The Philippines is now cheering because there is another triumphant person who brought pride to the country by winning one of the most covered reality shows in Asia. The winner is Maureen Wroblewitz was called as the rightful model to win the 5th cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. The Finale of the season was aired at Starworld on June 28, 2017, at 9 in the evening. Maureen's latest achievement is historical for both the Philippines and Asia's Next Top Model because she is the first Filipina to win the reality modeling show.

The historic win of Maureen Wroblewitz is inspirational because, during the course of the competition, she was treated harshly by other contestants. Despite the harshness, Maureen became a role model to other individuals around the world not to give up and should continue reaching for your goals. And now, Maureen is the lucky recipient of Subaru SUV as one of the most precious prizes of Asia's Next Top Model. Aside from winning a new car, Maureen receives a cash prize for winning the title. She will also win several modeling contracts from various international agencies that books new brand ambassadors to their company. You will expect Maureen to walk the runway of several international fashion shows around the world.
Maureen Wroblewitz, winner of Asia's Next Top Model Season 5
Prior from winning the title, it was not easy for Maureen Wroblewitz to reach the top because she experienced hardships during the course of the competition. She encountered unsolicited criticisms from both the judges and the contestants that affected her emotional integrity. However, she transformed negative criticisms into a positive outcome by just believing in herself.

During the finale of Asia's Next Top Model, Maureen, along with the top 3 competitors had a cultural-themed photo shoot. Maureen wore a "Maria Clara" inspired dress that represented Filipino traditional dress while Minh Tu wore a traditional Vietnamese dress and Shikin wore a diverse traditional attire. The top three contestants were given the final chance to slay their catwalk skills through the runways. Finalists were taken into National Gallery Singapore to reveal their improvised catwalk skills. The final judging of both photo shoots and the runway competition were held in the same spot where the girls presented their final catwalk skills.

Judges were present during the final catwalk show for the top 3 finale and witnessed how the top 3 girls walked in front of the audiences. Obviously, Shikin proved that she has the best catwalk with her natural signature style walk while revealing her sharp facial angles. Judges commented on Maureen's stunning improvement with her catwalk and believe that she can do better as she proved that she polished her skills in modeling. Minh Tu Nguyen's walk was deemed to appear rehearsed during the final runway show. On judging the photo shoot, the frames of Shikin and Minh Tu made several brilliant photos that amazed the judges. However, Maureen's photo blew all the judges away.

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5 Reasons why Maureen won Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5?

1. Maureen made another best photo during the Finals: The final photo shoot is the most important part of judging the fate of the top 3 finalists. Although Shikin and Minh Tu made a remarkable final photo, Maureen's out of the box pose blew the judges away. Maureen's quick thinking resulted into a pose that encapsulated the modern style of traditional fashion that can transform into a luxurious impression. The facial expression of Maureen complimented her pose as well as her traditional white dress.

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2. Maureen garnered the most number of best photos than any other contestants: This lady garnered at least three photos prior to the finals and another best photo during the finals, for a total of four best photos in this season. Maureen developed her modeling skills silently as compared to other contestants because she became competitive in the later part of the competition. Judges gradually realized that dominance is not always the key to winning a competition because everyone should consider a dark horse competitor to make a surprise.

3. Experienced bullying from other contestants: Maureen initially experienced negative criticisms from a fellow Filipina contestant, Jennica on the 3rd episode. But during the 8th episode entitled as "The Girl Who Needs to Grow Up", Maureen was cornered by Clara, Shikin, and Tu. Clara told her that why she's still in the competition despite from only having a pretty face with no skills, while the other girls told Maureen that it is better for her to leave the competition and go home. The confrontation boosted Maureen's confidence and took a revenge by taking another best photo in the competition. Meanwhile, Clara was lectured by the judges during the judging time of the competition that made her cry.

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4. Possessed an undiscovered strong aura: Maureen has repeatedly mentioned that the main source of her strength in the competition is her genetically pretty face. When Maureen started to boost her confidence, she earned a series of best photos. Maureen discovered how to play with her sloppy eyes to play with the camera, which made photographers, editors, and the judges amazed by her aura. While mastering her strong facial aura, she combined it with quick thinking by creating a unique and creative pose that compliments every angle of her face.

5. Always accepts criticisms: Maureen's journey in the competition started roughly until the end. She received the harshest treatment from other contestants and constructive criticisms from the judges, which made it as a benefit for her to learn from her mistakes to move on. Humble is the most important word that Maureen kept it in her modeling vocabulary as a contestant. She showed no fear because she is aware that being criticized will keep her moving forward, which made her realize that mistakes are benefits to help you improve your skill and knowledge to succeed in your dreams. That's why she won as Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5.

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