Well, it is sad to say that Mariel De Leon did not make it to the top 15 final of Miss International 2017 that was held in Tokyo, Japan on the 14th of November, 2017. Mariel De Leon hoped that she could break the curse of Mikimoto by gunning a major back to back win for the Philippines. However, her luck did not shine very well as she failed to reach the top 15 semi-finalists. Miss International 2016 Kylie Versoza is Mariel De Leon's predecessor in Binibining Pilipinas 2017.

During the announcement of top 15, all were rooting for the Philippines. The host announced Curacao, Venezuela, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Ghana, Honduras, Japan, Ecuador, Finland, Laos, Indonesia, Panama, Thailand, Australia, and South Africa. Right after the 15th candidate was called, Filipino fans became sad. Many pageant fans who were expecting Mariel De Leon suddenly turned off their computers, laptops, and their mobile device. This is simply because their Philippine bet failed to reach the top 15 semifinalists.
Miss International Philippines 2017 Mariel De Leon
Mariel De Leon is a local celebrity in the Philippines. She is a Filipina beauty queen who won the title of Miss International Philippines 2017. Mariel is from a clan of local superstars of the Philippine showbusiness. Her father is a famous actor Christopher De Leon, as well as her mother, is an actress Sandy Andolong.

So let us proceed to the first reason why Mariel failed to make it to top 15 finalists. (1) The most blamed reason is the curse of the Mikimoto crown. Everytime that a new winner is declared, the Mikimoto crown does not let anyone from making a back to back win. Mariel's case is comparable to Bianca Guidotti's fate. Both are clappers or back to backstage contestants after their predecessor won Miss International crown. The spell will then passed to Indonesia as they try to break the spell next year in Miss International 2018.

(2) The second reason is the personality assessment. Miss International Organization assesses the personality of each candidate even before the competition starts. They are searching for the right person to perfectly represent the brand of Miss International with a colorful and transparent personality. One main edge was Mariel's aggressive comments against the supporters and the activities of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Mariel has been known to express her fearless thoughts towards the mysterious executions towards users of prohibited substances.

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(3) The third is the power of bashers. If you have bashers, you should not take them for granted. These pool of bashers can do anything to let you down. Their extraordinary crab mentality attitude can escalate into an actual physical force that will let anyone miss their luck and experience risks. Bashers can do anything to sabotage their victim. Since Mariel generated tons of bashers that possibly made numerous erroneous statements against her to the staff of Miss International Organization in Japan.

(4) Mariel's national costume is somewhat disappointing. Many thought that the surprise factor is indeed a surprise but in a non-appealing manner. The dress did not complement the costume's headgear, which is very disappointing. In Miss International, making a statement in your national costume can easily make a good impression. It was like she was at a children's birthday party. She also became less energetic during the swimsuit. There was something inside her that is not complete during that pageant.

(5) Personality is important for Miss International Organization. The director and the staff carefully analyze the character of newly crowned representative of each country. Keep in mind that Japan is the most disciplined and patient country. Japanese people are very patient and takes time to assess any person of interest. They assess the way they behave in social media and their behavior when facing the camera. The staff is looking for a potential winner whose character perfectly represents the advocacy of Miss International, in which one is being culturally diverse and accepting.

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