Do you remember Noven Belleza? the simple man from the City of Victoria City in the province of Negros Occidental who won "Tawag ng Tanghalan" singing contest hosted by Showtime noon-time variety show of ABS-CBN. During the first edition of Tawag ng Tanghalan singing contest, Novel rigorously sang his masterpieces in front of the audience and the set of judges as a representative from the Visayas. Noven was then declared as the defending champion for five consecutive days until he qualifies for the semifinal round of the competition. Noven was eventually selected as one of the grand finalists of the competition. During the finals, Noven sang "The One That You Love" "Without You" and "Now and Forever" by Air Supply that made him the ultimate champion.

If one person rose to fame due to his natural talent, there are always out there who will become envious of your talent. These individuals create stories or even establish a scandalous issue to degrade their targeted victims. This is a classic feature of a person suffering from a crab mentality, a personal behavior where one has a visible greed to take advantage of the gains of other individuals or even groups. Noven should expect more individuals who will attempt to involve him in a scandal as a way to squeeze out is fortune.
Noven Belleza
Noven Belleza is a Filipino artist who just gained a ticket to his fame by winning a singing contest. He was born on the 26th of November in 1994 at the age of 22 in Victoria's City, Negros Occidental. Noven is currently under contract with Star Magic, which is a part of his winning prize after being declared as the ultimate champion of the singing event.

 Noven came from a poor family and working as a farmer prior to joining the noontime singing competition. Prior from winning the contest, Noven recalls that he was just wearing two pairs of suits during the entire course of the competition. He has no money to buy new clothes just to appear presentable in every performance during the competition. It was a sacrifice that made him realize that never give up when you chase your dreams. Being patient will always lead to a success that will shower more blessings that you asked for from God above. And as the new champion, Noven has more than dozens of suits and formal attire to wear in every singing performances across the country and maybe abroad.

Noven is a very humble person because he came from a household where he seldom experiences a grandiose leisure with his family or even with friends. Noven was just a simple worker in a farm who wants to help his parents to meet their basic needs on an everyday basis. It noticeable that since the beginning, Noven did not expect to be the challenger to the defending champion until he became the new champion. During the semi-finals round, Noven thought that it was already the end of the road for him, but his name was called to be one of the grand finals. On the final's night, Noven sang his main singing forte by singing three songs by Air Supply and was again surprised when he was called as the ultimate champion.

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Video presentation of Noven Belleza

5 Trending Facts about Noven Belleza

1. Noven Belleza won as the grand final champion of Tawag ng Tanghalan: Showtime's first edition of Tawag ng Tanghalan produced a new singing artists from the Visayas region. As the pioneer of Tawag ng Tanghalan singing contest, Noven introduced himself to the audience by his unique voice with a high pitch and soft tone sound. With his superb musical Air Supply rendition, Noven captured the hearts of the judges who were impressed with his performance. Noven's magical voice even caught the attention of Air Supply and was proud that a new artist chose their song to be used as an instrument to create a new artist.

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2. Now a local celebrity: Thanks to his recent accomplishment as the first ever grand champion of Tawag ng Tanghalan sa Showtime, he is now technically a singing artist. Noven Belleza has been invited to several local events to perform as a singer as one of the main highlights of the show. His constant appearance to showtime as a contestant being as a challenger to the daily winner until reaching the finals established a distinct celebrity status to the public. At this moment, Noven is commonly remembered and recognized by the public as the winner of a local network's singing competition.

3. Noven is a singing artist: Even before competing as a contestant of Tawag ng Tanghalan, Noven is already passionate about singing. Noven's parents noticed his singing passion during his early childhood years. At the age of 7, Noven's father started training him in order to become a good singer. Noven eventually started joining local singing contests to help his family's struggling socio-economic status. Sometime in 2016, a video surfaced online, showing Noven's vocal performance at a private household. Noven initially auditioned at Philippines Got Talent and The Voice Philippines but was rejected.

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4. Noven is a talent of ABS-CBN Network: After winning the first edition of Tawag ng Tanghalan, Noven is now under contract with the management of the network's pool of performing talents. He is under Star Music and is expected to release his own music albums in the next few years. Noven wants to follow the path of present singers who already made a significant contribution to the local music industry in the Philippines. His favorite artists are Air Supply, Gary Valenciano, Journey, Basil Valdez, and Martin Nievera.

5. Noven is allegedly accused of sexual assault: Noven Belleza is now under fire for being allegedly accused of a 19-year-old local singer for rape. He was arrested on July 16, 2017, after the plaintiff filed a formal complaint against the singer. Noven Belleza suffered chest pain and was placed under hospital arrest before transferring him to the detention facility. Cebu City Prosecutor's Office degraded the case to a sexual assault and is now on bail after paying Php 120,000. Noven is currently enjoying his innocence presumption. The case is under a preliminary investigation that will refute all allegations against Noven by his lawyer. Do you believe the accusations against him?

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