Finally, the Philippines is urgently ready to compete in major international competitions around the world. With the conclusion of Miss World Philippines 2017, the country's representatives in major beauty pageants are now ready to represent the country in their respective event. Other major titles to be won internationally are Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Grand International, Miss Supranational, and Miss Intercontinental. With just a few months of preparation, the winners are required to undergo a rigorous beauty pageant training before they compete internationally.

On September 3, 2017, Laura Lehman was crowned as the new Miss World Philippines 2017. She was crowned by her predecessor, Miss World 2016 3rd Runner-up, Catriona Gray who was also Miss World Philippines 2016. The conclusion of the pageant was held in SM Mall of Asia Arena in Bay City, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines. There were at least 35 candidates who participated during the coronation night with at least 15 placements for semifinalists, 4 crowns, and 2 runners-up. The winners were graced by the winners and runners up of Miss World 2016 headed by Julia Morley.
Miss World Philippines 2017 Laura Lehman 
Miss World Philippines national beauty pageant is the one of the largest national pageant held annually in the Philippines. Other major national pageants are the Binibining Pilipinas (Miss Philippines), Miss Earth Philippines and Mutya ng Pilipinas. Miss World Philippines franchise became an independent national pageant since 2011 when Julia Morley announced that national franchises for Miss Universe and Miss World should be separated.

One of the most interesting part during the coronation night is the attendance of Miss World 2016 winners, runners up, and continental queens. They are Miss World 2016, Stephanie Del Valle (Puerto Rico), 1st princess Yaritza Reyes (Dominican Republic), 2nd Princess Natasha Mannuela (Indonesia), 3rd Princess Catriona Gray (Philippines), and 4th Princess Evelyn Njambi (Kenya). This is the first time Julia Morley invited her continental queens and runners-up to attend a national pageant in the Philippines.

During the coronation night, the vibe of Laura Lehman dominated the whole night with her silky aura brought about by her vibrant skin tone. Laura impressed the judges when she was asked: "what is her message to those who do not believe that beauty pageant competitions do not provide an inspiration to other women". Her answer was "For those who don't believe in any pageant competition, she ask non-believers to reconsider the girls who competed on this night. We have architects, lawyers, girls with a substance, and professionals to show what's in their hearts and not what they look like. All contestants are here to help represent the Philippines as well as to waive the best version of a Filipina as a celebration and not to protest."

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Will Laura Lehman win Miss World 2016?

Laura Lehman's enigmatic aura is mystical and magnetic. She has a strong stage presence, which acts like a chameleon when you see her in front of you. Her pearly skin tone makes her easily noticeable whenever she walks in front of the stage. Another interesting fact about Laura is her eloquence and articulateness. She can easily express her thoughts and perceptions to let other individuals impress her wit and logical capacity to win the event. Laura is well-trained since she became was first runner-up when she joined the Binibining Pilipinas pageant in 2014.

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Laura Lehman as a runner-up

Many are convinced that Laura could place as one of the runners-up in this year's edition of Miss World 2017. Laura might replicate Catriona's placement or even higher during the final's night of the competition. Her ability to answer by punching the hearts of the judges is her main weapon because she can always deliver a touching message associated with the answer to any question being asked to her. Laura is predicted to be as dominant as Catriona because she possesses a bubbly and outstanding personality, which is what Miss World Organization is looking for.

Laura as a semifinalist

For a candidate to penetrate the semi-finalist round, they must show their pageant readiness to dominate the stage. Laura has been rigorously trained by major beauty pageant camps in the Philippines for many decades. She has a very good catwalk, which makes her stand out in front of the audience while on stage. Now that she is officially crowned as the new Philippine representative to participate in Miss World 2017, Laura will undergo another round of rigorous beauty pageant training. This time, she will be taught what she missed from her previous training lessons to fill any gap. She must have to undergo another round of training in communication, speech development, Passarella, styling, make-up, physical fitness and answering questions accurately.

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Laura as a quarterfinalist

Miss World is a unique major beauty pageant because it initially selects at least top 20 quarter-finalists. In order to penetrate top 20, a candidate must dominate any fast track event such as being selected as one of the top 10 or top 5. Laura is athletic and is currently under a fitness training program to maintain her shape and to strengthen her body mechanics. She is athletics, which has been exposed to a variety of sporting events as a host. So she knows every angle of strategies and tactics as an athletic person, making her as a potential top candidate in Sports and beach beauty. She is a commercial model, being featured in several household brands, making her an easy pick for the top model event. She is also a host, making her a potential winner for multimedia or beauty with a purpose winner.

Other titleholders and runners-up

  • Miss Reina Hispano-America Philippines 2017: Teresita Marquez
  • Miss Eco-Philippines 2017: Cynthia Thomalia
  • Miss Multinational/Multiverse Philippines 2017: Sophia Seronon
  • 1st Princess: Glyssa Leann Perez
  • 2nd Princess: Zara Carbonell

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