On October 24, 2017, Isabel Granada became unconscious when she was in Doha, Qatar after attending personal errands with her husband. The singer-actress suddenly collapsed, prompting the husband to call for an ambulance and directly admitted Isabel to the intensive care unit for an immediate care and management. The actress still remains unconscious while the attending physicians and nurses are currently assessing and observing Isabel Granada's present history of medical illness.

During the initial diagnosis, the patient suffered a cardiac arrest. But after a series of tests provided by the medical staff to the actress, it was revealed that Isabel Granada suffered a cerebral aneurysm. There was an internal hemorrhage that occurred inside the actress' brain, causing her to suffer from collapse and became unconscious. The leakage of blood to the brain affected Isabela's cardiovascular system because the leakage of blood created a pressure to the cardiac muscles of the heart during the time of the incident. Isabel is expected to undergo an immediate surgical operation to stabilize her current medical condition.
Isabel Granada
Isabel Granada is a local celebrity in the Philippines. She appeared in numerous Filipino movies and soap operas across several television networks. Isabel is a commercial model, appeared in several magazine spreads, print advertisements, and social media networks.

An official statement from Isabel Granada's Husband, Arnel Cowley, through the social media post of Chuck Dreyfus, he is asking his family, relatives, and friends to support Isabela as she is fighting for her life to recover from this medical challenge. The main purpose of Isabel husband's releasing an official statement is to eliminate inaccurate speculations or claims that happened towards his wife. Cowley hopes to let his family at peace for preventing future inaccurate speculations towards his wife's medical condition.

What do we know about a cerebral aneurysm? This is a condition wherein there is an artery in the brain that ruptured or collapsed. The presence of an aneurysm can be just one or many aneurysms that occurred inside the brain of the patient. Sometimes, this condition is asymptomatic as the initial blood leak start to affect nearby areas where the arterial rupture started. As the blood leaks, it causes the cardiovascular system to affect its blood pressure. When there are numerous blood products that leaked into several parts of the brain, the mental, emotional, and physiological well-being of the patient becomes severely affected

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5 Facts why Celebrity Isabel Granada suffered a Cerebral Aneurysm

1. Accumulation of fatty deposits in the arteries: Atheromas located all over the body causes a cerebral aneurysm. The presence of fatty deposits causes the epithelial wall of the arteries to gradually suffer from a shear stress. A continuous accumulation of atheromas all over the body causes the epithelial cells to reduce its permeability, elasticity, and strength to bind with other tissues of arterial cell walls, causing it to collapse.

2. Physiological Stress: One main cause why Isabel suffered from a cerebral aneurysm is related to her profession. As a celebrity, you always work any time of the day regardless of the time and place. Once that the taping starts, artists should start acting and tape their castings usually late at night. Artists will have to stay awake during late hours and wait for the right action recorded from the camera before they are allowed to rest.

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3. Overexercise: Isabel Granada is an avid supporter of fitness. She is one of the most followed celebrities due to her rigorous exercise regimen. However, it is likely that her exercise routine is also a modifiable factor that can contribute to another form of stress, especially if her tight schedule consumes her resting time. This means that over-exhaustion contributes to the epithelial wall weakness due to lack of rest.

4. Age: Even if a person is always rigorous on her exercise regimen, age is still a contributory factor that affects the patient's wellness. Age is a contributory factor because as the person grows old, the elasticity level of the patient's body gradually decreases. When there is a lesser level of elastin in the body, the patient is at risk for suffering from a cerebrovascular accident or literally known as stroke.

5. Temperature: Changes in the temperature is a factor that affects an individual who is traveling from an area with different temperatures. Isabel Granada and her husband arrived in a very hot place that significantly influenced the blood flow of her body. There are patients who suffer from a cerebrovascular accident upon arriving at various airports with different temperature.

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