Demi-Leigh Nel Peters was concluded as the ultimate winner of Miss Universe 2017. She made her country proud as the second woman to win Miss Universe this 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States of America. The last woman to win Miss Universe was Margaret Gardiner who won the same title in 1978 in Acapulco, Mexico. Demi is now living her dream as the newly crowned Miss Universe 2017. She is now the new ambassadress of IMG and Miss Universe Organization who will continue the advocacies of Iris Mittenaere of France.

Even before the Miss Universe 2017 competition started, Demi-Leigh Nel Peters became an instant hot pick by numerous pageant enthusiasts, bloggers, analysts, experts, and mentors. Demi-Leigh metamorphosized into an interesting flower that made her charm noticeable to the world of beauty pageantry. The scent of her aura quickly captivated numerous pageant analysts, who placed her as the girl to beat even before the pageant started. During the coronation night, Demi proved doubters wrong by becoming the second woman from the African continent to win the most coveted title in the Universe.
Miss Universe 2017 Demi Leigh Nel Peters
Demi-Leigh Peters is a South African beauty queen who gained the license to represent her country for the Miss Universe 2017 beauty pageant and won the title. She is both a commercial and fashion model, appearing in brand promotional advertisements and in fashion spreads. Demi also appears in professionally organized fashion shows across South Africa. She was born on the 28th of June in 1995 at Sedgefield, South Africa.

The beauty pageantry career of Demi-Leigh started when she decided to represent Western Cape for Miss South Africa 2017. Due to her confidence, bubbly personality, and with an experience in the fashion industry as a model, she was then chosen as the representative of South Africa for both Miss Universe 2017 and Miss World 2017 beauty pageants. The national directors and staff of Miss South Africa Organization decided to send Demi for Miss Universe 2017 beauty pageant. This was due to the overlapping schedules of Miss Universe and Miss World beauty pageants. Her runner-up was chosen as the representative of South Africa for Miss World 2017.

After winning the national title, there were issues of discontentment by other candidates when Demi was crowned as Miss South Africa 2017. She was contested by other delegates, questioning her credibility during Miss South Africa 2017 beauty pageant. The Miss South Africa organization assessed the issue and determined that there was no bias with her win as the judges during the finals night were able to give high scores for Demi. The risk for dethroning Demi during the time of deliberation did not push through as there was no strong evidence claimed by the other delegates during the national competition.

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WATCH: 5 Reasons why Demi-Leigh Nel Peters of South Africa won Miss Universe 2017

1. Consistent confidence factor: Demi Leigh never failed everybody to show her impressive confidence throughout the competition. It was a confidence that exuded an inspiration to other candidates for having a spark in every event of the competition. This confidence factor went all the way through the finals until she was crowned as the new Miss Universe 2017. Her bursting flames of confidence never slowed down in every segment of the competition, especially during the question and answer portion of the pageant.

2. Has a strong sense of advocacies in her answers: Demi gave a confident answer in the shortest way as possible. During the question and answer portions of top 5, Peters indicated that women have 75% difference than men that are paid %100 at work. Her final top 3 answer was to overcome her fear and to be herself as a woman, which is an important quality that every female should have as a Miss Universe. The answer was the shortest and simplest that is direct to the point, which is clearly different from the other two candidates in Miss Universe.

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3. Great Physique: As a model, Demi maintained her modelesque body even before joining the world of beauty pageantry. When she was transformed by her national director in preparation for Miss Universe, pageant analysts were quick to notice her potential to become a universal queen someday. She stressed the significance of maintaining a healthy diet as a way to balance all the nutrients in her body. Demi underwent an extensive physical exercise program by a team of experts in the field of physiotherapy, weight management, and gym specialists in South Africa.

4. Learned from her mistakes during the preliminaries: Many pageant bloggers and analysts became disappointed with the styling of Demi-Leigh. What she did was that she respected all the negative comments and made all that undesirable comments into a positive outcome. Her prelim gown did not make an impressive statement due to the color, the design, and the structure of her body and aura. Demi's stylish was also a disaster with all that scary red lipstick that was made by her stylist during the prelims. These were the two mistakes that she seriously analyzed and made it work during the coronation night.

5. Proved her bashers wrong: Everybody cannot deny the fact that if you succeed, there is someone who will try to drag you down. Demi did what others went through when she absorbed all negativity beside her into a fully blossomed beauty queen. Winning Miss Universe is not an ordinary thing to do because previous strong contenders from South Africa often lands on the top 16 or top 10 spots. Demi proved that this year is the perfect time for her to shine as the brightest gem in the universe, which will reign for at least a year before passing to her successor.

Question: Are you happy with her win as the new Miss Universe 2017?

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