Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is now the most ridiculed public official in the Philippines. Since President Duterte sworn as the head of state of the Philippines, Trillanes started dropping controversial lines against the administration of the country. Each day, the Philippine Senator is involved in a set of squabbles with other public officials. His actions are always featured in mass media programs, generating negative perception to the public. Trillanes is considered a nemesis of the Duterte administration after shutting down Leila Delima to the incarceration facility.

During a Senate hearing on 6.4B anomalous shipment of a prohibited narcotics from the Bureau of Customs,  Senator Trillianes summoned Davao City Vice President Paolo Duterte to face the senate along with Mans Carpio, the husband of his younger sister, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte. Both Paolo Duterte and Mans Carpio are connected to the anomalous shipment of narcotics. Trillanes urged Paolo to show his dragon tattoo on his back but refused and denies all allegations against the senator. Paolo Duterte started invoking his right to privacy because all allegations by Trillanes are based on hearsay.
Senator Antonio Trillanes IV
Antonio Trillianes IV is a senator of the Philippines since winning in 2007 and 2013. His full name is Antonio Fuentes Trillanes IV with an alias of Sonny. He was born and raised in Manila and currently resides in Caloocan City. He is married to Arlene Orejana and blessed with three children. Antonio might again run for a public seat such as for President after his senatorial term ends.

Since President Duterte won as the new president of the Philippines, Trillanes became critical of his verbal statements towards the head of state. Even prior to winning the election, the senator made numerous tirades against the president and warns that the Philippines will experience another Martial Rule during his presidency. Trillanes also involves Duterte's children such as Paolo Duterte and linking them with any anomalous remarks. Trillanes also linked Baste Duterte for silently keeping millions in several of his bank accounts. His tirades against the incumbent administration are now causing Duterte to hit back at him.

Many regard Antonio Trillanes IV is the next nemesis of the Duterte administration. The senator supports Senator Leila Delima's vicious comments against the Duterte administration. Both senators disagree with the president's mission to intensify the war against users and distributors of narcotic substances. The main reason is the alarming number of individuals who were executed mercilessly by the authorities even if they are only possessing small amounts of prohibited substances. Trillanes is also accused of having multiple offshore accounts and vowed to resign as a senator if he is proven guilty by the president.

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5 Facts about Senator Antonio Trillanes IV

1. He graduated in Philippine Military Academy (PMA): Antonio Trillanes IV was a product on one of the most prestigious institutions in the Philippines, the Philippine Military Academy. He graduated in 1995 with flying colors. He pursued his academic career by enrolling in the University of the Philippines. He is seen as a very bright student with a consistently high percentage rating to all of his academic performances.

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2. He served as a Navy Lieutenant: After graduating in PMA and pursued a masters degree in the University of the Philippines, the Senator started servicing the Philippines as a Navy officer. Antonio Trillanes IV was assigned to the Philippine Navy to patrol the waters of the West Philippine Sea and other bodies of water across the country's archipelago. He spent the rest of his military career as a Navy patrol officer to keep the Philippines away from both negative and terrorist elements of the society.

3. He is a member of Magdalo Group: Antonio Trillanes organized a group called Magdalo, which is a group that aims to establish a coup against the government. The aim is to establish a rebelion against the Philippine government. In 2003, Antonio Trillanes IV organized the Oakwood Mutiny incident that stormed the Peninsula Manila Hotel. The group was then cited for rebellion by the Philippine government for risking the safety and security of the public and creating a conflicting interest to the law. Antonio Trillanes gave up his military rank and is now a retired Philippine Navy after the incident.

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4. Antonio Trillanes IV is a Senator: While attending an ongoing case regarding his rebellion case, Antonio Trillanes decided to run for a public seat in 2007. His popularity brought by his rebellious campaign against the government made him a prominent person during the Philippine National Elections in 2007. After the national elections, Antonio unexpectedly occupied a seat in the Senate and was the second youngest senator in the Philippines at the age of 35, next to Ninoy Aquino Jr. Trillanes run for a second term in the Senate and expectedly retained his position as a senator until in 2019.

5. He is the alter ego of Leila Delima: After Leila Delima was silenced and is currently serving her sentence in jail, Rodrigo Duterte still has another person to deal with. He is no other than Senator Antonio Trillanes IV. Each day, the senator is always preparing a new propaganda against the Dutere administration. The president is concerned that Trillanes includes some of his family members in his accusations. President Rodrigo Duterte vows to trade back at Trillanes before the senator will destroy his political reputation while in power as the head of state.

QUESTION: If Trillanes will run for president, will you vote for him?

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