant.

Each beauty pageant has their respective advocacies. For Miss Universe, it is all about being a good ambassadress by acting as a conduit for humanitarian assistance. Miss World advocates beauty with a purpose for being a role model to other individuals. Miss International seeks to devote love and peace as a beauty queen who symbolizes hope and understanding across the world. Miss Earth advocates environmental preservation and conservation across the globe. Miss Grand International is advocating against the war and atrocities that continue to haunt several countries due to false ideologies.

Pageant fans believe that changing the format is representing how versatile each pageant is. When basing on the past formats, you will notice that beauty pageant was very different, given that the past culture influenced how pageants were organized and presented. Organizers are now looking forward to a new style of presentation wherein the real essence of a pageant's purpose is fully maximized. This is not just with the display of physical attributed but also with the main sequence of promoting the actual vision of the main event. Advocacy has now been the main reason for pageants to promote their existence to the world as they promote beauty that is equipped with a real purpose.

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5 beautiful Reasons why organizers change the criteria for beauty pageants?

1. Drive away ladies with an unpleasant attitude: For every competition, there are girls who exhibit a "bitchy" attitude during the course of the competition. These are usually the girls who were perfectly trained, a known local actress, a professional model, and a girl who came from an upper-class household. They were chosen because they are chiseled, witty, and are known as heavy competitors during the course of the pageant. Their strong personality is a factor that can drag their chances of penetrating to the semifinalists.

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2. Looking for a candidate with a real advocacy: If you are a contestant who only has one purpose, which is to only win the pageant, then you are not the actual girl that the organizers are looking for. This time, pageant organizers are really looking forward to a winner who is determined to clinch the title to represent the brand of a certain beauty pageant. This is a brand that will pursue the vision and mission of the organization as a way to maintain the image of the beauty pageant that will continue its philosophical values to the involved target population of interests.

3. Naturally articulate: Today, most pageants are now changing their program's criteria. The question and answer portion have the largest percentage criteria than the gown, swimsuit, beauty, poise, and confidence. This means that every lady should start rehearsing their witty minds in order to answer questions that are rated between simple and complicated. A candidate must be serious when enhancing their ability to use their logic in an efficient and accurate manner. As a beauty queen, you are always expected to express your thoughts clearly and interestingly to the audience because a future beauty queen is always pressured socially whenever they are publicly interviewed.

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4. Has a great personality: After singling out a candidate that shows several inappropriate behaviors, beauty pageant organizers are also looking for a lady who has a colorful personality. This means that organizers and judges start observing ladies who show a personality that is versatile and approachable. The reason behind is that they are looking for a lady who can best represent the brand if they become future beauty queens by means of being a people person in either front or behind the camera. These are the candidates who are naturally friendly towards others regardless of their demographical identities such as race, socio-cultural background, nationality, and class.

5. Confidently beautiful with a heart: A beauty queen is ready to provide assistance and support to the community before even winning a title. This is similar for male pageants wherein a winner is ready to return the favor to the public after gaining fame, integrity, a new role, and a brand that is regarded a one time opportunity and attainment in their lives. Winning a pageant is not only representing how beautiful you are. A winner must have to be the center of inspiration by being the initiator of change to the younger generation. Organizers will not be regretting if the winner is always initiating the brand to initiate support for the members of a population who have been suffering from hardships from violence, environmental disasters, and diseases.

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