For fans, followers, and supporters of Paolo Ballesteros, no one from this group expected a big news from their idol because there was something big that was announced by the so-called actor. The make-up king is now generating another wave in the world of the entertainment industry. No one expected him to be revealing something important regarding his personal life to the public through his social media account. Since his announcement, Paolo is now expected to enter a new path as he unlocked something significant about his life that will forever change him towards the future.

On April 15, 2017, Paolo Ballesteros finally revealed that he is in a relationship with the same gender. Thus, the revelation is regarded a "coming-out" on his part, which is one of the bravest things that a person can reveal to the public. His revelation can be traced from his Instagram account (Pochoy), revealing a photo showing a pair of hands from two different persons holding with each other. Paolo's male partner is Roland Ochoa Anog. The most interesting part of the photo shows that both hands are wearing a pair of golden-coated rings on their ring fingers. The photo is engraved with a caption "2nd. I love you", which is his message of Paolo to his male partner.  Paolo's photo revelation has been tagged as a cryptic message that signifies to be an "engagement" message to the public due to the rings that they are wearing.
Paolo Ballesteros on the right, Roland Ochoa Anog on the left and their photo revelation on the upper right
Paolo Elito Macapagal Ballesteros IV or simply known as "Paolo Ballesteros" is a male celebrity in the Philippines. He was born on the 29th of November, 1982 in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija Province, Philippines. Paolo appeared in several movies, Television shows, hosting noontime shows, game shows, and reality shows in the Philippines. He is currently under GMA network's pool of talents that is currently managed by Joji Dingcong, who was the managers of Cogie Domingo and Piolo Pascual.

After his revelation, there were mixed reactions from fans. Right after revealing his sexual orientation to the public, fans and supporters are proud of his bravery for being finally true to himself. Supportive comments indicate that being true to yourself is the key to your real happiness in this world. However, conservative groups were not satisfied towards his revelation due to their religious beliefs against LGBT (Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender). Followers were also surprised that his partner, Roland is a member of G-Force dancer of Eat Bulaga, which is the longest-running noontime show in the Philippines for several decades.

Aside from being a local male celebrity in the Philippines, Paolo Ballesteros is also known for his make-up transformation talent. His artistic make-up transformation caught the attention of several news agencies around the world, tagging him as the "King" of make-up transformation. Major international television shows linked some of his photos, blogs, and videos that reveal his astounding make-up transformation, looking like famous celebrities that he can look like. Several personalities such as Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Tyra Banks, Megan Young, Paulina Vega, Arianna Grande, Michelle Obama, Drew Barrymore, Melania Trump, Nicki Minaj, and more.

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5 Reasons why Paolo Ballesteros come out of the closet

1. No longer wants to lie to himself and others: It is emotionally distressing for a person to always keep problems inside their feelings. Paolo Ballesteros finally realized that it is the time for him to reveal himself because this is the best way for him to unleash all the burden of keeping a big problem inside his mind and body. Being true to yourself is the key to becoming more comfortable with what you believe and do to your life. Revealing your true self to others will let the people close to you can further understand what you are going through. After revealing your true nature, people close to you can finally know the right thing to support you.

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2. Prevents anxiety build up: A person who is keeping a big secret to himself is always at risk for developing a severe anxiety. Anxiety build-up could lead to depression, which is a serious mental health condition because it could affect the way you feel and think, which could change your personality. People who continue to hide their secret could develop a severe anxiety disorder that could disrupt their daily routine. Danger signs of depression reveal that a person could start showing signs of social isolation and developing anti-personality disorders. Mental health problems occur, especially if the person has many fears in their daily activities.

3. Start being true to himself: Paolo's situation is the best example of how a person would like to be known for who they really are to the world by revealing his true identity to the public. He is aware that his latest revelation could trigger a massive public attention in particular to his fans, supporters, or followers. In this case, Paolo is ready for whatever consequences that he made by revealing his true identity and nature to other individuals, groups, and organization. Being true to himself means that he is now ready to face another chapter of his life after coming out from the closet through his personal social media account.

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4. Fulfill the true essence of happiness: Revealing your true identity means that you are gushing all the thorns out from your body. Happiness is the key for you not to feel anymore grudge about how you feel about yourself when you are hiding something significant. Fulfilling the essence of happiness allows you to breathe the cleanest air possible after revealing your true identity. This is how Paolo is feeling right now because he knows that what he just did will make him the best person than before. He will no longer feel the pain of hiding something that held his true feelings for the past decades.

5. To be an inspiration to others: Paolo Ballesteros is a brave young man with a revealing substance to the society. As he lives in a community where it is blanketed by a thick conservative fabric, he managed to come out of the closet to show to his conservative community that there is nothing wrong for revealing his true identity. His action is a significant breakthrough for other individuals who needs a little more motivation in order to express their true feelings. Paolo is a role model to other individuals who are still hiding their true identities because of the fear that others could do to them against their will.

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