Many fans are happy to know that Miss Universe Organization has chosen Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach as one of the telecast judges. This means that she will take action for choosing the most beautiful woman in the universe during the coronation night of the pageant. Enthusiasts from the pageant world will witness her judging the candidates during the final show on October 26, 2017, at the Planet Hollywood Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada. She will be one of the six judges who will choose the selected semifinalists during the coronation night of the pageant.

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach is excited to go to the United States as one of the final night's judges. She can't wait to travel from Manila to LAX Airport in Los Angeles and then going to Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States. This gorgeous beauty queen will grace the coronation night as she will be sharing her expertise in beauty pageantry after winning the most coveted crown in the universe last 2015. Pia is happy to be back in the same theater where her win changed her life forever as the most beautiful woman in the universe in 2015. Although the win highlighted the host's terrible mistake, that day was memorable for Pia.
Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach
Pia Wurtzbach is a Filipina beauty queen. She is the third Filipina to win Miss Universe after 43 years in Las Vegas. The win of Pia Wurtzbach sealed the current golden era of the Philippine pageantry as the official rival of Venezuela in terms of winning beauty pageants. Pia's win marks the supremacy of the Philippines as the powerhouse of beauty pageants in the modern era.

Pia Wurtzbach is German-Filipina beauty queen and one of the most in-demand models in both fashion and commercial industries. She is currently signed as a professional fashion model by IMG models agency. Pia is also currently signed with the Miss Universe Organization as a staff and a brand ambassadress together with the reigning winner, Iris Mittenaere from France. Pia is popularly known by worldwide pageant fanatics around the world because of her memorable performance during the 64th edition of Miss Universe that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The 66th edition of Miss Universe currently entertained at least 93 candidates, making it a historical for the organization in terms of the number of contestants. The Miss Universe Organization will trim down the candidates from 93 to top 16 by another set of judges during the preliminary round of the pageant. The judges will observe the characters of each candidate and scores the delegates during the swimsuit and the evening gown competition during the preliminary night. The top 15 ladies with the highest scores will automatically qualify for the semifinalist round during the coronation night. The girl with the highest online votes will be the top 16. However, if the candidate with the highest vote garnered the top score during prelims, the other girl with the second highest score will be called.

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WATCH: 5 Reasons why Pia Wurtzbach will judge Miss Universe 2017

1. She is the winner of Miss Universe in 2015.  One of the luxuries when winning Miss Universe is to have the chance to judge future editions of the universal pageant. This is the case of similar Miss Universe judges that already tested their future successors in the largest beauty pageant in the universe. Olivia Culpo and Amelia Vega, and Natalie Glebova are just some of the few Miss Universe winners who already took part in the judging committee in the previous editions of Miss Universe. Pia Wurtzbach is the next winner who will grace the event in the upcoming pageant.

2. To fulfill one of the traditions of Miss Universe judging activities during the coronation night. Most international beauty pageants usually make their recent winners as the official judge to select their successor. This is similar to the case of Miss Universe. The only difference is that the organization picks random winners from previous years to make the pageant unique. Miss Universe beauty pageant usually calls the winner of previous years to judge the upcoming pageant. Although this tradition is not always the case during the last edition of Miss Universe, previous editions have already done this kind of tradition.

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3. Pia is currently under a working contract with the Miss Universe Organization. Basically, if you are under a contract of a certain institution for working-related activities, you are obliged to follow any orders requested from your institution. This is the case of Pia Wurtzbach who was signed by the Miss Universe Organization as one of their staff. The Miss Universe Organization has the right to mandate their staff any working-related request. In this scenario, the Miss Universe Organization rightfully picked Pia Wurtzbach as one of the telecast judges.

4. Miss Universe 2015 Pia is a very trusted judge with numerous professional experience. The Miss Universe Organization believes that Pia Wurtzbach is perfect to judge the candidates who will battle against each other during the semifinalist round. Pia has the experience, knowledge, and the skill to critic each candidate's poise, confidence, character, stage presence, and answer. After all, she already did all of that when she competed for the Philippines in the same pageant in 2015. As a judge, she will apply what she has learned to select the most deserving new queen during the coronation night. She is trustworthy, fair, and knows how to pick the right girl to win.

5. Pia's influence generates millions of followers around the world. When Pia won as Miss Universe in 2015, she generated a wave of new pageant enthusiasts all over the world. The universal crowd from each corner of the world became more interested watching Miss Universe beauty pageant. One evidence was when the number of page likes for Miss Universe went from 2 million to at least 5 million followers in less than a year during Pia's reign. As a judge, her millions of followers will surely watch the coronation of Miss Universe on November 27, 2017, in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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