Miss Earth 2017 beauty pageant is now going to crown a new queen on November 4, 2017, at SM MOA (Mall of Asia Arena) in Bay City, a micro-urban area in Pasay City, Metro Manila. Candidates from all parts of the world are now currently in the Philippines, hoping to become the next Miss Earth winner during that coronation night. The ladies have already undergone a series of competitions in their swimsuits and gown as a pre-requisite to qualify for the semi-final round during the finals.

At the present, there are four major awards that a candidate can achieve during the coronation night of the pageant. The bottom four is Miss Earth Fire, which is comparable to third runner-up to other major pageants. The next in line is Miss Earth Water, which is equivalent to a Second runner-up. The second highest rank is Miss Earth Air that is similar to First runner-up to the competition. And the winner is called as Miss Earth, which will be crowned and succeeds the reigning queen Catherine Espin as miss Earth 2017. To complete the 5th major award, some asks if do you agree that there should be Miss Earth Soil or Miss Earth-Metal?
Miss Earth Soil
Miss Earth is an international beauty pageant competition based in the Philippines. The pageant is regarded one of the BIG 4 pageants operating since 2001. There are at least more than 80 contestants who are vying for the title as an environmental and beauty ambassador after the conclusion of the pageant.

Why Miss Earth Soil should be included in the list of major awards during the final's night. This is because Earth has four major elements. The Earth is representing fire, air, water, and land. The Miss Earth award is the combination of four elements, which are the soil, fire, air, and water. However, during the final's night, there are only three major elements that are included as major awards aside from the Miss Earth title, which should have been the combination of the four.

Miss Earth Philippines national beauty pageant sometimes include one major award before announcing the top 4 awards. This is Miss Earth Eco-Tourism award or equivalent to Fourth Runner-up. One notable candidate was Miss Universe 2010 Fourth Runner-Up Maria Venus Raj who first joined Miss Earth Philippines in 2008. If Carousel productions will consider adding one major award to future editions of Miss Earth, there will be five ladies who will be secured with any of the major awards once they reached the top 5 finalists round.

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Do you Agree if Miss Earth-Soil award will be added as a new major runner-up award?

One of the benefits of having a new major award is to provide another opportunity for a candidate to be included in the finalist round of Miss Earth. Instead of only four candidates who will reach the final 4 during the coronation night, there will be five ladies. These lucky five finalists will then try to scramble each other as a chance to clinch the crown. The final five ladies if ever, will use their wit and eloquence by trying to give their best answer in the final question round.

The candidate who will give the best answer is often the winner of the event after the judges will release their final answers. If Carousel production will indeed consider Miss Earth-Soil to be included, it is probably that it will be ranked as the 4th highest major award. This means that soil ranks higher than Miss Earth Fire during the conclusion of the pageant.

Miss Earth is becoming competitive each year. There are many pageants that are launching their international campaign each year. Miss Earth beauty pageant is lucky enough to be included as one of the Big 4 major pageants in the history of pageantry since the beginning of the 21st century. The beauty pageant has average participants of at least 80 plus candidates who are pledging their participation to become an environmental ambassador.

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