Miss Universe is probably the most anticipated beauty pageant event in the world than any other major international beauty contests in the world. When people hear Miss Universe, they quickly tune-in to latest events regarding the progress of Miss Universe events and other related shows where they feature the latest contestants to join the event. Speaking of ratings, this pageant is regarded as the most sought beauty pageant event because there are more pageant fans that find it more interesting as they watch the most competitive delegate from various countries around the world.

Pageant season that happens usually at the end of the year or during January of the year because it is where most international pageants are being held in various parts of the world. There are millions of pageant fanatics from all over the globe who are now looking for their respective favorite delegate by monitoring their outfits, catwalk, and confidence throughout the pageant. Fanatics will noticeably observe the candidate that stands out during the events, fashion shows, and variety shows. They usually observe the candidate who has the most stunning facial attractiveness, charming aura, perfect body figure, high confidence level, and a bubbly personality.
Top 16 most beautiful winners of Miss Universe
Many pageant experts and enthusiasts agree that Miss Universe is one of the few major international pageants the produce a winner that has the most beautiful facial attractive feature. There are winners who stood out because their facial charisma has been responsible for uplifting their confidence and gaining numerous fans and followers. This is the reason why some regarded Miss Universe beauty pageant as the Supreme pageant of all other pageants.

Miss Universe produces one winner every year. Countries around the world are usually required to produce the most beautiful, confident, and well-trained contestant before participating in Miss Universe. As a candidate representing a certain country, the delegate must have to be well trained from their respective beauty pageant camps. This is because Miss Universe is the most competitive beauty pageant in the world. You must have to know the right way how to do your catwalk skills in front of the audience. Confidence is also a factor to project your personality, charming beauty, and electrifying physique.

Now that IMG/WME took over as the new franchise holder of Miss Universe, the criteria for beauty became more diverse. Beauty is no longer based on your physical and personality characteristics as you represent your country with class and charm. This time, representing your country must have a cause to win Miss Universe. A candidate must know the essence of being an ambassadress of a beauty pageant organization. As a Miss Universe, being beautiful defines the essence of versatility, adjustment, and diversity. This is because preference to a certain type of beauty is no longer a criterion for choosing the most beautiful woman in the universe. If you act like a diva, then you are out from the semis.

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Which is the most beautiful Miss Universe winner in this video?

Here are the Top 16 most beautiful Miss Universe winners


  • Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere (FRANCE): She is the epitome of beauty with a purpose. She embodies class, elegance, and a humble personality that makes her a role model to the universe. Her beauty represents versatility and diversity in any aspect of the pageant, which is her distinct beauty. 
  • Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach (PHILIPPINES): Hailed as the most beautiful woman in the universe in the year 2015. Pia's aura contains an extra-magnetic energy that emanates from her smizing capability. Her beauty embodies class, elegance, and power. 
  • Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega (COLOMBIA): Probably the candidate with the perfect package, she is facially gorgeous with her queenly charm. Her facial competitiveness compliments her perfect body figure than any other candidates in the competition. 
  • Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes (ANGOLA): After more than a decade, a native African delegate won the pageant with a sweet looking aura, strong stage presence, and an articulate wit. Leila is one of the most beautiful African women to win Miss Universe.


  • Miss Universe 2010 Ximena Navarette (MEXICO): Since day one, Ximena's facial beauty has been consistently regal. Her almond pair of eyes complimented her overall aura that makes her very attractive during the competition. Her strong confidence even made her on top during her time. 
  • Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova (CANADA): Originally from Russia, Natalie has one of the best faces in Miss Universe history. Her distinctive charm is her "cat" eyes that makes her beauty very refreshing and appealing.
  • Miss Universe 2003 Amelia Vega (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC): Amelia's towering figure is one of the tallest in the history of the pageant. Her facial feature is very unique that makes her stage presence very appealing to the audience. The shape of her face, beautiful smile and almond eyes makes her presence powerful. 
  • Miss Universe 2002 Oxana Fedorova (RUSSIA): Although the Miss Universe Organization no longer recognizes her as the official winner, she is still by far, one of the most beautiful winner that the pageant produced. Her facial charm has a strong vibrant wave that never fails to amaze everyone in the universe. 


  • Miss Universe 2000 Lara Dutta (INDIA): The most competitive winner during her time. Lara Dutta's beauty showed a combination of warmth, confidence, and energy. Her almond-shaped eyes, beautiful smile, and beautiful jaw-line made her the most beautiful woman in the universe in 2000.
  • Miss Universe 1996 Alicia Machado (VENEZUELA): Alicia is probably the most beautiful Venezuelan to win the pageant. Her beauty embodies regal, power, and influence that transcends her glazing facial tone. 
  • Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres (PUERTO RICO): She is by far the most beautiful Puerto Rican to win the title. Dayanara's distinctive eye color makes her beauty appear effervescent that uplifted her beauty that is paired with a perfect smile. 
  • Miss Universe 1998 Porntin Nakhirunkanok (THAILAND): The unique feature of Porntip is the symbol of pop and new wave trend during her time, which is timely and perfect for Miss Universe as she was also very articulate that made her the second woman from Thailand to win Miss Universe. 


  • Miss Universe 1978 Margaret Gardiner (SOUTH AFRICA): This woman has a distinct appeal that serenades classic artistry. Margaret has a perfect smile that compliments her smokey and a deep set pair of eye and a small shaped face. 
  • Miss Universe 1974 Amparro Munoz (SPAIN): Although she already joined our creator, she is one of the most memorable beauties in the history of Miss Universe. Her facial characteristics are remarkably one of the sweetest beauties who won Miss Universe. 
  • Miss Universe 1973 Margarita Moran (PHILIPPINES): Margarita is regarded by many as the most beautiful Asian to win Miss Universe. By looking at her beauty, her jaw line structure is perfect. The shape of her eyes and her perfect smile makes it as a perfect combination that made her one of the few contestants to be also awarded as Miss Photogenic.  
  • Miss Universe 1956 Carol Morris (USA): If Carol's youth did not fade today, her beauty is regarded as a doppelganger with Natalie Glebova's facial beauty. They have similar facial shape, "cat" eye genes, and a perfect smile. 

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