The conclusion of Miss Universe 2017 was a success for the MUO (Miss Universe Organization) and the IMG company. There were countries who are now enjoying the triumph of their respective delegates who successfully represented their nation in the most sought pageant in the universe. The 66th conclusion of Miss Universe was successfully held in Planet Hollywood's Axis theater, Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada. The coronation night of the beauty pageant made one lady that will about to change her life as the new winner of Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Demi-Leigh Peters is the 66th woman that has just been crowned as the new Miss Universe in Las Vegas. She is the second South African woman who won the license to win the title after 39 years. The first South African woman to win Miss Universe is Margarette Gardiner who won Miss Universe in 1978 in Acapulco, Mexico. Demi's win in her national pageant was a bit controversial after her fellow candidates questioned her triumph. The national beauty pageant director and staff who are currently managing Miss South Africa pageant conducted an investigation. The staff and directors then approved her position to represent South Africa for Miss Universe, which she eventually won.
Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters
Going through Rachel Peters, Filipino fans are still happy for her win because she is the third consecutive Philippine representative to penetrate the semifinalist round. Since Maria Venus Raj came into the spotlight in 2010, the semifinalist streak of the Philippines in Miss Universe began its golden years of placements and a stream of winnings. Rachel is still happy to make the Philippines proud by reaching the top 10. However, there are still questions from other fans why Rachel failed to enter the top 5 finalists round.

(1). Rachel Peters gradually shed her confidence as the pageant trims down the semi-finalists through the finalists. Miss Universe Philippines 2017 obviously lost her steam during the top 10 gown competition that makes it obvious for the fans to notice it. One of the most noticeable factors is her facial expression as she walks through the runway. Her facial expression showed inconsistency and imbalance as she covers it up with a smile. Rachel has been showing signs of uncertainties as she is masking her nervousness with a bright smile in front of the audiences.

(2). The score of Rachel Peters was not enough to make her through the top 5 finish. Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters' confidence factor is relatable to this issue because it let to gain low scores during the gown competition. The judges were not impressed with her performance since this was the portion wherein there are only 10 delegates who are now competing together in order to claim one of the top 5 spots. The total scores of the judges indicated that her scores belong to the lower half of the top 10 remaining ladies during the course of the competition.

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(3). The Wild Card effect is one of the main reasons why the confidence level of Rachel Peters was affected during the coronation night. During the call out of the top 16 semifinalists, Rachel became nervous when she wasn't called when Steve Harvey mentioned the four ladies from Asia/Afric/Oceania. Rachel Peters was then called as the first wild card contestant who penetrated the semifinalist round. However, the nerve wrecking effect totally devastated her confidence that became obvious during the evening gown competition of Miss Universe.

(4). One of Rachel's trusted friend allegedly leaked her official evening gown during the finals of Miss Universe. The surprise factor was already leaked online, which shocked Rachel as well as her beauty pageant camp mentors. The leakage affected her Rachel's ability to make a surprise factor during the conclusion of the pageant. This incident is also one of the reasons why Rachel struggled to maintain her competitive composure during the evening gown competition of Miss Universe. This is why there are fans who are now blaming the leakage that significantly affected Rachel's performance during the top 10.

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(5). Rachel forgot to make a smize factor during the evening gown competition. Many fans observe that Rachel's facial expression was totally blank during the top 10 evening gown competition. She only showed one facial expression, which did not complement her gown. Her winning smile failed to impress the judges because her stage presence was already exhausted that she has been struggling to make an impact. The smizing aura of Rachel Peters was obviously missing during this time of the competition that totally brought a slim chance of penetrating the top 5 finalists of the pageant.

(6). Fast pace stage exposure is a considerable issue why candidates struggled to make a statement pose. Rachel Peters did well during the swimsuit round but her gown competition was so fast enough that judges only have a few seconds to rate the score of the contestants. When she was making her statement pose at the end of the T-shaped stage, the host already announced the next candidate to make it to the top, calling the attention of the judges to make a rush score to Rachel. When a person is in a rush, their analysis towards a certain object or observation is distorted.

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(7). The stage presence of Rachel was strong during the first part of the competition. She exudes a high level of confidence level with her infinity walk as well as her elegant way of presenting her gown competition during the prelims. During the coronation night, her stage presence was different during the evening gown competition. She lacked energy and strong stage aural power when she was given the chance to display one of the best creations of Val Taguba and kept looking on the floor like invisibly singing "on the floor" by Jennifer Lopez. Until she wasn't able to execute her pose well because the host already announced the next candidate to slay on stage.

(8). Many are objecting the gown design of Miss Universe Philippines 2017, Rachel Peters. The gown is elegant, the cut is well defined, and the overall design implies elegance. If you are going to look closer with the gown, you will think of Miss Universe Mexico 2016 design. Last year, Mexico wowed the crowd with her elegance as her gown was custom designed for her. The design is similar to Rachel Peter's evening gown, which made Rachel Peters as Kristal 2.0 during the top 10 presentations of creative evening dresses.

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(9). Rachel Peters failed to execute a strong pose that should have been her final statement during the evening gown competition. It was observed that she was not sure on what will be her pose as she approached closer to the judges during the gown competition. This is brought about by the complications of nervousness, very fast track presentation of the candidates, and the wild card effect towards her. She became confused on which pose she will be displaying to the judges, losing their interest to make a good mark on her at that point.

(10). Unity factor is another reason why it can affect the performance of candidates when sending them to international competitions. There is an obvious rivalry between the beauty pageant camps in the Philippines wherein candidates are handled by one pageant camp to international competition. The problem is that if that candidate was trained by a particular camp, other camps should not interfere with their own strategies due to fastidiousness, pride, and fame. This is an issue that crumbles the unity of Filipinos because they try to take against each other, risking the essence of unity. If their candidate fails to win, blaming game sparks by an uninvolved camp to an involved beauty camp.

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