Celebrity singer Jake Zyrus made another round of headlines after his life story was featured in a drama reality television program of ABS-CBN network. Jake's life story was concentrated on his career after he made to an international stardom and made television guesting at several international networks. Jake Zyrus caught the attention of David Foster, who became his influential music influencer, allowing him to guest in a variety of international concerts around the world. However, Jake Zyrus drove a U-turn direction in his career due to his personal issues that deeply affected his professional career.

On August 26, 2017, Jake Cyrus was the face of "Maalaala Mo Kaya" drama program of ABS-CBN that was aired between 8:30 pm and 10 pm. The storyline of the drama anthology is more concentrated on Jake's transition from a female to lesbian, and to a transgender. While Jake was transitioning from his former Charice days, life was hard because it took her a very rough path for her to break free. The scenes from the drama present a family that has been confronted by differences, especially when they are living in a conservative culture. Jake had a hard time trying to find acceptance for who he really is because there were numerous obstacles that he encountered while transitioning as a transgender.
Jake Zyrus
Jake Zyrus' name at birth was Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco, in which she is popularly known as Charice. He was born on the 10th of May in 1992 and he's now 25-years-old. He is a Filipino singer who initially rose to popularity when he started joining either local or national singing contests. His popularity further escalated when her performances went viral on several social media and streaming websites.

Just hours after the show aired worldwide, Racquel Pempengco, the mother of Jake Zyrus made a response with regard to the plot of the story. All details of the drama anthology are all fabricated and negated all claims and re-enactments of Jake Zyrus. Her mother still addresses Jake as Charice, but the matriarch reiterated that she already accepted his son's sexual orientation. Racquel claims that she shed tears while watching the program on that Saturday night and became very disappointed with the storyline. Jake's mother has no choice but to accept the situation as well as the plot that has been presented by the program and will pray for the situation to settle in the future.

Jake Zyrus' grandmother surprisingly supported the storyline, especially towards the behavior of his mother. Thess Pineda indicated that she finally realized that Jake's re-enactment of his situation under his mother's lair was all correct and contradicted Racquel's reaction against the story of the drama anthology. The grandmother now wishes Jake to any endeavors that he may apply to both of his professional and personal careers in his journey. Jake then refuted to his mother's contradictions with his story from the drama, indicating that he is already happy that he finally made a blast about his real situation. He is also thankful for his grandmother's unexpected response for supporting his story.

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5 Facts about singer Jake Zyrus

1. Jake started as a local pop sensation: Jake was initially known as Charice Pempengco, who previously joined local singing contests when he was a little child. Previously known as Charice, his career escalated into a national stardom after participating in several national singing contests as well as contests that are aired live on a national television. During her participation in "Little Big Star", Jake was placed as first runner-up and was defeated by Sam Conception. National music directors began to invite her to numerous local guesting and shows due to her unique and a powerful vocal talent.

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2. Career rose to international stardom: When social media was launched online, users were quick to notice about Jake's gradual impact in the music industry. He made several renditions of Whitney Houston's vocally powerful hit singles in most of the videos uploaded online. One example is the hit song "I Will Always Love You", which emphasized the dramatic changes with the vocal chords of Jake Zyrus. Foreign producers from around the world became more interested in the vocal transition of Jake as he continues to storm the world with his several strong powerful renditions of legendary songs.

3. Came out as a transgender: While continuing his career as an international pop sensation, fans start to notice unusual behaviors of Jake. Their favorite international singer is showing unusual behaviors that do not reflect her "girly" image whenever she performs on stage. When Jake became one of the judges of X-Factor Philippines, she surprised everybody with her blonde, curly hair wherein she appears not comfortable with the way she looks. Charice eventually cut her hair shorter and shorter until she appears to look like the opposite sex. In 2017, the singer surprised everybody when he announced that he is now addressed legally as Jake Zyrus.

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4. Strained relationship with her mother: Jake Zyrus revealed that he and his mother are not in good terms. Basing from the drama anthology, Jake re-enacted his saddening scenario with his mother as she is having a hard time accepting his sexuality. After the program, Jake's mother was quick into her defense that all accusation made by Jake against her are all lies. Racquel Pempengco indicated that Jake is only wanting to regain his long lost stardom that already faded due to his wrong decisions in life. Racquel still addresses Jake as Charice, although she reiterated that she already accepted him as a lesbian.

5. Surprise support from Jake's Grandmother: Thess Pineda was initially known as the nemesis of Jake Zyrus and his mother. After the drama anthology, Thess shockingly supported Jake's revelation on his side of the story against his mother. Thess even referred Jake as her sweet heart because she is thankful that Jake finally realized that it is time for him to set himself free from any sorrowful and restricted environment. Jake was surprised to know that his grandmother supported him and defended him against the contradictory statements made by Racquel Pempengco.

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